What kind of load can withstand light alloy and forged wheels: video

Wheels under hydraulic press: who will win?

What kind of load can withstand light alloy and forged wheels: video

Under a heavy wheel load results can be impressive…


Have you ever thought about what would happen to the wheel rim of your car, if somehow you manage to increase the constant pressure on him to unimaginable amounts exceeding the nominal times or more? If you still thought about it, and you are lucky enough to come to us at the light, because today we will show you an interesting experiment from a single well-known YouTube channel on which leader holds their gruesome experiments on different roads and not only parts and parts with a hydraulic press.


Thus, the channel is called “Hydraulic Press Channel” and the video that we recommend you to view clearly shows what happens with different wheels under incredible load:


The experiment was to see how much power you will need for the destruction of the light-alloy rim in comparison with a conventional steel stamping. For the experiment used a 150-ton hydraulic press and a couple of drives, clad in rubber.


As you will see in the course of videoexpert, alloy wheels are destroyed first, the spokes, and then it folds in half, a steel disk is transformed into a polyhedron almost instantly. The maximum pressure at the aluminum disk was about 20 tons, the steel disk had 10 tons, that is two times less.


The action left at the end. If you are interested to see how it “explodes” rim, watch the video until the end – you will not regret. Flavor adds a time-lapse where you can see all the details of the destructive power!