Whether real run of cars in the secondary market

The harsh truth: What really runs cars on the market used cars.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

What do you think is the most important for many car buyers on the secondary market? Of course, the technical condition of the car, price, equipment, etc. But the most important criterion for many people when buying a used car is, of course, mileage. On him we immediately pay attention. After all, if we see in the private ad low mileage used car, then immediately start to suspect something wrong and refuse to see the car. The same applies to cars with large mileage that is scaring us even more.

But for professionals involved in buying and selling used cars, the mileage is interesting in the least. Why?

Yeah the thing is that, judging by the hundreds of thousands of ads of real run you will find not many cars. It is regrettable, but statistically, the majority of used cars on the market have mileage. Don’t believe? Then here’s the circumstantial evidence. We certainly do not claim that in reality most of the cars in the secondary market are sold with twisted mileage, and not going with foam at a mouth to prove his innocence. We just did a little research of our market and performed some simple calculations using a calculator.

Well, the findings do you.

Where we watched the ads?

For a more accurate analysis we used the most popular in Russia at the moment online services personal ads

about selling used cars. So, as a source of information we took the latest ads with the following boards:

Auto.ru and Avito.ru


With every Board we have an equal number of current proposals for the sale of used cars from individuals. Please note: in the sample we did not include ads from different companies and sites. We also tried not to view ads from dealers. Although, admittedly, these sellers are very skillfully camouflage their ads under proposals from private entities.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

Attention! By undertaking this study, we did not aim to expose some of the sellers of cars and bring them to clean water. So be warned that those cars that were in our sample, in fact, may have slight runs. Nevertheless, you must be alert with such machines, because, according to numerous studies, older cars with small runs of really ads very little. For example, it is believed that the number of such machines does not exceed 1%. So think for yourself when buying a used car with little mileage.

So there you go.


Analysis of private ads on Auto.ru

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

Here is the actual ad with one of the most popular boards car ads in Russia. We drew attention to the SUV Volkswagen Touareg 2005 release with the 3.2-litre petrol motor capacity of 241 HP, We were attracted by the mileage of the car, which, judging by the description in the ad, is 97 km. 227 That is, in 13 years the car has not been driven 100 thousand km. Suspicious? Of course.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market

But this is not to say that this crossover is definitely mileage. It is possible that the mileage on his odometer and real. Just during the inspection of such vehicles every buyer should wary of very competitive races. In fact, dividing the mileage of this car for 13 years, we get 7 479 km per year. Agree, very low mileage. Have to think about this and what to check when inspecting the car. Naturally, it is desirable to inspect the SUV in the garage.


Here’s another VW. This time we paid attention to the minibus Volkswagen Transporter T4 2003 model year, featuring a 2.5-liter gasoline engine capacity of 115 HP If you believe the ad, this workhorse mileage is only 159 764 km, which is unusual for 15-year-old car. In terms of annual mileage, this van drove 10 650 km.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market

Yes, the mileage says nothing, but judging by the external condition, mileage of car somehow does not fit with the battered body. Although, of course, to say that this car mileage, we can’t. Need comprehensive inspection of the car to make any conclusions. But to think there is something.


Here is another ad from a private seller, who sells for 619 000 BMW 5-series with a 2.5-liter engine capacity of 218 HP according to the description, the car was 110 000 km. according to the seller, a German car Assembly. That is, not Kaliningrad.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market

In terms of annual mileage, it turns out that BMW was passing 9 166 km. Not a lot. For example, in terms of daily mileage turns out that the sedan was driven only 25 miles. And everything would be fine. It happens so, that someone really uses a car very rarely. But this car, as follows from the description, more than three owners. Agree, hard to believe that all owners of this car used it very rarely. Yes, of course, and it does not mean not real mileage of the car, but nevertheless it is suggested.


Here is another interesting ad about selling a used Toyota Land Cruser 200. The car is sold for 1 740 000. SUV 2008 model year, features a 4.7-litre petrol engine producing 288 HP.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market

But the most attractive part of this machine is, of course, the mileage of which is 80 000 miles (8 000 km/year). And this machine at the moment stands out among other ads it mileage. In most other cars available today for the acquisition of runs is much higher – on average 150-200 thousand km.


But, according to the seller of the car, mileage of the car low due to the fact that it’s not the only car in the family. By the way, this explanation is most common among those sellers that put ads on cars with small mileages. That is, people before selling to understand what a small distance in the old machine there will be questions. But most interesting is that 80% of buyers have responded to these explanations and believe that the car is sold with little mileage.

Now think about the fact that in reality such cars on the market. So when you see every second ad with a description, according to which low mileage is due to the fact that this is the second, third, etc. car in the family, at least that you should be alerted. No, of course, give up watching these cars don’t need. After all, so you can really miss out on the market a good car with low mileage. But comprehensive diagnosis and increased attention to such cars worthwhile.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

According to the seller this car, the engine and box – no complaints. But, on the other hand, where these units can be a problem with mileage 107 000 km? Moreover, it is Volvo still the years when it is done as reliable and high quality.


