When in Russia will introduce new license plates?

All information about the new state license plate standard registration plates.

When in Russia will introduce new license plates? 

Still, apparently, in Russia introduced a new standard registration plate. Accordingly, in 2019, our country can receive the new numbers.


So, on the website of Rosstandart the following order:


on September 4, 2018 N 555-St
In accordance with article 24 of the Federal law from June 29, 2015 N 162-FZ “On standardization in the Russian Federation I order:

  • 1. Adopt a national standard of Russian Federation GOST R 50577-2018 “Signs state registration vehicles. Types and basic dimensions. Technical requirements” with the date of the enactment of January 1, 2019, to replace GOST R 50577-93.
  • 2. Management of technical regulation and standardization (D. A. Toshev) to make the information about this order approved the standard on the official website of the state Committee for standardization in information and telecommunications network “Internet” (hereinafter – the official website) taking into account the legislation on standardisation.
  • 3. Federal state unitary enterprise “Russian scientific and technical centre of information on standardization, Metrology and conformity assessment” (VA Vitushkin) place this order and approved it the standard on the official website in the prescribed manner.
  • 4. To consolidate this order approved the standard for the Management of technical regulation and standardization.

    Accordingly, in the territory of the Russian Federation from 1 January 2019 the introduction of a new standard (GOST R 50577-2018) numbers instead of the old GOST R 50577-93.


    What license plates will appear under the new standard?


    So, the new GOST R 50577-2018 provides for the use of motor technology the new standard rooms whose size is 190 x 145 mm. we will Remind that at the moment the motorcycles are used in rooms 245 x 160 mm. Set letter and numbers is: 1234АА77RUS


    Here are the new license plates 2019 for motorcycles:


    When in Russia will introduce new license plates?


    Including fans Japanese RHD cars and the American automobile industry, should also rejoice. Next year will begin issuing special registration plates for vehicles imported from non-standard site accommodation.


    The fact that many foreign cars custom license plate bracket, complicating the installation, the existing number plates manufactured according to GOST 50577-93.

    In the end, for these machines introduces new license plates reduced size 290 x 170 mm. At the same time the owners of such vehicle is necessary izgalyatsya, bending a standard license plate size 520 x 112 mm.


    Here are the new license plates 2019 for vehicles with non-standard site for the room:


    When in Russia will introduce new license plates? 

    According to the new GOST in Russia are introduced (the first time) a special state license plates for mopeds, which will be exactly the same as a new motor, but with a different designation of letters and numbers – ММ12АА77RUS


    These license plates will be issued to a powerful scooter and motorcycle off-road vehicles the maximum speed which can exceed 50 km/hour and engine capacity of over 50 CC.


    Here are the new license plates 2019 for mopeds with an engine capacity over 50 cubic cm:


    When in Russia will introduce new license plates? 

    Rooms for off-road motor transport, not intended for movement on highways of General use (left) and scooter (right)

    Also the new standard introduces rooms for sports cars and old classic cars.

    These numbers will be the same size as the normal standard for mass transportation, with the exception of the presence of the letter “K” or “S” denoting the vehicle type: sports car (sports car racing track rally cars, etc.), classic old car.


    These letters will go to the beginning of license plate, limited by the vertical bar from the rest of the number fields.

    For example, the number of the old “Penny” (VAZ-2101) will be here this alphanumeric format:



    For a real sports car, the room will look like this:


    Looks like the license plates for classic and sports cars:

    When in Russia will introduce new license plates?

    Is it possible to drill the plates, creating new holes?

    When in Russia will introduce new license plates?

    According to today’s legislation to license plates it is impossible to make additional holes. Under the new legislation, which will come into force in 2019, in connection with the conduct of a new state standard for license plates vehicles, a ban on drilling holes in rooms will be removed. However to make holes in the places where a hole might affect the symbols, flag, and code the RUS will remain disabled.