What things will instantly tell you that it is not necessary to buy a car

Here’s how you can quickly determine what used car to you.

What things will instantly tell you that it is not necessary to buy a car

According to the Agency “AUTOSTAT”, in 2018, the market volume of used cars amounted to 4 million units, which is 5% higher than in 2017. The secondary market for cars, recall, is experiencing a boom since the easing of the Russian currency and exactly the same as the beginning of the economic crisis in the country.

What things will instantly tell you that it is not necessary to buy a car

It was then, after the collapse of new car sales and growing demand for secondary housing. Including in credit. But in our difficult time, when many of us can’t afford to buy a new car choose the right car? How not to run a dead car that has hidden problems? How can the inspection of the machine to quickly identify the signs, speak clearly, that contact is impossible? There are many tips on the subject. We have selected the best, having studied the online forums reviews of car owners in the Network, as well as interviewing mechanics.


What things will instantly tell you that it is not necessary to buy a car

So, came to inspect a used car, so in some cases you have to give up his purchases:

  • There is evidence that the machine consists of two halves that are welded together.
  • There is evidence that the car was involved in a serious accident.
  • The oil on the dipstick thick, and his reddish rusty hue of the color indicates water contamination. Also, the oil can be bubbles. When a large amount of water to enter the oil on the dipstick can be seen in white patches. Oil may be grayish-white color.
  • The tires are in appallingly poor condition, indicating poor attitude to maintenance.
  • The owner frightens you, and your instinct is not to mess with the machine.
  • The owner seems to be trying to interrupt your test and gives strange answers or stupid answers to reasonable questions.
  • You feel uncomfortable, by entering into a transaction. Trust your intuition.
  • You wouldn’t want to be seen behind the wheel of this car your friends.
  • License plates do not match the documents.
  • Identification numbers the engine has been buffed or changed.
  • Identification number of vehicle (VIN) etched on the windshield, is different from identification number VIN on the chassis that indicates a possible theft of the vehicle.
  • When you run the smoke coming out of the exhaust and the engine sounds terrible.
  • The test data shows that the car is written off due to insurance or was repaired after an accident.
  • The car has no documents, it is probably stolen.
  • Key no car, and the wires from the ignition switch indicative of the possible theft of the vehicle.

What things will instantly tell you that it is not necessary to buy a car

As we have said, there are many ways to check any used vehicle, in order to protect yourself from acquiring killed or problematic machines. Of course, the best solution before you buy will drive the car in the technical center and make it a complete diagnosis, where specialists will talk about the technical condition of the car. But, unfortunately, all that you will do at your expense. Moreover, the cost of diagnosis can cost you a decent amount. Naturally, when searching for a car on the used car market not everyone can afford to check each selected car.

It is logical that, before going to the service, you should immediately at the first examination machine to identify whether to continue to consider in more detail the selected vehicle. To do this, look for signs that, like the bells, will tell you that the car in front of you.


What things will instantly tell you that it is not necessary to buy a car

Inner or outer wear the front tyres. Poor alignment or lack of alignment of the wheels after a frontal collision. The car will pull to the side when driving.


The smell of cigarettes inside the car – this is very bad for people with allergies. Nicotine gets into places you can never clean.


Water or rust inside the trunk. Perhaps the car had been in a serious accident (hit in rear). The car probably has not received proper quality repairs. The rust gets into the frame and eats the inside of the car, like termites eat wood. Therefore, the corrosion will quickly spread throughout the body.


Body panels are uneven. Gaps between body panels are different. The car after the accident. Maintenance is done poorly.


The control unit on the driver’s door is malfunctioning or not working (wiring problem – and good luck in fixing them!).


Uneven running /noisy engine (risk of expensive repairs).


The gears are changed with difficulty / box twitches / the gear lever when you press on the gas pedal in neutral, crashes / bumps when shifting the automatic transmission (transmission failure. Repairs can be expensive).


The collection tubes with the engine running burns indication of airbags. Perhaps the car had been in an accident, with the result that the airbag has deployed. In the end they did not change. But don’t take indication Arbekov. Today there is a special bypass modules in the car without the airbag to remove the burning indication. To check if there are actually in car airbags, electronic diagnostics needed via the e-OBD connector.


The dashboard is damaged, torn or broken interior dash center console (if you buy this car, prepare a lot of money to recover).


If the instrument cluster is the odometer broken, run from this machine.


There is no report about service.


What things will instantly tell you that it is not necessary to buy a car

And this is, unfortunately, not all. But enough to even at least one of the detected signs, which we wrote above, to rush headlong from your chosen used car. Here’s what you should pay attention when choosing a machine on the secondary market:


1. If there are any obvious inconsistencies in the history of the car:

  • If there is any hint of what was the mileage of the car was rigged (it is now easier to test than ever, as it can be done through the OBD port with a laptop/smartphone and the right software. Also it can be done by dealers)
  • Any evidence that the service history is false (fake leather seats, a suspicious purchase orders and receipts, etc.)

What things will instantly tell you that it is not necessary to buy a car

2. Never mess with dealers who sell your car. Make a deal only with the owner of the vehicle.


3. If you find any serious faults or defects which are not declared by the seller, forget about the car.


4. If you suspect that the seller is insincere, run to car.

What things will instantly tell you that it is not necessary to buy a car

Of course, what you see here is a short list of things that can instantly tell you that you should not mess with the machine. We could go on forever!

But you need to know the measure. However, a lot of advice is never, when it comes to purchasing a used car with. Better safe than sorry. After buying a bad car can turn into a nightmare. Especially if you get a used car loan.