What problems can trap the owners of the Kia Rio X-Line?

Top 6 cons of Kia Rio X-Line

What problems can trap the owners of the Kia Rio X-Line?

“Rio new X-Line from 789 900 rubles.” – said on the official website of Kia. What kind of a beast? Maybe its worth to take, because it is inexpensive and looks attractive enough. New model, not so long ago appeared in the budget segment, Kia has really made a splash among local small layer of motorists, time is built in an uptrend defined by AVTOVAZ. They were also supported by Renault, who showed his vision of a “Cross” version of its popular model Logan.


And so, the Korean automaker has prepared a new product, based on the model Rio. We have an unusual mix of hatchback terrain with the capacity of a full-fledged crossover. This model has an increased ride height and unusual appearance. A raised hatchback is characterized by having a variety of electronic driver assistance systems, including HAC (help function on the rise), system indicate emergency braking (ESS), stability system and ABS. In General, a good set of assistance systems already in the initial configuration.


By the way, in the initial version of the model will be powered by a 1.4 liter engine capacity of 100 HP, which comes with a six-speed manual transmission. If you do not want to buy a small capacity engine, you can look at to 1.6 liter with a capacity of 123 HP in the higher trim levels.


Read more about the new product can be read here: the Declared cost of the new budget SUV Kia Rio (X-Line)


But all this is interesting only on paper. Much more important to look at the model albeit slightly, but patted life. We walked through the forums and on the website drom, collecting all the most interesting feedback about the shortcomings of the new model. Concentrated extracts offer reading for you:


What problems can trap the owners of the Kia Rio X-Line?

1 there is practically no sound Insulation, rubber hoots. Alas, in the budget segment to find a car with good “Shumka” is almost impossible. The automaker usually saves on the “little things” invisible to the eye. Well, then, that after the euphoria of the purchase is all over and your ears will hear all the charm of the sound of stones in the wheel arches is no particular problem. The little things of life.


2 According to some owner reviews, including this was written on the website “Behind the wheel” – the chrome moldings on the sills rather quickly begin to thicken. Not at all, the problem is widespread, but precedents were. Decide in Kia about the moldings is unclear and whether some kind of reaction, but the article on zr.ru it was noted that: “the representatives of the plant reacted immediately and took the item to the lab.” Kia Rio X-Line from Park SP: first the fun after 11 thousand. km


What problems can trap the owners of the Kia Rio X-Line?

3 Also the watchful eyes of experts noted the emergence of rye on the amplifier front bumper and this is when the mileage of 11 thousand kilometers. It’s not much, to be honest. However, in General the owners there are no complaints on body resistance to corrosion. I hope that the story of Creta crossover will not happen again.


4 But the wheel climbed fast enough. The quality of the upholstery on the steering wheel clearly saved. In principle, nothing surprising, the car from budget segment often suffer from a disease not of the highest quality upholstery. For example, similar problems were identified on the Chevrolet Cruze. The wheel was covered with faded filthy points in 50 – 80 thousand kilometers. How long will the steering on pseudoclosure Kia, time will tell.


By the way, if you start from the historical facts, which had to face the novelties of the recent past, the problems can appear on the upholstery: the seats (eco-leather can be torn), door trim (plastic may be easy to scratch) and so on. Not a fact, but it can be. The manufacturer also needs to meet the budget, and it is in reality small.


What problems can trap the owners of the Kia Rio X-Line?

5 But with the following caveat quite strange. Reports about this “problem” we found a few pieces in the whole Internet. Message on forum “rio-x-line.ru” from the user druzd_2: “suddenly, winter has come 🙂 click on the button heated windshield and rear window, nothing happens, lights on the buttons won’t burn, glass warm, looked at all the fuses, all is good.

Went to the dealer, found the problem immediately, apparently I am not the first with such came. It turned out was not plugged plug on the dashboard.”


We are not inclined to assume that it is not stuck the plug can wear ever how whatsoever massive. But, you see, a kind of “breakage.”


6 the engine is Warmed up at idle a little “desilet”. Nuance, most likely inherited from the Hyundai Solaris, on which stood exactly the same engine. Intervention is not required. Problems does not deliver. Do not panic, this is not the shifters die.


What problems can trap the owners of the Kia Rio X-Line?

From the subjective shortcomings of the forum celebrate: the hard suspension, the consumption of gasoline too big (maybe the owners move first on Korean cars), and the gaps in the elements of the body, lacks power and the trunk is too small.



On the background of the above “shortcomings” be an advocate of the Kia is not a problem, but obviously overestimated budget car. Don’t expect the star of state of endurance and perfection in everything. Moreover, many of you know, the modern car is not how whatever the standard of quality, even if we are talking about a Ferrari or a Maybach.