Which case the gearshift lever is better: rubber or leather?

When rubber is better than leather, it’s about the covers for gearshift lever

Which case the gearshift lever is better: rubber or leather?

In vehicles with manual transmission the shift lever — the subject is very noticeable. It is usually located in a conspicuous place in the upper part of the Central tunnel between driver and passenger seat or on the console near the steering wheel. The place of junction of the lever with trim panels of the cabin is closed by a leather or rubber bunching. Try to figure out which one is better?

Leather case — the reason for the popularity

Which case the gearshift lever is better: rubber or leather?

The gearshift lever is one of the largest and most visible parts of interior cabin of any car. At the same time on most models, the case for it is made of genuine leather or artificial depending on the class. The reason for this popularity is the author’s opinion is only one: society’s obsession with the concept of “premium” items and materials. In the eyes of the consumer leather even synthetic is perceived as more expensive and therefore a status thing.


It came to the point that even on the cargo type vans Fiat Promaster, which are essentially workhorses used in such cases. The question is, why? Can you imagine a man in an expensive branded suit with “Rolex” on the hand for driving commercial delivery vehicle. The picture is worthy of publication in the journal “Forbes”.


So why do car manufacturers prefer leather covers gear shift lever? May be, this material has outstanding performance? Does natural fine leathers are expensive and only used on really expensive cars belonging to the premium class.

On most models it used synthetic substitutes that have a number of disadvantages:


1. Under the action of low temperatures they lose their elasticity over time, the coating cracks and crumbles, exposing the fabric base.

2. At the bottom of the case, a recess is formed in which collects debris and dust. If one gets there the moisture is formed on the surface of a dirty divorce.

3. Faux leather tends to a strong shrinkage due to sudden changes in environmental conditions: hypothermia during Parking and heating from operating the stove.


Which case the gearshift lever is better: rubber or leather?

In the end, the status on the advertising claims thing looks empty bag with a sagging middle, where all kinds of dirt. By the way, clean cover from debris — task non-trivial. The material needs to be pulled up with one hand and the other with a swipe to collect all the dirt. While it is important not to sleep on the floor, in General, no vacuum cleaner can not do.

The gearshift in the form of a rubber accordion

Which case the gearshift lever is better: rubber or leather?

Molded rubber goods can not look less vintage. I would like to dispel the misconception that it is only used on cheap models Datsun 280Z or VAZ 2101. The legendary Porsche 911s difficult to attribute to the available cars, but as cool looking rubber lever boot manual transmission.


Carefully calibrated architectural form, executed in the style of a ziggurat, a different proportionality levels. Look, this decorative item is really amazingly fresh and sporty. Accordion, molded from high quality rubber, it bends easily in any direction and does not restrict movement of the lever. When viewed from the side it seems that the step sections are displaced independently from each other, forming a single unit.

Which case the gearshift lever is better: rubber or leather?

Rubber accordion is devoid of all the disadvantages of leather case:


1. It is durable and not prone to cracking under the influence of temperature fluctuations.

2. Design retains its shape throughout the lifetime.

3. Rubber accordion does not form pockets which may accumulate debris. Also very easy to clean from dirt with a slightly damp cloth.


We reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of leather cases of the lever and bellows made of rubber, which one is better — You choose. The main and only advantage of the first can be considered status. As the alternative is durable, aesthetic and practical rubber products. Especially in auto parts stores represented a wide range of accessories of all shapes and sizes — there are plenty to choose from.