Whether to buy a tow truck?

Is it dangerous to buy a car after the accident?

Whether to buy a tow truck?

How much do you think cars in the secondary market were involved in an accident? You will not believe, but according to a recent study, every second car is for sale, at least once has been in a crash. In the end, depending on the number of proposals sometimes to buy a car, never involved in an accident, almost unreal. But what to do in this case? Really need to buy emergency car? Do not worry. It all depends on what kind of accident was visited by car. Alarm history the car is still not a sentence.


According to the same statistics, most accidents that occur every day on roads, refer to minor accidents in which vehicles caused little damage. For example, at the end of last year, the average amount of all payments on insurance policies was less than 80 000 rubles. This clearly indicates that in most cases the vehicles affected in the accident, received serious injuries.

So the secondary market is not so many emergency vehicles received serious damage to the body. In the end, on the market a lot of cars have been in accidents that are not afraid to buy.


This, of course, does not mean that you should purchase without fear the first available emergency vehicle. In any case, before you make all payments on the transaction of purchase and sale, you must fully find out the history of cars. Especially associated with the circumstances of the accident and nature of the injuries. Also if the car has undergone repair, you should find out more about the list of the work performed.

Why? Remember that even if a car during a crash received minor minor damage, substandard repair of a car can cause you headaches after the purchase of the vehicle (curve hands tinsmith/painter, defective body parts, low quality preparatory materials to paint, poor quality paint, the violation of the technologies of undetected hidden damage, etc.).

Whether to buy a tow truck?

If the emergency vehicle has passed a quality repair, which was not violated, appropriate technology, even if you change paltusova parts, vehicle safety is not compromised. Also if the body repairs were made by professionals using expensive materials, restored after the accident car does not lose its original durability.


Unfortunately, often such an expensive repair unfavorable. As a result, many owners of emergency vehicles are trying to reduce the cost of the repair process. Especially those who decided after the accident to get rid of the car, sold it on the secondary market. In this case you understand that the task before the plumbers and painters will be simple: saving on materials to make the surface of the body was true to the original.

Of course, in this case, if you buy such a machine, after some time, this paint usually will begin to bounce from the surface of painted parts, like the husk from sunflower seeds overcooked. The worst that poorly performed repair can threaten the appearance of corrosion, which is very difficult to stop.

Car with painted parts can be hazardous

Whether to buy a tow truck?

Today in fashion devices that measure the thickness of paint that are usually offered to those who wants to buy a used car with. Unfortunately, this device does not mean that it will help you make the right choice. First, many car buyers simply don’t know how to use it properly. Secondly, a lot of people are missing a really good and non-dangerous car due to a wrong interpretation of the results of measuring the thickness of the paint coating.


Thus, the initial thickness of paint coating shall be an average of 80 to 150 microns. If the paint layer is thicker, for example 250 microns, this means that the measured element of the body of the car was re-painted.

But it does not mean that you have to run away from this car. Because the detail of the body could only repaint just because of minor scratches. However, if you find painted detail on the body, it needs to be more attentive when inspecting the car. After all, it is possible, before you restored the car after a major accident. Therefore, to measure the thickness you need all body parts having the lacquer coating. Including foreign body wheel arches, which usually would-be masters forget to remove the traces of paint work on the body (we mean the back arch of the body that are visible when you open the rear doors).

Whether to buy a tow truck?

It is noteworthy that even if these places are not painted, they may be the marks (dots, stains) caught when painting body paint.


If you found a painted item, your task is to determine qualitatively whether the work carried out. To do this, inspect the edges of the painted body parts. When you perfect the paint work you should not see the edges of the lacquer applied to the paint. If you don’t see traces of painting on the edges, this means that the painter knew what he was doing. In this case, most likely, the technology of car paint observed. So, painter, applying varnish, made sure that the new paint was the most durable. Otherwise, if traces of lacquer are visible on the edges of the painted parts, paint may eventually start to flake off due to the impact of aggressive environment in the process of operation of the vehicle. And of course, the paint may peel off as time due to the fact that it is applied not to the end edges of the recovered body parts. Especially dangerous is the lower edge of the body parts where body parts are subjected to continuous external influence.

The car on which the body is too large, the thickness of the putty is not worth buying

Whether to buy a tow truck?

Usually when repairing body parts tinsmiths, painters put on them a layer of putty. This layer should not be more than 0.5 mm. Especially at the points of connection of body parts or the edges of the wings. However, if using thickness gauge in different areas of the body you have identified a high value, this means that body parts of the body have been renovated “craftsman-sculptor”, who took the fillers. In this case, we do not advise to contact with the car. The fact that the putty applied to body parts in large numbers, will eventually burst and begin vylazit out, otslaivaya the paint (paint coating will crack).