No, again we don’t want to say that this SUV mileage. Everything can be real. But still the mileage seems suspicious. After all, the car was released in 2007. Agree, for 11-year-old car 107 thousand miles on the odometer somehow not enough. It turns out that the SUV in the year drove a 9 727 km. So if we bought that car, it looked to her very carefully. Although outwardly this Volvo XC90 looks quite normal.


Analysis of private ads on Avito.ru

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

Now let’s see what we found on another popular in Russia the Bulletin Board under “Cars”. Here you will also come across a huge number of cars with unrealistically small runs.

So here’s one car that caught our attention. It’s an old Hyundai Accent 2008 model year, which sell for 299 000 rubles. It has one owner (which is certainly a plus, but not always), and a woman.

The mileage is only 75,000 km!

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

Now let’s calculate how much a car with this mileage driving each year? Out 8 333 km. is not Enough, isn’t it? For example, in terms of daily mileage, this Hyundai Accent passed an average of 22 km per day. Of course, it happens. But believe me, these cars of 1% percent of the market, and they are usually gone the first day. Although outwardly this car really fits the race. But suspicious still. Can’t hurt to check this car not only on the validity of the mileage, but the history in the taxi. After all, this machine in the late 2000s, most often used in taxis throughout the country.

Moreover, the majority of these cars, oddly enough, one private owner. It’s interesting that here the owner is a woman. So this machine at least any buyer should be attention. Such a car is mandatory to check in the technical center. Remember that the mileage of the car says nothing. Even if it is real, you still need a test. After a small run also harmful to many systems of the car, like really big.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

Here is another announcement of the sale of the VAZ-2109 2003 release with mileage 82 000 km. In the description the seller hints that the mileage is original. Although, maybe the owner of the car simply did not indicate that the engine has been moved? So, it turns out that car for 15 years drove less than 100 thousand. I Wonder how he rotted? The version that the car was 6 years old in a warm garage, inconclusive. Because the car a year drove only 5 km. 466 It is very small.

Even if this “nine” is really the mileage is original, then, firstly, its value should be at least 2 times higher, and secondly, the technical condition of many components may not be ideal. After all, the car should not stand. Otherwise, all rubbers, gaskets and seals will fail. So if you ever are thinking of buying a similar car, at least be attentive to these proposals and conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the machine in the tech center.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

But the announcement of the sale of Toyota Camry 2010 model year. “Auto – fire” – says the author of the ad. Note the mileage of the car: he is 49 000 km car That is annually passed 6 125 km away. Yes, theoretically the mileage the car may be real. But there is one “but”. These ads are a huge number. But this is alarming.

I have the feeling that most of the cars in the secondary market did not go, and stood near the house. Although in recent years to say that people don’t use cars, it is impossible. You look at what is happening around. People can’t imagine their life without cars is exactly the same as without the smartphones, which fall asleep and Wake up.

After all, people on the street was quite small. They shop close to home and in the car we go. So hard to believe that most of the cars on the used car market have such small runs. So don’t forget to fully inspect the car and double-check everything the seller says.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

Here is another ad, which explains the low mileage that the car was used mostly for travel to the country. We are talking about Skoda Octavia 2009 with mileage 77 000 km That is, for 9 years the car was driven 8 km 555 per year. Direct miracle in our market. We are very surprised a huge number of used cars with small mileages. Look at the corresponding market of any country and you will be surprised that cars with small mileages there for a while. Not more than 1%.

Yes, abroad on average travel more. And the roads are more. But to say that in our country, motorists rarely use the car, as it is impossible. Look at the road. Especially in large cities where it is not know what to do with tubes and with a large number of cars. This doesn’t add up. It is clear that people travel in cars very much. So this little runs not just alarming, but frightening. It turns out that in our market a lot of cars with fake mileage.

Whether real run of cars in the secondary market 

But the owner openly States that the mileage is low. And who knows, maybe this Mercedes C-class 2003 issue has a mileage 124 500 km (8 300 km/year). The car is sold in only 355 000 thousand. Of course, if the mileage is real and not twisted three owners, that is a very good result. But where is the guarantee that the last owner knows everything about the history of this machine? After all, to twist mileage could the previous owners. So this car with this mileage at least suspicious. Plus she has some problems on the body. Yes, the price tag is attractive.

Especially it will attract the youth which sleeps and sees himself driving a “German”. But do not succumb to emotions. Remember that you are going to not buy a kettle or toilet water. This vehicle is a complex technical device for which mileage is very important. This is the life of the car. So when you see in the ad is too little mileage, the result of a comprehensive diagnosis should always be sure that the mileage on the odometer is real.


In conclusion, I would like to say again that our small market analysis doesn’t show the whole situation in the secondary car market of Russia. Nevertheless, after examining it, we saw cars with small runs of very, very much. It is rather an anomaly, which clearly indicates that our market of used cars has a large number of machines with twisted mileage. Yes, we do not argue, on the market across all the same really worthy cars with small runs, which are every day I went in the store near the house. But believe me, these car units.

This is why you should not believe the first ad on the Internet. Yes, you need to be able to trust people. But you also need to be able to check them out. So what you buy a car, it will depend on you. Because the market, as they say, two fools – the seller and the buyer.