Which is better – mnogovolnovye brake or caliper?

Why brake with a large number of pistons is good

Which is better – mnogovolnovye brake or caliper?

Sports cars are often equipped with brake calipers with four, or even six-piston. But what are the advantages mnogopaltsevy brake? Whether a similar update of candles and what the engineers came up with to put mnogovolnovye system on the brakes?


Brake calipers come in different sizes and styles of execution, but they are all programmed to do the same job. They push the friction material of the brake pads, press them against a rotating brake disk, slowing down the rotation speed as the disk or wheel to which it is attached.


Most of the systems on conventional cars are the most common type of braking mechanism that uses single piston floating caliper. When you press on the brake pedal the fluid contained in a rubber or reinforced hose, transfers the force from pressing through the cylinder inside the caliper piston, pushing the latter in the direction of the brake disc.



Thus, the pad is pressed against one side of the brake disk, the second block is in a constant static position relative to the disk. As soon as the piston presses the first block in motion clip that a special guide presses the second brake pad on the opposite side of the disk brake, creating the necessary pressure to the disc to reduce speed. When you release the brake pedal immediately stops the process in the opposite direction, unclenching pads on the sides.


Which is better – mnogovolnovye brake or caliper?

Single-piston caliper with floating caliper. A noticeable lack of the piston on the left side. It just is clip.


The brakes work fine in normal cars even sporty hatchbacks, provided that the guide loops are lubricated and the condition of the entire mechanism is maintained in proper condition.


For everyday use there is no real reason to upgrade, except for aesthetics. But there are better systems out there, where there is a demand. More heavy and/or fast cars need brakes that can “digest” more heat for a short period of time. Also, these calipers are capable of transmitting the brake disc more power, while control by tapping the brake pedal will be higher. Such a task can handle only mnogovolnovye brakes.


In General, the principle of operation mnogopaltsevy calipers will be identical to what we have described above. As the levers assure solid, worry with floating caliper, mnogovolnovye calipers are designed to compress the brake pads on both sides with equal force. The only thing that squeeze the pads to the disk occurs simultaneously (at least this is what should happen with the brakes). In theory, these brakes allow greater control of the pressing force, the so-called modulation.


Regulation of the pressure transmitted to the brake disc, occurs in a wider range, the wear of the pads and discs will also be more uniform with mnogovolnovye systems. Again, that’s due to the simultaneous pressing both brake pads to the brake disk.


Two-piston calipers are for sportier cars, but their weight still should not be too large.


With increasing velocity or mass of a car there is a need for better brakes and engines. Real sports cars require brake with large brake discs, as well as a large number of pistons in the caliper. The reasons for this are several.


Which is better – mnogovolnovye brake or caliper?

Four – and six-piston calipers


The first reason is the management of warmth. The main thing that creates a lot of speed and extra weight – increasing heat. Brake pads and brake discs are starting to heat up, and this is very bad for the brake system. One of the worst enemies the normal operation of the brakes – this is excessive temperature.


Large calipers with lots of pistons have a larger area brake pads, which resist heat better than small pads made of the same material. Large rotors also dissipate more heat from its surface.


In line and chetyrehporshnevye brake calipers



Reason number two is that chetyrehporshnevye caliper with two sets of opposing pistons may be configured to compress the two pistons of the front slightly before the rear pair, which gives better modulation and a sense of control over the situation. An excellent tool for work on wet roads. A gradual increase of the braking force can be useful in racing or extreme driving situations, for example when you have to slow down on the turn or gravel. Be destabilised in such situations, the vehicle will be much less. However, a lot depends on the specific settings.


Reason number threewhy mnogovolnovye brakes better, is the simplest. More pistons means more power. You already know that in the big block more of the friction material, which means that the longer it is pressed against the disc with full force. In short, mnogovolnovye calipers can stop you faster on the road and allow you to start braking later, provided, if the tires are in this time have sufficient grip.


Which is better – mnogovolnovye brake or caliper?

Minus mnogopaltsevy brakes, in fact, only one: price. Oh Yes, they must be carefully monitored. If one of the pistons will sour in the cylinder, one of the pads does not cuddle and all preferences will quickly evaporate!