Different shade, stained varnish – you can risk to buy a car

Whether to buy a tow truck?

If the only problem refinishing a used vehicle is the difference in the shade of varnish or some places on the body are spots of lacquer, you can still buy a similar car. However, for a start you should definitely check out these places the thickness of paint.


If in these places the thickness of the paint coating of not less than 100 µm, it is possible to eliminate external defects to the paintwork, you will need to conduct a simple polishing of the surface coating.

However, if the thickness of the coating is less than 100 micrometers, then polishing the surface impossible. Otherwise, when the polished surface you run the risk of sanding the paintwork to the metal.

Visible restoration work in the bearing elements of the body – this car is not worth buying

Whether to buy a tow truck?

If the inspection machine you will discover the defects of the body (no right angles, details, curves, wavy lines of bearing elements, etc.), it is better with such a car not to mess with, as is likely, the vehicle was involved in a major road accident in which she suffered serious damage affected the load-bearing elements of the body. In this case, most likely, was disturbed by the geometry of the body, which eventually would affect the integrity of the body and its strength.


Unfortunately, to detect non-skin damage to the body is much more complicated than damaged and renovated the exterior parts of the car. But it all depends on your care. Fortunately, such a large-scale damage to the body to completely eliminate a very, very hard. So to detect the restored load-bearing elements of the body really. By the way, usually, cars that received a serious injury, are not subject to costly repairs since the owners after the accident usually just decide to sell cars in the secondary market. In this case, restoration work, typically carried out with maximum economy. So, in this repair masters usually are aiming to make the car looks “sweet”. In General, the calculation is simple: to sell the car to someone who does not understand neither in machines nor in the diagnostic process and inspection of the used car.


The worst thing in the Russian market of used cars these vehicles involved in severe accidents, a lot. The thing is that after a major accident, usually the insurance companies pay insurance for the whole car, recognizing it to be restored. In the end, according to the current legislation insurance companies take seriously the broken car, paying the owner the market value of the car minus depreciation. You understand that, in the subsequent insurance company is either restore such “tied in knots” cars or sell them to those involved in the restoration of broken machines. So cars after serious accidents fall into the massive used market. And the worst thing that every fourth owner of a used car that was bought with it, does not even know for a long time, owns a car, in the past received serious damage. But scary is not it. Yes, of course, that is a legitimate cheating honest buyers on the secondary market.

Whether to buy a tow truck?

But that’s not it. In most cases, when you restore a severely damaged car trying to save on repairs. In the end the emphasis is only on appearance, and not damaged the internal elements of body structures. Also very often, salvage cars are not even equipped with the new airbags. In the result, unsuspecting buyers of used cars are becoming, frankly, dangerous cars. And the worst thing is that all of this becomes clear only after the new owner gets into an accident. Alas, this often leads to disastrous consequences.

Different gaps between the elements of the body – you can risk to buy a car

Whether to buy a tow truck?

Various uneven gaps between the external parts of the body may indirectly indicate improper repair of the vehicle after the accident or indications that the car has become a party to a major accident, which resulted in the car received extensive damage.

But, as a rule, with more damage, as we have said, the support structures are affected internal parts of the body, hide the damage which is almost impossible even after careful restoration work.

If you are in the process of inspection of the car found no such hidden injuries of load-bearing elements of the body (frame, Langeron, etc.), but found different gaps external body parts, you can not be afraid of this problem because it only indicates that either the repair used non-original elements of the body (which in the end just not falling into place because of the divergence in size), or in the process of assembling the Tinker did not put the correct factory gaps.


But remember that if the discrepancies with gaps have several elements of the body, we suggest you contact this vehicle as there is a risk that in the process of renovating the master also violated and the technology of preparing and painting the body. You know, respecting the tinsmith and the painter will try to do everything perfectly. Including adjusting the body gaps to the ideal.


Here the main thing – to understand that the body gaps are incorrect that is incorrect adjustment of the parts of the body, and not related to the fact that after the accident, the vehicle changed its geometry. In this case, even a professional master will not be able to put the correct factory gaps of body panels. So be careful. If you don’t understand it, it is better not to mess with a car that has even one wrong gap. Indeed, in this case, there is a great risk that you will buy the car with the led body.


In restoring the car after the accident was used b/u details – do not buy a car

Whether to buy a tow truck?

Most often when repairing a body after the accident is used instead of new body parts second hand components. Most of these parts acquire from landfills or broken cars. The fact is that the new original body parts are worth a lot of money. You understand that when servicing a vehicle, most owners want to save money.

