Why the modern names of systems on cars confuse drivers?

What is “City safety”, “Distronic plus” or “Multi-terrain monitor”? There is an explanation

Why the modern names of systems on cars confuse drivers?

If you looked in a manual for his newly purchased car and you have the nerve to get acquainted with all its technical refinements, it is likely that you have encountered certain terms which were unknown to you. For example, if you have contemporary foreign car upper middle class, in the manual you will find this technology: “Pedestrian protection”. What the hell kind of system is this, and how it protects pedestrians?


Or else. That’s why this car has some obscure technology that needs some incredible ways “to prevent the fluctuation of the lane” (that is, if the literal translation of the technical term “Lane sway warning”)?. And what it all means in normal Russian? Maybe technology such as “Alertness assist” you understand? No? Don’t worry, you’re not the only ones!


The funny thing is that every automaker every year a variety of systems only expanding, they come up with more absurd names for their brand with the same functionality of security systems. Get confused with all the terms of even the professionals, so do not be surprised that from time to time just need to gather all the information together.


For example, the American automobile Association (AAA) conducted a comprehensive study of all currently available functions of the driver assistance in cars on the market and grouped all their different brand names on a single category. At least now I understand where the Shoe pinches.


According to the findings of AAA, 34 studied the brands currently has about 20 different titles of adaptive cruise control, 19 titles exist to aid in keeping the vehicle on the traffic lane, not less to alert you to the presence of noise in blind spots. Around 18 names to automatically turn on driving lights, and many other features, similar in nature, but for the sake of marketing bearing completely different names.


Why the modern names of systems on cars confuse drivers?


Here is a small selection of the most confusing names which they were found:


Adaptive cruise control from different manufacturers may have the following names:

Distance assist

Distance pilot

High-speed dynamic radar cruise control

Distronic plus


The system of preventing and reducing the consequences of collisions

City safety

Active safe

Pedestrian protection

Evasive steering assist


Camera circular review

Multi-terrain monitor

Bird’s eye view camera

Intelligent around view monitor


While the names of many of the presented technologies are just different combinations of the same key words (for example, advanced smart cruise control, smart cruise control, all-speed dynamic cruise control), which allow you to learn what you are looking for, there are those that are intuitively unclear.


An ordinary man would hardly have guessed that “remote pilot” is another name for adaptive cruise control. But this function is for Mercedes-Benz, which uses radar to track the speed of vehicle in front and follow him at a safe distance.


In our view, standardization will become more important because of the Autonomous functions and electric vehicles continues, and so the functionality will grow in the future. In the industry with extraordinary speed introduced, figuratively speaking, tons of new technologies. To be sure that we will not cease to grasp the automakers, they have to make a single system of names. What do you think?