Why MPs want to introduce prisoners to build roads?

Long live the GULAG or in the state Duma was crazy, deciding to attach prisoners to road construction.

Why MPs want to introduce prisoners to build roads? 

Deputy Oleg Nilov, a just Russia party has offered to repair roads involving labor convicted persons serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty. The author of the initiative believes serving sentences in colonies-settlements, can be engaged in more useful work – for example, for repair and construction of roads.


However, according to Oleg Nilov, the works need to attract only convicted, prosecuted for non-violent criminal offenses. For example, under this category fall “accident-prone persons” who have been convicted for violations of road traffic safety, causing the accident occurred in which people suffered.


Also according to the Deputy roads could be repaired alimony, drivers who have been prosecuted for driving in a state of intoxication, cheaters, bullies, and many others who have committed no heinous crimes against persons, and non-violent actions.

Why MPs want to introduce prisoners to build roads? 

“Why do they have guard dogs and guns? Let them work on the roads. We have six months winter, six months later, we road repair. That’s where they aim. Will see the result”, — said Nilov.


On the one hand the idea of MP is reasonable. Because today, in many prisons, many prisoners do not work in the absence in a correctional facility vacant jobs.


Most often, convicts in penal colony settlements to attract economic work (work in the kitchen, cleaning, bath complex, harvesting, etc. But usually for this work the prisoners receive a penny. Plus a colony-settlements has the right to deduct from prisoner earnings the money spent on the maintenance of the convict. The result is that many prisoners serving sentences in colonies-settlements earning next to nothing, not benefiting both the victim and the state.

Why MPs want to introduce prisoners to build roads? 

On the other hand, the proposal of the people’s choice scares, sending us back to the times of the Gulag, when prison labor was used at various construction sites in the country. And unfortunately, this experience was bitter.


Still no exact numbers of how many prisoners died in the national construction of our country. And the problem here is not that any works or construction will involve the labor of prisoners. The problem here is in those who protect them. We have recently seen the scandal in the system of execution of punishment, when in the Internet appeared the video with the abuse of prisoners in correctional colonies.


If, however, to attract the convicted to work, in any case, over them need control of the service of execution of punishment, which, alas, himself already degradirovali. Perhaps, before proposing such measures, our government must first bring order to the Federal penitentiary service of the Russian Federation.


But in General, such proposals are not encouraging. It is proposed to confiscate cars for drunken driving, now attract prison labor for repair of roads. Then what?

Something our public servants recently drawn somewhere. Maybe they mixed up which side is the future, guiding the country in the past. I hope that it just seems.