But, unfortunately, the use of old body parts (for older cars with high mileage) is fraught with consequences. For example, the old wings, sills, hood, trunk, etc., taken at the dump with broken or scrapped vehicles can quickly start to rust. Buying a car with such “interesting” body parts, you will quickly learn about it. Usually after the first autumn/spring, when the rust begins to show itself in a special way. In the end, you have to remove the part of the body, has corrosion, and make another repair. But most likely, you will have to buy the new part and paint it.


Also, in addition to b/u body parts of the body during restoration auto repair buy and other used car components. This files most often acquired from the landfill optics, electrics and even parts of the chassis and cooling system.

If such parts were with the old car with high mileage, all these components will make themselves known shortly after purchasing the bat machine.

Therefore, during the inspection, always check the originality not only of body parts, but also all other components of the car. Including check marking of glass with the year of the car. For example, if all the Windows machines do not correspond to the year of manufacture of the car then it is very likely that the car had been in a major accident in which the car was broken.


Also carefully inspect the labeling of the headlights, which also can calculate the year of issue. Check it with the year of manufacture of the machine.

If the year of the headlights does not match the year of the car, be sure to inspect the cooling radiators to replace, also check their marks with the year of production cars. If this marking does not coincide with the model year cars, there is a high probability that the car was a frontal impact, after which was damaged original headlights, radiator, bumper, grille, front body amplifiers, front frame, body etc. In this case, the car is not worth buying.

Repaired the wiring – not worth it to buy a car

Whether to buy a tow truck?

During the accident affects not only the vehicle but also its mechanical parts. The most common injury in road accidents is a defect in the wiring harness. The worst thing after the accident, most car owners don’t even think about repairing the wiring, as these machines are very expensive.

Whether to buy a tow truck?

Unfortunately, in modern cars are widely used multiple sensors and computers that transmit information to each other in digital form. Non-professional wiring harness repair eventually leads to a decrease in tension in the loop wires. As a result, the transmission of digital information over wires is distorted. In practice, this often leads to occurrences of errors on the collection tubes, as well as to failures in engine operation. The worst thing is that to install sometimes cause permanent errors very, very hard. In the end, buying a car with bad wiring harness, you will constantly live in the service of throwing away money on diagnostics.

Nesovetskie welded seams – you should not mess

Whether to buy a tow truck?

In case of serious damage of the body, as we have said, refers to the supporting structures of the body. In this case, the recovery of the body without welding will not do. As a result, the body appear nesovetskie welds. It should be noted that the greatest damage to the body cars often get in a frontal collision, where the energy of the two machines according to the laws of physics add up. As a result, even at the low speed of the two vehicles during a frontal impact of the car get a huge damage. Most of all, of course, suffers from the bodywork without welding work, it cannot be restored.

Whether to buy a tow truck?

The worst thing is that if the accident was affected by the supporting structure of the car body, it you’re (seriously going to change the stiffness of the body and its geometry). Usually this manifests itself here’s how:

Take a detour on the curb on one side two wheels (stand on the curb side). Then get out and check out how to open all doors of the car, its hood and trunk. If the car has been in a major accident, in which the body of a car to drive, it is likely that the car door (or a door) will not close (not the first time). Also inspect the position of the car body gaps, comparing their sizes in the normal position of the vehicle. If the gaps are changed, so that the rigidity of the body is broken in an accident.

The elements of rust on the body – in no case do not mess with the machine

Whether to buy a tow truck?

If, at the time of inspection of a car you found on a body corrosion, it is immediately run from it. Especially when there is rust on several body parts in the most popular places (arches, on the edges of the body wings, sills, bottom of doors, under side of glass). In this case, almost 100% of the machine has many more places where the body is rusted. You just don’t see the scale of destruction of the body rust.


If you find a used car, only one place with a lot of corrosion, also do not mess with this car. The fact is that, most likely, you will not stop the rust on the part. Corrosion will continue to spread. So you’ll have to change the part and carry out paint work. And it is fraught with new large expenditure.


If you have found rust in the fresh car, then this is a clear indication that the car had been in an accident and it was not a very high quality restoration work and painting. It is possible that the car was badly damaged in the accident.

Scratches and chips – no problem

Whether to buy a tow truck?

Some owners specifically do not restore the paint in case of scratches and chips. This is done intentionally to show a future buyer that the car is not painted and not seriously fought. After all, if you fix chips and scratches in the standard way by painting the detail as a whole, when measured with a thickness gauge, the buyer may think that the car fought, and dyed the item was totally damaged. In this case, it will be hard to prove to the buyer that the piece was painted due to chips and scratches.


So if you, upon inspection of the car detects bodywork chips and scratches, do not panic, thinking that the owner of the car did not follow the car. It is possible that it was done deliberately.

In addition, many scratches and chips can be fixed with polishing of the body, after which the car will look like new, sigrav unique colors and brilliance.

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