Why if frequent driving on an empty tank you can kill the engine

Three reasons not to reduce the amount of fuel below half of the volume of the fuel tank

Why if frequent driving on an empty tank you can kill the engine

Many of the motorists, like, have learned that the daily operation of the vehicle, and especially on long journeys in the car, the fuel tank is better not to keep empty. The fullness of the tank should be at least half of its maximum volume.



Usually such restrictions are mentioned when it comes to the operation of the machine in the summer. But not all motorists heard that the long-term Parking lot or if you use the car in cold weather also can not lower the amount of fuel below half tank. This can negatively affect the health of the engine, and in extreme cases, in fact, effectively killing it, and the repair won’t be cheap.


If you do not know and want to understand what it is, let us now consider the three possible problems associated with the use of the car with the fuel tank is undercharged. And let’s start with the most expensive and sudden.


Why if frequent driving on an empty tank you can kill the engine


The meaning is the following. Fuel at many gas stations do not possess perfect purity. For Standards it is, of course, is not contraindicated even modern engines, stuffed with electronics, but if you frequently drive on the half-empty tank with the problems you are likely to will definitely have to face.

1. Quickly dirty fuel filter

Why if frequent driving on an empty tank you can kill the engine

For frequent trips to empty the tank filter clogged rather quickly various sediments forming at the bottom of the tank. The situation is exacerbated by poor-quality gasoline or a few hours ago updated a barrel at a gas station.


And if the first factor is clear – bad gasoline – it and in Africa is bad, that’s the second caveat is not known to everyone. It turns out that when the tanker merges with the General description of toplevelbase gasoline or diesel fuel underground in a huge barrel, with its bottom raised a variety of unwholesome suspension for your car particles. They are collected in this barrel over the years, but very quickly able to clog your fuel filter, and it is a straight road to the appearance of soot, deposits, and all other related problems with the motor.


Underground barrel at the gas station


So our first tip that will save you money and time: when you see that at the gas station is tanker, if possible, better skip it in the great outdoors and tested in another place.


Poor quality fuel in the cold at the bottom of the tank disables the injectors

Why if frequent driving on an empty tank you can kill the engine

Especially dangerous is the formation of emulsions from low-quality fuel or fuel additives is questionable. This emulsion accumulates at the bottom of the tank of the car and quickly clogs the nozzle. And while the car warmed up, nothing wrong with that. But when the engine is switched off due to a rapid reduction of the motor temperature, the emulsion hardens in the nozzles, gradually clogging of the nozzle and the fuel line.


Here I would like to give three pieces of advice:

Why if frequent driving on an empty tank you can kill the engine

The mud at the bottom of the tank


Firstly, the emulsion was on the bottom of the tank need to “dilute” the petrol. To do this you need to keep the amount of fuel not less than ½ tank. So the concentration of harmful emulsion, which are sucked into the fuel line will be minimal. The emulsion is particularly dangerous in cold weather. It is able in a short period of time tightly clog fuel equipment. After this morning the car will not start.


Secondly, long-term Parking lot (a month or two or for the whole winter) it is also important to fill a full tank of fuel. The reason is the same. And if we are talking about the preservation of the car for six months or more, here it is best to completely drain the fuel and rinse the tank from old deposits.


Why if frequent driving on an empty tank you can kill the engine

The remains of low-quality fuel


Thirdly, as experts recommend, refuel at gas stations of the famous gas networks. Thereby you minimize the negative impact of additives and is likely to almost zero will reduce the contact with “dirty” fuel.


Expert Michael Kolodochkin, the magazine “Behind the wheel“a few years ago, gave advice on how not to run into bad fuel. Today, these “know-how” are as relevant as ever:

“We recommend to refuel exclusively on well-known network of gas stations located near major population centres or along busy roads. There are many variants: BP, Shell, LUKOIL, Gazpromneft, Rosneft, Neste, Tatneft. The results of our examinations of gasoline these brands are usually looked decent. And the probability of running into bad fuel at these stations is significantly lower than that of shell companies. The outward signs of a trustworthy gas station – clean rooms, modern fuel dispensers, bright signs, shop with toilet and other attributes of civilization.”


The expert also advised as fire to be afraid of gas stations-the twins painted “the firm” and called almost the same – for example, the RV instead of VR or LICEUL instead of LUKOIL. There you do not expect anything good, though they can be quite civilized.


The habit of driving on an empty tank will kill your fuel pump

Why if frequent driving on an empty tank you can kill the engine

Well, a classic. Plus, of course, because of the constantly empty or half-empty tank the fuel pump will overheat because it will not cool the fuel, which is a natural cooler.


It is an axiom for many motorists. Someone is trying to challenge and prove, and experimental, almost scientific way, that even without external cooling of the pump, there’s no harm (to cool enough temperature cool fuel pump), but the experience of motorists tells us otherwise. Pumps sometimes burn, so there was either a short circuit or a permanent overheating. Therefore it is better to protect yourself, merely tucking the tank completely and not reducing the amount of fuel below half tank capacity.


Recall that the signs of probable failure of the fuel pump are:

Problems starting car;

Loss of power;

The appearance of jerks on speed;

The sudden stop of the motor (the engine stalls)


And so it turns out that in order to preserve important units of the car in one piece is to fill the tank up to the maximum each time when the needle of the fuel gauge approaches the value of fifty percent of the tank capacity. Thus you will not stand in the field due to the sudden death of the fuel pump and not kill the injectors with poor fuel.

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