Wheel balancing: how frequent and how much?

That’s why you need more to do the wheel balancing.

Wheel balancing: how frequent and how much? 

Even the smallest changes in the tire can cause imbalance when driving. 1gai.ru tells how to recognize the downed wheel balance, and how much it costs to do it.


Wheel balancing is important for correct rotation of the wheels and the vehicle is in motion. First and foremost, wheel balancing is the safety operation of the vehicle and your comfort behind the wheel. The balancing of the wheels allows you to properly distribute their weight for an optimal rotation. Usually, when you bought a new rubber for tire specialists during the tire works, pick up each wheel, certain loads, for optimal alignment of the wheels.


Wheel balancing: how frequent and how much?Unfortunately, over time, in any car balancing strays. For example, if your machine is even slightly hit the curb, the wheel balance can be off. Changing wheel balancing and uneven tire wear. In the end, the wheel that big just worn out, is out of balance compared with other wheels. The result is an imbalance when the wheel rotates during driving of the vehicle.


The only bad thing in this case begins even more rapid tire wear. And that’s not all. If you do not take action (make a new balancing of wheels to replace the badly worn tire to a new one), then after a longer period of time, downed balancing unevenly worn wheels can cause damage to the steering and even premature wear of the suspension of the car.

That’s why it’s so important to balance wheels immediately at the first sign of imbalance.


As there is an imbalance of the wheels?

Wheel balancing: how frequent and how much? 

The imbalance is nothing like the downed wheel balancing. For example, as we have said, for wheel balancer tyre using special weights (counterweights), the alignment wheel, for uniform rotation around its own axis.


Unfortunately, very often these counterweights fly off on the road. This is especially true after hitting into the next hole or if the car bumped into the curb.


Another reason for the imbalance is the uneven tread wear. For example, if you’re a fan of flushing with the seat, pressing the gas pedal to the floor and braking sharply in front of traffic lights, when such a driving style rubber protector on your machine will quickly wear unevenly. Including rubber tends to wear unevenly, if you like to lay in the corners.


Moreover, this uneven wear you may not even notice a cursory glance. But you should know that even small changes of the tread with uneven tire wear due to your driving maneuvers can affect concentricity because of the centrifugal force generated during rotation of the wheel. For example, at a speed of 100 km/h imbalances just 10 grams transformed in the 2.5 kgs per wheel.


Tyre balancing: how it works?

Wheel balancing: how frequent and how much? 

Roughly speaking, when balancing balanced the tire and the wheel. If the simple words to explain what wheel balancing and “with what it eat”, then you must understand that the imbalance of the wheels kompensiruet fixed to the wheel rim small balances (goods).

Wheel balancing is only possible on the tire, or in a specialized service station.


In order to do load balancing of a tyre to secure the wheel on a special machine (the machine). This machine simulates the rotation of the wheel just as the wheel rotates on your machine. Further, detecting the rolling of the tire the unbalance of the wheel, showing the master the appropriate values needed for the selection of goods.

Next, the wizard, picking up the goods, fixes them on the wheel, aligning the centrifugal force during the rotation of the wheel.

Wheel balancing: how frequent and how much? 

But did you know that this balancing method is not exact and not perfect. The fact is that while checking the wheel balancing tyre receives data from the machine without taking into consideration possible imbalances coming from the brake disks, brake drums or hubs, which, unfortunately, is also not eternal and can wear out not evenly, affecting the rotation of the wheels.

In the end, to make a perfect balancing requires expensive equipment able to measure the balancing of the wheels standing on the machine. For this purpose, as a rule, used mobile balancing machine. However, in our country such equipment is a rarity. And the fact is that this effective balancing costs the owner of a car very expensive.


Therefore, almost all tyre fitting in Russia, as a rule, do not use expensive equipment to check the balancing of the wheels removed from the car.


How do you know that the wheels on your car have an imbalance?


There are several signs pointing to the downed balancing the wheels:


  • Lock the steering wheel at certain speeds
  • Unusual noise or vibration at speeds of 100 km / h and above
  • Unevenly worn tires


How often should you balance the wheel?

Wheel balancing: how frequent and how much? 

Wheel-balancing and there is no fixed planning intervals, as for example, for engine oil change. Some of the drivers wheel their machines lose their balance too quickly. In the end they have to do balancing of wheels at each tire change in the offseason.

Other drivers balancing is performed only once (after buying a new rubber). There is, for example drivers who so gently lead car that the wheel balancing is not captured even after a decent time of operation of the machine.


However in this case, experts still recommend to check the balancing and, if necessary, have it corrected because tyre wear has not been canceled. Even with a uniform wear of the wheels, sooner or later, when the tyre tread is quite worn, all four tires lose the ideal axis of rotation. So, the tire rotates on the wheel drive where you installed counterweights, but because of wear of the tread rubber goods can not perfectly balance the wheel relative to the axis of rotation.


So, once you have started to feel the first signs of imbalance of the wheels, do not tighten your appeal on the tire. Including it is also desirable to test all the components of the car’s suspension to eliminate that wheel imbalance is not caused damage to the car.


How much it costs to balance the wheels?

Wheel balancing: how frequent and how much? 

Here of course all depends on the tire, or tariff of the service center. In principle, the balancing of the wheels is not so expensive. Primarily on the cost of the wheel-balancing effect of the diameter of the wheel. It is logical that the larger the wheel, the more expensive balancing.


Including the cost of balancing wheels affect which on the wheel the disk is being used. Usually balance wheel with steel rim is cheaper than a wheel with an aluminium disc. In addition to the final cost of balancing will affect the kind / type of goods (balances).


When you change the seasonality of rubber on the tire, typically a wheel balancing included in the overall bill for services.

The average cost of balancing one 15-inch wheel with steel rim in Russia is 170 rubles. Accordingly, to test and make balancing all four wheels you will have to pay an average of 680 rubles.


There are, of course, in Russia many garage and tire shops that are willing to do this service cheaper. But do not forget that there are premium tire where the wheel balancing usually costs a lot of money (even more expensive than the tire dealer).


Please note that this average cost does not account for the removal and installation of wheels. So feel free to the cost of balancing to add another 15-inch wheel an average of 50-100 rubles.