Why the car pulls to one side

That is why your car may pull left or right.

Why the car pulls to one side 

Your car pulls left or right? If you find it difficult to control your car while driving, then it is likely he has a problem. Yes, of course, the car may pull to side of road slope towards the curb or the quality of the road surface. But in most cases this symptom indicates possible problems with the car.


There are many reasons which can cause the car starts to pull to the side. With these reasons you can see in our article, which will help you determine the different signs of the source of the problem.


Why my car pulls to the right or left?

Why the car pulls to one side

If your car is starting to pull in any direction, that is, common reasons for this. Yes, of course, there are many factors that influence it, ranging from malfunction of the car and finishing the road surface. We bring you only the most common ones. To establish why the car pulls to one side, check out signs which we have indicated in our article. Compare these symptoms with the symptoms of your car to make sure whether this is your situation.


Problems with the gathering-the collapse

Why the car pulls to one side 

The most common reason that the car starts to pull to the right or left is a problem with the alignment of the wheels (de-collapse).


Signs of incorrect camber: more Often that your machine shot down the alignment (alignment of wheels) can indicate excessive tire wear. Including improper alignment may indicate incorrect position of the steering wheel (when the wheels are straight, steering wheel is not centered).

Why the car pulls to one side 

What to do: If you notice any of the signs above, contact a service center where there is a stand for installing the camber (correct name – alignment of the wheels). In the garage with computer equipment on a special stand experts check the angle of the wheels in the case of an incorrect geometry will put them as it should be. I do not advise you to postpone the trip to the technical center, as an improper alignment in a short time can literally destroy the protector even new rubber.


Low tire pressure

Why the car pulls to one side 

Another very common cause due to which the car pulls to one side is uneven pressure in the tires. The fact is that if one wheel has low pressure, then your car will really pull it in the direction where there is a shortage of tire pressure.


Symptoms: Check the pressure in all four wheels. If at least one wheel pressure lower than the remaining wheels, then the probable cause of the displacement of the car aside may be insufficient pressure in one of the wheels.


What to do: of Course, in this case, you need to pump up wheels. It is also necessary to periodically monitor the pressure in all four wheels, because with time and due to changes in ambient temperature, tire pressure can change dramatically.

Also if you have reduced the pressure in one of the wheels, it may be a symptom of damage to the rubber. In this case, always inspect the wheel for puncture or any other damage.


Taper and uneven tire wear

Why the car pulls to one side 

If your car always pulls in the same direction, and the car starts to pull even more as you increase speed, it may indicate uneven tread wear rubber or cone shaped tires.


Symptoms: Typically, the form may lose the old bus. But often the shape can change and fairly new tires. For example, due to the long operation of the machine with the downed similarity collapse. Or tyre damage (if it was a strong punch). There are, of course, rejected new tyres, which in a short time can change its shape. For example, the wheel may become oval.

But most often yaytsepodobny the shape of the wheel is formed due to damage of the cord of the tyre resulting in the tyre surface can receive a hernia.


What to do: In this case, be sure to carefully inspect all the wheels and uniformity of tread wear. You can also contact for the tyre, where you will have a professional inspection of the tires.

If you visually during the inspection did not notice anything, then I suggest you just change the tires. If after that the car started to pull to the other side, the problem is definitely the wheel that you moved. In this case, you will probably have to replace the tire on a new or buy a used/have a more even tread wear.


The road as a reason for non-straight motion of the vehicle

Why the car pulls to one side 

Did you know that the problem with the movement of the car may not be in it, and in the road? You might have noticed that on some roads, your car starts to pull in some direction. This is due to the way the road was built and what the quality of the asphalt.

The fact that many roads are initially designed by engineers with a slope toward the curb for water drainage during rain. Of course, on these roads, your car may pull to the right. If you notice that your car pulls on the road, with a tilt to the side, then most likely the cause of the behavior of the car on the road is in a particular curved plane of the road.


Why the car pulls to side when accelerating?

