You can see through frosted glass with a piece of Scotch tape

How to use tape, you can see through frosted glass?

You can see through frosted glass with a piece of Scotch tape 

This hack was recently published by one of the users of the website Reddit. Hack can be used in good purposes, and Vice versa. You have, of course, must be a good reason why you will need be sure to look through opaque glass. But nevertheless, the hack works in any case.


I hope the person who posted the video on Reddit, an honest man and did not use this life hack to nefarious purposes.


So, what we see in the video:

We see someone cut off a small piece of tape and sticks it on a frosted opaque glass. A piece of transparent tape forms a perfect rectangle on the glass. In the first few seconds it seems fantastic piece of glass, which stuck the tape miraculously becomes transparent. In the end, after this rectangle is possible to look through opaque glass.


But how transparent duct tape makes frosted glass to Shine through? What is the magic? How does it work?


There, on the website Reddit, one of the commentators of this lifehack explains this unusual effect is:


Effect opaque frosted glass is normally formed by creating roughness on the surface of the glass. And once more the glass is not flat, the light passing through it is refracted, scattered in all directions.


When you glue the glass tape, the rough surface of the glass filled with glue, making the surface smooth. In the end the light in place of the tape can pass more or less straight line, making the glass area with masking tape transparent.

You can see through frosted glass with a piece of Scotch tape 

Many, probably, immediately raises the question: can somebody outside your house, apartment watch you through the frosted glass, stick a piece of tape? I hasten to reassure you. In most cases, the rough surface of frosted glass is usually turned inwards. That is, if the door to the bathroom (or the door), or the toilet has frosted glass, or your Windows are also frosted, as a rule, the rough surface is indoors.


That is something that should be hidden from view, is protected due to the fact that the rough surface of frosted glass is on the inside.


So this tip might be more suitable for people who like to look outside, taking a shower, or gently pry, who is at the door. After all, this hack is really easy to make, cut a piece of tape and stick it on opaque glass.