Which car to choose: how to read ads?

Learning to read the announcement of the sale of the car between the lines.

Which car to choose: how to read ads? 

Everyone who is viewing private ads about selling used cars on popular websites in your Network, you’ll know phrases like: a car is not an emergency, mileage is not twisted, the original title, winter is not exploited, timely, etc But it’s all words. You can’t believe every description of car for sale. Very often the sellers, creating a description, give a different meaning. But among the thousands of ads to choose the car worth? How to know before heading to the inspection that the owner of the car, describing the car in the ad, wrote the truth and did not hide any negative?

It is necessary to learn to read ads between the lines, turning the common sense and brains. The ability to read private ads about selling cars in the secondary market will allow you to save a lot of time at the exit for inspection. Alas, very often, coming to inspect the car, we are disappointed.


Today buying a used car has become much easier than, say, 20 years ago. The used car market in our country over the last 10 years increased significantly (increased the capacity and number of sentences). Today each of us can take your smartphone and search for used cars right on the phone screen, without leaving home, considering offers of car owners.

Which car to choose: how to read ads?But more recently, in order to find the car, people were forced to purchase various Newspapers classifieds and look for listings of cars in them. There was another option to go to the market, where it was also possible to find a suitable car.


In our days, things changed. The Internet has almost killed the market for classified ads in Newspapers. Also fell the popularity of the market.


So what do we do today when we want to search for a used car? Well, of course, looking for listings on the Internet using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Next, we are interested in seeing the car we begin to carefully examine it.

First and foremost, we start to look at the pictures, ignoring the description of the ad. But this is the first mistake. Suggest that you first focus not on photo. So you can save the search time, as will not be distracted by the pictures. Focus your attention on the description of the ad, number of views, date of publication/updating ads, year of manufacture, mileage, etc.


The attention to detail of the announcement and especially not

Which car to choose: how to read ads?

Only a few minutes to view offers on sale of the most popular used cars, such as Lada Granta, Lada Vesta, Lada Niva, Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster, Toyota Camry and others will surprise you. Most of the machines you will learn that their owners were neat, the cabin did not smoke, the car never been in accident (accident free car), low mileage, careful operation. You will also learn that many of the cars did not go in the winter and, even more strangely, most of them were stored in a closed garage or in a warm garage. In the end you get the impression that nearly all cars on the market in perfect condition.

Inexperienced buyers may even think that the rumors that on the market sold a lot of dead stuff in the car, is pure myth spread by people who help to pick up on the secondary used cars. But, of course, all just the opposite. Indeed, most of the cars are so beautifully painted in the ads for the car owners who are not in the best condition. So remember: we are not in a fairy tale, is really a good option on the market is not so easy.


Here is an example. Look at annual or two year old cars on the secondary market. Pay attention to their runs. Most often you will see 30-40 thousand km respectively. Multiply this mileage by 5, 7 and 10 years. In the end, you will realize that ten years the car must have run an average of 350 thousand km

Which car to choose: how to read ads? 

In reality suggest you look at the ads car sale of 2009. Most often you will see far less runs. Does that surprise you? Most interesting is that if you set a goal to find a ten year old car with mileage 250 thousand km, you will not find a lot of offers. Most of the cars will be driven less than 200 thousand km.

Yes, of course, on the market there are cars that actually passed for ten years less than 200,000 km, But believe me, it is a mass phenomenon. Especially if we are talking about the normal cheap cars.


So don’t be fooled at the stage of study of the text ads. Count how many in average annually was driving the car. It is possible, by dividing the mileage to age, you will understand that to what. Although nowadays twisted-owned vehicle. We all know that it is a mass phenomenon in the market. But each of us always assure yourself when buying a car, that his car got with the original mileage. However, most often it is not. Especially when you get the car, replaced more than one owner. In this case, go figure, what the owner of the twisted mileage. After all, the last owner may also not know that earlier the machine was adjusted the odometer.


Compare attractive offers with other cars on the market

Which car to choose: how to read ads? 

If we find a car that we like and meets our preferences (engine, year, body type, etc.), is to begin to check who sells it: the dealer, a dealership, a broker or the actual owner.

Sometimes among the cars we find one that we fit the parameters, description, price, and meet the seller to inspect cars that are only in perfect condition (the car body is burning and shines, has a small attractive mileage, clean, almost new interior). And the price of this car beckons us, as a similar car in much worse condition are more expensive. This time you should alert at the stage of consideration ad on the website.


Usually photo immediately give the external condition of the car. Believe me, miracles happen on a car so rare that it is easier to win the lottery “Russian Lotto” than to buy a car with a small mileage, in perfect condition, almost new appearance, lower than the average value of similar cars. If you have found a suspicious car, there is reason to doubt the veracity of the description of the car in the ad.


What does “accident free car”?

