What will happen if you insult the police?

What happens if you send Desnica away?

What will happen if you insult the police? 

So it turns out that every motorist Willy-nilly, often found on the road with the traffic police that perform the state function of law enforcement on the road. On the one hand, their work is very important for road safety. Unfortunately, not always what is written on paper, in practice. Because, you see, sometimes we meet the traffic police, which is not something that do not fulfill their direct duties, as required by the law, but abusing them to make money to easy.

And who said that corruption in the traffic police gone?! It is enough to recall the recent example of Kushchevskaya post where literally wreak havoc on the road, which fell under many southbound drivers. And thank God that someone managed to convey to the authorities that this post turned into a paragraph taxes. But how many such posts in the country, nobody knows.

What will happen if you insult the police?

Unfortunately, many drivers from the tyranny of traffic police on the road already can not stand the nerves. Here and join many drivers in the fray with the guardians of order on the Russian roads. However, such battles are initially unequal, because any insult of the employee of traffic police face serious criminal liability. But if the police offend you, it somehow will not face criminal charges.

Very strange how the law of election in respect of the authorities, whereas ordinary citizens he protects not to the same extent. But today we won’t talk about the fairness of such laws. Let it be on the conscience of those who create such unjust legislation. Today we want to talk to you about liability for insulting the police.


As we have said, from lawlessness and brazen behavior of the traffic police in Russia, many drivers already can not stand the nerves. Yes, we all understand that each of us wants to openly Express Dpsnikov all that we think about them. But every driver should know that any abuse of the DPS he can be prosecuted under article 319 of the criminal code. Here is this terrible article:


Article 319. Insulting a representative of authorities
Public insult of representative of authority in the performance of their official duties or in connection with their execution shall be punished by a fine of up to 40,000 rubles or the salary or other income of the convicted person for a period up to 3 months, or by compulsory works for a term of up to 360 hours, or correctional labor for a term up to 1 year.
(as amended by Federal law of 08.12.2003 # 162-FZ, dated 07.03.2011 N 26-FZ, of 07.12.2011 No. 420-FZ)


How do you like this perspektivka Moreover, such liability may occur in just one offensive word against the police. Do you think that responsibility is when you are obscenely spoke to the representative government? Actually no. Insult of the employee of traffic police it is possible and common words. So when dealing with any representative of the authorities I think what you say. Otherwise there is a risk of being prosecuted.

What will happen if you insult the police? 

If you do not agree with the actions of police officers, it makes no sense to show them your vocabulary. The main thing – keep calm and obey the law. Believe me, your calm will scare the traffic police, who are accustomed to see the fear in drivers.

Do not give them reason to doubt your self-confidence. And don’t doubt that 80% of the time your calm demeanor will deter cops from possible outrage against you. The main thing – to make it clear that you will act according to the letter of the law and will go to the end in case of violation of legislation by authorities.


But if it so happened that you conducted an illegal action, the contested their in the Prosecutor’s office in court. Also keep at hand the phone number of the local Department of own safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, which most police officers afraid of fire.

Good luck on the road!

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