Women behind the wheel may not be less aggressive than men

Video: Three women don’t share the road

Women behind the wheel may not be less aggressive than men

Aggressive behavior on the road, insults, fights, dangerous driving… Think of all this we have long been accustomed, and is a manifestation of the dominant behavioral traits of quite ordinary and even natural. Of course, when we imagine a fight on the road, in front of us floats the image of men who, without having divided something on the road jump out of their cars and direct on the roadway begin to sort things out.


But it is difficult to expect something like that from women. The weaker sex not aggressive, girls and women need to help, to shake hands, worn hands, they like flowers and chocolate because it raises the mood. But is it really? We have one short video evidence to the contrary.

Everything starts trite. Crosswalk. Impatient driver in a Mercedes C-Class. And, in fact, the crossing the road lady.


The driver of the Mercedes honks crossing the road woman. Latest in favor and in protest against the arrogance gets a package of food on the window of the Mercedes. Moreover, even in the video it is clear that the impact is more preventive in nature and no damage to the car is not capable of.


But it’s too late… it takes an emotional driver of Mercedes-Benz. Jumping, she immediately dismisses his hands. The roadway is flying bag of food. There is a fight. In which superiority is quickly seeking a female pedestrian. But here to the aid of Mercedes popping up another lady…


What happened next you can see in the video. We, on the other hand, as usually, I advise people to be sensible and not give in to emotions, so as not to look ridiculous.


PS the Fight in the end were separated by bystanders. Interestingly, sitting in the car with the dash camera guys have not done this before, only commented. This is the modern world, sometimes we’re ready to shoot “hot” video for the sensation, not thinking about the consequences. Alas, gentlemen their act is clearly not called.