Why Cosworth has created a three-cylinder engine capacity of 250 horses

New engine from Valkyrie experienced with three-cylinder donor

Why Cosworth has created a three-cylinder engine capacity of 250 horses

Cosworth claims to have produced a three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with a power of 250 HP, which still meets all environmental emissions requirements.


The task of the legendary engine manufacturer Cosworth was to design the Aston Martin Valkyrie with a motor V12 1000 horsepower, which had to be naturally aspirated, but to meet emissions. But the V12 proved to be a long and multi-stage, so to begin work on a major project, the engineering company made a three-cylinder test engine, which in the end was no less technologically advanced, and even without the boost he got 250 HP


To create a full V12 would have gone more than a year, but the company didn’t have enough time. Therefore, the developer has initiated various steps to create a new model of the power unit. First, the initial running-in of new technologies took place at the available four-cylinder engine. Based on it was designed a small three-cylinder powerplant, which has become an absolute copy of the three-cylinder motor design Valkyrie.


As a result of this engineering tweaks the basic V12 engine was able to run it in just five months.


Thus, as stated by Bruce wood, Executive Director of Cosworth, three-cylinder engine was indeed used all the technology of the future motor full-fledged Valkyrie. Including the power unit was placed four catalyst serving each of the small cylinders. As a result, quartered V12 was not only able to give a record power 250 HP, but to remain within the framework of sustainability, so important for the world today. We emphasize again that we are talking about the atmospheric engine.


Wood says that this little trick gave them a “little break” that allowed anyone from the team not to go back to the drawing Board.


As a note, these figures no other manufacturer of sports or sporty cars. Considering that Cosworth on three cylinders is a quarter of the 6.5 liter engine Valkyrie, so its volume is about 1.6 liters, it is surprisingly effective scheme for the aspirated engine. For example, Ford produces a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine for the new Fiesta ST, whose power is considerable 197 HP, but it is equipped with a turbocharger.