Why the car pulls to one side 

Sometimes motorists notice that their car slowly begins to pull to the side only when pressing the gas pedal. There are several reasons why your car does this. However, first you need to determine whether such displacement of the machine during movement from the downed similarity camber. To verify this, you need to pick up speed, shift the transmission into neutral and release the gas pedal, the car went coasting. If after this the car still pulls to the side, then there are problems with the transfer of torque to the wheels. This problem may be related to this:


The play in the steering components

Why the car pulls to one side 

If your machine is equipped with front-wheel drive transmission system of the torque to the front wheels (FWD car), it is quite possible that you have a problem with the components in the steering if the car pulls to one side only when pressing on the gas pedal.

To understand this, you must conduct the following test while driving. Compare the car’s handling when moving with pressed the gas pedal and coasting at neutral position of the transmission. For example, if you notice that when you press the gas pedal in the steering wheel appears backlash, rattling, etc., but when you release the throttle the backlash, etc. disappears, it clearly indicates problems with the steering. It’s also possible that your car has a worn ball or broken-down silent blocks/bushings.


Led body / frame

Why the car pulls to one side 

If you feel that the car is constantly moving at an angle (not straight) and she has recently been in an accident, the probable cause of such motion of car is the wrong geometry of the body/frame. The fact that even in minor accidents the geometry of the body or frame may seriously change. For example, body parts can, deformed, simply bend and even twist.

In order to understand this, you’d better turn to Tinker in the garage, where you will quickly identify the geometry of the body or frame.

Remember, only a professional will be able to really determine what the body of your car took.


Changing the angle of the axis

Why the car pulls to one side 

This is not the most frequent reason, which leads to the fact that the car starts to pull to the side on the road. But nevertheless it happens. This occurs when wear of the differential gears. In this case, the distribution of torque in the car is becoming inefficient. That is incorrect. Usually this problem is accompanied by a metallic noise. Also you should feel the smell of burnt transmission oil.


Why the car pulls to one side when braking?

Why the car pulls to one side 

If your car only pulls when you press on the brake pedal, this may indicate a different problem with the car. Here are possible reasons which lead not to the rectilinear movement of the car on the road when braking:


The problem with the brakes

Why the car pulls to one side 

Your car may be a few problems with the brakes, which often lead to the fact that the car started to shift to the side when you press the brake pedal. Here are the possible problems with the brakes in this case:

  • – Problems with the brake caliper (the caliper keeps sticking, improper operation of caliper pistons etc.)
  • – Hydraulic brake system failure
  • – The problem with the brake master cylinder

But you will easily notice this problem if you smell burning brake pads emanating from one or more wheels. Also if the problem is only one wheel, because of problems with his rim brakes can overheat more than the rest of the wheel. So after a long trip check the uniformity of heating of the wheel rim, thus bringing the hand to the wheel discs (in any case do not touch the wheels, so as not to burn yourself).



Why the car pulls to one side 

If the suspension of your car is worn out or is defective, that is, of course, will change the position of the wheel or more wheels relative to the body geometry and the road surface. Naturally, this will lead to the fact that the car will begin to stall on the road.

Usually a problem with the suspension indicates non-straight driving on the road when pressing on the brake pedal. However, as we pointed out above, it also may indicate a possible malfunction of the braking system. So first check the brakes. If they are normal, then you should seek the cause of the non-straight running of the machine in the suspension. Especially if the machine stops pull to the side when you take your foot off the brake pedal. The fact that, as a rule, if this is not due to brake failure, in most cases, it indicates the wear of some components in the suspension of the car.


That is why you should regularly service your car and to pass inspection of all components of the car for possible faults. Including the need to periodically inspect the suspension on the presence of various damages, wear, etc.

Alas, nothing is eternal in our lives. Wear any pendant. Sooner or later even the suspension components are worn out. To prevent use of vehicle with a completely dead suspension, recommended the timely change of worn suspension parts. Moreover, we advise you to change the details doubles at once (if there are right and left suspension parts).