Why do you have to stop to charge your smartphone in the car

Do not charge the phone from the USB port: three reasons

Why do you have to stop to charge your smartphone in the car

If you are in the way and the trip is going to be long, or stuck for hours in traffic on the way home from work, there is nothing worse than suitable to zero, the battery of the smartphone. Low battery the phone can mean real disaster for the bored driver. But do not panic, it is so great that modern cars have USB connectors, but often several of them, you can, if anything, to stick a splitter in the cigarette lighter and charge several devices, if it does itch. Is there any trick to this, in charging the phone via the vehicle’s USB connector? Let’s face it.


From the first glance it may seem completely harmless connect your phone to the USB port of your car. But if you can delay the charge, there is no emergency need, it is not necessary to connect a cable to your iPhone or Samsung to the on-Board food, because it may be a big mistake. The phone battery thank you for this I will not say.


Why? Here are a few reasons, believe it or not that is up to you:


Charge your smartphone through the car’s USB port is almost impossible (too low current)

Why do you have to stop to charge your smartphone in the car

First, charge your phone in the car business in 80% of cases useless. The USB port in your car, most likely will not provide the desired current, in which your phone really needs. As a result, your smartphone can be corny discharged to zero during charging, if you are going to use.


“Many people may notice that their time is 30-60 minute drive home from work, connected the phone barely charged,” says brad Nichols, a tech company specializing in repairing devices Staymobile, “this is mainly due to the fact that the phone uses more power than the car charger can give.”


Really easy to check, for example, on my car it is, you can charge your iPhone two hours to move 10 – 15%.


“Stick” your cell phone in the cigarette lighter, will also get problems

Why do you have to stop to charge your smartphone in the car

Even worse would be the case with mobile phone charging through the cigarette lighter socket. In this case, the smartphone can obtain too much power. Most of the cigarette lighter is able to “accelerate” the return of the current to 10 amps, while a large part of the chargers work on one, a maximum of three amperes.


If the charger is working fine, no problems at all should not be. But if the charger is damaged, faulty or just is a Chinese substitute of the original – expect problems. Stuck in the cigarette lighter socket, it can cause sudden voltage surges, which can lead to overheating of the smartphone, damage to internal components or, in rare cases, to the destruction of the device.


Left smartphone is able to put a car battery

Why do you have to stop to charge your smartphone in the car

Third, charging phone through USB port can discharge the battery of your car. Don’t be surprised, according to experts, it happens sometimes. If you forget the device is plugged into the charging port on the car with a stalled engine, sooner or later it will happen: you will not be able to start the car because the battery is not enough for starting current. He’s just discharged.


It usually doesn’t matter much for those owners, which have in the garage are new cars with new batteries. But if your car is already not young, you should avoid charging your phone through USB port provided that you are forgetful nature.


And finally, do take the smartphone in hand while driving and climb in it – very bad idea, creating an emergency situation. So, put away the phones until the end of the road. Well, if you still need to charge the gadget, take quality powerbank, and charge the device on health!

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