Why passenger aircraft hovered in the air near Moscow: Video

The aircraft hovered in flight in the suburbs: Video

Why passenger aircraft hovered in the air near Moscow: Video

Here is one of the most burning questions of the day: can the plane hover perfectly still? Why do we ask such a strange question? The video will tell you about it, look:

Video taken from YouTube channel “FEDERAL NEWS AGENCY”


As the inscription under the video, not the YouTube channel “FEDERAL NEWS AGENCY”: “Muscovites surprised “hung” in the sky over the area of the airport “Vnukovo” the plane”.


Shooting starts from the moment when the driver in the car notices the plane and realizing that the aircraft do something, decides to remove it. As the movement of the vehicle toward the aircraft, one gets the distinct impression that, indeed, the ship doesn’t move at all, literally hanging in the air. All the fun cars, all waiting for the big boom shot around the spectacular “hanging” liner.


Well, someone can something as simple as hanging in the sky the airliner and surprise, but inquisitive people are not fooled.


Why passenger aircraft hovered in the air near Moscow: Video

Really no mystery here, everything is quite simply explained by school physics course, since one frame has occurred a combination of optical illusions and weather conditions. Lay the tiles on the shelves:


First, the vehicle moves in the direction of the plane, giving the impression that the plane is not moving.


Secondly, if the plane flies at low speeds (as in this case: he either lands or takes off, judging by the height at which he flies) and he falls under strong wind, it may slow his movement so that people on earth a large object in the air appears motionless, though the plane still keeps moving at speeds close to 300 km/h.


Thirdly, the plane is flying at a slight angle, he slowly turns. This angle is hard to see, but it also contributes to distortion of reality, and, by coincidence relative speed of the two vehicles, as the vehicle is moving and turning the aircraft, this angle is almost constant, introducing confusion into the ranks of the spectators.


In General, this is not fake, but not the tricks of supernatural forces. All that you have seen the footage – pure coincidence. Interesting coincidence.

Well at least a similar effect was filmed on video in the sky! Similar in its logic visual illusion at one of the crossroads of England cost the lives and health of many cyclists. More information can be found here: Why the cars appear blind spots at some intersections