Which car to choose: how to read ads? 

By definition, a traffic accident is an event involving a car and a person. Often the accident people suffer. Small dents, scratches and other damage to the body, associated with the collision is not with the vehicles and not pedestrians, not classified by sellers as an accident. Usually, if the car body is damaged not as a result of classic crash, many sellers write in the ad that the car is accident-free. But as you can see, this does not mean that the car was not damaged.

But if in the process of inspection machine you will see uneven gaps body parts, as well as with a gauge set, parts painted, it will not allow you to catch the seller in a lie, so how body work could be carried out without an accident.

Which car to choose: how to read ads? 

But, in principle, you should not be afraid of a car that was not an accident, but painted. At least, like repair work on the body do not affect the safety of the vehicle, which is not true of repair and rehabilitation work after this accident, where the vehicle could be seriously damaged.


However, remember that a decent seller with nothing to hide from you, I MUST inform you before the inspection, what repairs were carried out with the machine. So to make it safer and less risk, try not to contact with cars that had more than 1 owner. The truth, of course, find this option is not very easy. But thanks to this it will be easier to obtain information about the history of the car.


Bought the car not always deceiving

Which car to choose: how to read ads? 

In spite of the negative associations that arise in connection with the word “buy up”, purchasing a machine from a reseller is not always something dangerous and undesirable. Here, as elsewhere in our lives, the seller, the seller alike. All different. It all depends on the level of the fence. If it is his name on a car meant something, he will not deceive you, because word of mouth is the best advertising on the market.


A person who is professionally engaged in the purchase of used vehicles for their further resale, may not initially be recognized as spam by the seller. Because usually those who values its reputation and its business, will not purchase for resale bad and questionable cars. And we should not be scared that the car was in the hands of a professional middleman for a few days.

Which car to choose: how to read ads? 

Very often normal outbid two cars. In this case, the middleman, if the car requires some repair works immediately with the margin puts it up for sale. So if you decide to contact the dealers, pay attention to the date of purchase a car buy up. If it was bought a few days ago, then, with high probability, realtor has not had time to do something with the car.

So you have more chances that you will buy a car in the same condition in which it was acquired outbid. Don’t forget about the reviews online about the dealers. Among them you will find a list as cheaters and swindlers and honest dealers, that their attitude towards the people earned a good reputation.


But remember that in any environment there is always a black sheep. So do not lose vigilance. Remember that the car trade is a profitable business, which always attracts a lot of Bender. Especially beware cars imported from other countries. At the moment, this business became unprofitable. High customs duties, utilization fee, the standard and button GLONASS are doing business on the stretch of cars is pointless.


Nevertheless, the deliverers still from time to time bring from abroad cars for sale. Where then is the profit? Of course, the profit is when it comes to cheating customers. For example, to get at least some profit, deliverers must be cheaper to buy somewhere in Japan, the Baltic States or Europe broken car. On auto prigodyatsya in Russia, recovers and is sold as is not broken. That’s where is formed an unfair profit. So I do not advise you to buy imported cars to Russia. It’s a very great risk to buy dead/broken car. Also there is a risk to buy a car, listed as wanted in the Interpol.


Perfect used car – hint that contact with him is not necessary

Which car to choose: how to read ads? 

If after the initial sample you left off on the ads that interest you, it’s time to decide whom to call and what cars to consider for inspection and subsequent purchase. Alas, very often the sample may be very large, which will not allow you to inspect each car. But how to choose what you need?


To begin, I advise you to throw those cars that are tempting to you in all respects: perfect condition, low price, mileage, clean interior, etc. it is Much safer to take an interest in sentences that describe the fault, carried out repair work which require improvement or that list of replaced parts.

Which car to choose: how to read ads?

Also pay attention to the ads in which the seller guarantees the authenticity of the mileage by providing all the documents the dealer about the planned passage of the maintenance history (car dealer).

But often these cars sell themselves, dealers, buying them from the owners who exchange them for new models under the program trade-in. But keep in mind that the mark-up the dealer on a used car will be rather big. In the end, the car dealer will cost much higher than the market.

Also it’s not the fact that you will get a car in perfect condition. Believe me, our country has repeatedly been cases where dealers were accused of selling avtohlama. So remember: trust but verify. And there is nothing if to the dealer you bring your car care professional to check the car.



Which car to choose: how to read ads? 

In the maze of ads is very difficult to find an attractive offer. An additional difficulty is that buying a car is often associated with emotions. That is why you should make your choice, only do it after consulting with someone who knows how to check the car on the move, and has experience managing different vehicles (a car which is no surprise), and invite a friend/acquaintance mechanic who will inspect the car for you.

Let’s also remember that if the seller has edited the pictures (including photoshop), it can be unfair in relation to the rest of the car. Be careful, and happy shopping to you car on the market!