What will happen if you pour in the petrol car diesel fuel?

Have you ever filled the gas tank with diesel fuel?

1. Yes, everything worked 2. No, always carefully seasoned machine 3. Flooded, had to repair (but little blood) 4. Poured – hit for the repair


Diesel in a petrol car: the repair of the inevitable?

What will happen if you pour in the petrol car diesel fuel?

The answer to the question: “What happens with a gasoline engine, if it to pour diesel fuel?”, probably 99.99% of motorists will not cause problems*.


*I should digress that there is a 0.01% “of the Witnesses of the miraculous DT” personally seen threads on the forums where inexperienced motorists earnestly argue that if you pour diesel fuel in a gasoline engine, it will be more economical fuel. And wrote, saying advise, truth or myth, what if I fill my car running on gasoline, it will consume less fuel? Such them local jokers have advised… just Horror!


For everyone else who is friends with the logic and understands what such experiments can lead to, obviously, the gasoline motor from a penalty is clearly not good. It remains to answer only one question. Will there be catastrophic consequences? Here, the opinion of autobrite clearly separated.

One part will assume the engine will instantly stall or the car just won’t start. Others will say that the car can theoretically travel some distance, perhaps even will continue to work on DT, but the consequences will be so catastrophic that you have to wash not only the fuel system, but also the “capital” of the engine. The third is likely to put forward a neutral version, something in between… and so on and so forth. Opinions can be many. But what happens in reality?


In order to find out, we asked knowledgeable people, and to the many competent in matters of motoristicke portals on the Internet and here’s what we found out.

What will happen if you pour in the petrol car diesel fuel?

The first thing I warn mechanics: gasoline and diesel fuel entirely different chemical structure of the combustible mixture. If gasoline is composed of light hydrocarbons, the main feature which is easy to ignite (no wonder diesel engines use electric spark plugs that ignite the mixture of fuel and air), the diesel fuel to ignite from a spark will be simply impossible. And it’s easy to check.


Someone in the village or at the cottage there is a private house, probably faced with such a situation: to kindle a fire from gathered on the eve of the tops. Weed is still not fully dried out, and the time to wait for the “weather of the sea” anymore. To the fire took the desired catalyst. As “doping”, you can use kerosene or gasoline. Quite a bit to irrigate organic matter, lighting a match and from a safe distance to throw it on the wet the fuel surface. The result will be instant. A combustible mixture is instantly ignited and it will go like clockwork.


But it happens that at hand is only diesel fuel. Experienced people know that it will have to Tinker some to burn. And when the fire will spread to gasoline, it will spread on the wet surface slowly, gradually capturing the entire area of the future fire.


The same thing will happen in a gasoline internal combustion engine, with one important difference – technically, the process is more complicated.

Consider the points that will happen when you pour in gasoline engine diesel fuel.

What will happen if you pour in the petrol car diesel fuel?

1. To make you it will not be easy. Diesel “gun” at the filling station is wider in diameter than its gasoline counterpart (diameter diesel “sting” of 25 mm, the gasoline – 21 mm), that is placed in the filling neck of a gasoline tank car “diesel” hose will be impossible. Rather, it is almost impossible, because any tricky lock to find your absent-minded “cracker” is not in vain according to statistics, every year, thousands of people manage to fill their tanks with the wrong fuel.

What will happen if you pour in the petrol car diesel fuel?

So if sting does not climb in a mouth is a clear sign that you messed up the hose. Stop and recheck to see if the gun label: “DT”?


2. If fuel still succeed, the following will happen:

What will happen if you pour in the petrol car diesel fuel?

Even if the fuel tank was on low, some time the engine will last. He starts the car even drove away from a gas station, but this time in the tank will undergo an irreversible process of mixing two kinds of fuel, rather one is more dense (DT) will fall, and the gasoline will float to the surface. The fact that diesel fuel is a heavier faction and it will start its way into the bottom of the tank, where a mesh tube fuel supply with fuel pump alien fuel will begin to flow into the engine.

If gasoline in the gas tank had a lot of time this process will take a little more, but the result will be the same.

What will happen if you pour in the petrol car diesel fuel?

Further, in the engine there are noises – it will start to knock. The car will lose momentum, almost will not respond to pressing the gas pedal, it will ncnet trasti with every meter morovitsa the motor will stall, and from the exhaust streamed black smoke.


Diesel fuel in the cylinders will come more and more and pretty soon the car will stall. I think you have already guessed why it happened. An example about the fires we have quoted above. Just diesel fuel cannot ignite from a spark, and compression at the petrol powertrain is not enough to ignite the heavy fuel. 11.1:1 or 14:1 for petrol engines vs 18 – 22:1 diesel units.


The journey ends and starts the brutal everyday harsh reality.

What happens if you fill the car not the fuel

What to prepare for after the “treats” of the petrol engine with diesel fuel?

What will happen if you pour in the petrol car diesel fuel?

Again, everything will depend on the will of his Majesty the case. If you’re lucky, the car will wash out fuel system from the residue of the incorrect fuel. Definitely replace the fuel filtersbecause they will remain oily deposits and paraffins, which are rich in diesel fuel will clog the mesh and membrane cleaning unit. Not without cleaning the injectors of the engine or carb. Replacement of spark plugs. Plus, with the gas tank have to be drained all the fuel and flushed it out. It is, if you’re lucky.


If not, the cause will take motorists. With an average damage to the engine will be oil change, at which diesel fuel may leak through the cylinders and oil filter.


Well, if you ignore the bumps and uneven operation of the machine will require repair of the power unit, until the overhaul.

There you have it. Direct tales from the Thousand and one nights…

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