Your car won’t survive the winter, if you don’t do these 8 things

Winter tips for car care to ensure safety.

Your car won't survive the winter, if you don't do these 8 things 

Well, that loomed on the horizon, another cold time. This means that our cars are waiting for serious tests. Alas, not all cars survive the winter. Especially those whose owners will not have his “iron horse” due attention. Here are 8 of the most important tips that will help the cars to survive the winter.


Winter is probably the worst period for any vehicle. Rain, snow, road chemicals, extreme temperatures, freezing rain, strong cold wind etc. of Course, to withstand the elements, the vehicle must be prepared for operation in winter conditions. Otherwise you risk to remain without a car. Remember that winter is no joke and we need to treat this time of year lightly. This is especially true of drivers who believe that the condition of the car depends only on their driving experience. Unfortunately, not always it is all about the ability to drive a car.



Your car won't survive the winter, if you don't do these 8 things 

Of course, before the beginning of the winter period, you should take care of the tires that are perfect for the region where you live. If your district/village in winter there are often severe frosts, the temperature changes from minus to plus, heavy snowfalls, then in any case, do not use the car all-season tires, which are more suitable for use in the southern regions, where generally mild winter. Therefore, purchase only winter tires.

And if where you live, the roads are poorly cleaned or do not use deicing product, it is best to use studded tires, which will help you not only during acceleration but will give you peace of mind when turning and braking.


If you bought winter tires a few seasons ago, before pereobuvki check the condition of the tread. If it is worn, it is not necessary to transfer the purchase of new rubber for next season. IT IS DANGEROUS. No need to save. So run to buy new tires!

And, of course, before the onset of cold weather (when the outside temperature was minus) unscheduled check tire pressure, which is due to temperature changes and atmospheric pressure could significantly change. Otherwise your wheels will be either under-inflated or overinflated.



Your car won't survive the winter, if you don't do these 8 things 

The batteries in the winter interfere with the laws of physics. The fact is that in cold weather the battery needs more power to start using the starter cold engine with thick oil inside. Also in cold weather the battery discharges twice as fast even when the car is at a standstill.

Therefore, before the beginning of the winter season every driver should check the condition of the battery, to make sure it is strong enough and will not fail during the whole winter. Otherwise, you run the risk of not only early in the morning to be without a car, but die somewhere in a Blizzard in a deserted place.



Your car won't survive the winter, if you don't do these 8 things 

Antifreeze, also known as antifreeze or coolant required for your vehicle not only in summer, in order to maintain in hot weather the working temperature of the motor to avoid overheating. In winter, the antifreeze perform another task. It provides the interior of the car warm so the driver and passengers were not frozen.

Therefore, drivers must monitor the level of antifreeze in the cooling system all year round. Additional check coolant level, of course, need to do right before the cold. Remember that the level of antifreeze must not be not only low, but high. Including the cooling system must be completely sealed and not have any leaks.


Headlights / turn signals / hazard lights

Your car won't survive the winter, if you don't do these 8 things 

In the winter months the days are much shorter, and this means that you, as a rule, most often driving in the dark. Of course, in your car all the optics should be OK in any time of the year. Don’t forget that if your car is a nonconducting light bulb in the headlight or faulty turn signal, etc., the use of the car on public roads is prohibited (according to the SDA of the Russian Federation).

So if you are still a sinner and a long time on your own risk go on the road with a nonconducting lamp, before the beginning of the winter period be sure to include the brains and replace the old bulb with a new one. The same applies to fog lights. If they are malfunctioning, be sure to perform repairs, since in winter the roads can often be fog. Especially when the temperature jumps above freezing to below zero. Including before you go on the road in winter, always clean the entire optics of snow and ice.



Your car won't survive the winter, if you don't do these 8 things 

Car wipers typically have a lifespan of about a year. It is advisable to winter wiper blades (wipers) were frameless. They will allow you to keep windshield free of snow, ice and other contaminants the best way. If you find that the wiper blades of your car is not doing the job properly, buy a new one.

Please note: if your brush has served very little time (one season), this does not mean that they are of low quality. This is the norm. Of course, all the manufacturers of wipers of different quality brushes. So I suggest you try to use brushes from different manufacturers to find the perfect option for price and quality.

For convenience, we advise you to keep in the boot new spare set of wipers.


Full tank of fuel

Your car won't survive the winter, if you don't do these 8 things 

You are always in the winter have to keep the gas tank of your car full. This will protect your car from freezing of condensate (moisture) in the tank. Especially when a sudden temperature drop from plus to a big minus. So you reduce the risk that your car will fail to start at the most inopportune moment.



Your car won't survive the winter, if you don't do these 8 things 

As in the case with the fuel in winter, your vehicle should always use special liquid for windscreen washer, which does not freeze even in severe frosts. Without high-quality fluids, windshield washing fluid, you can’t do because of mud, snow and reagent windshield of the car in the winter never stays clean for even a minute.

I do not advise you to buy a low-quality antifreeze, which not only poses a risk to the health of driver and passengers, but quickly loses its properties, which can lead to freezing of fluid in the washer reservoir. Including suggest to purchase a quality concentrated product for winter cleaning of the windshield, which you will dilute depending on the temperature conditions.


Heater and climate control

Your car won't survive the winter, if you don't do these 8 things 

Before the onset of winter, ensure that all ventilation and cabin heating are working properly. Check whether a sufficient flow of air from each duct. Also check by setting the temperature of the interior heating to maximum, whether the heating system produces warm/hot air. Remember that the system of ventilation and heating of the cabin is very important not only in order to create for the driver and passengers a comfortable environment, but also in order to clear the misting. Also, the ventilation system helps to melt glass ice.