What is the difference between the floor and hanging gas pedal?

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What type of gas pedal better – suspended or floor?

What is the difference between the floor and hanging gas pedal? 

What is the location of the gas pedal in your car? Most cars these days, the pedal hangs down from under the center console. But more recently, the world was different. For example, 30 years ago almost all cars were equipped with floor the gas pedal. But what type of pedals better? What is the difference between the two types of the gas pedal?


Just want to note that in many modern premium cars the gas pedal, usually has outdoor design, whereas in conventional mass segment cars you can often find hanging gas pedal.


For example, here is a photo of the throttle pedal in the Mercedes E-class. As you can see, the design of the accelerator pedal outdoor:


What is the difference between the floor and hanging gas pedal?


Here is an example of a suspended gas pedal, which can be found in most conventional low-cost cars:


What is the difference between the floor and hanging gas pedal?


But why automakers abandoned the widespread use of outdoor gas pedal? And the thing is that before all the gas pedal had a mechanical construction with special mechanism and regulating the throttle.

Yes, of course, the old machines were suspended pedal (mechanical). But most often used to meet outdoor. So manufacturers been easier. Especially domestic, due to the design of the engine compartment was easier to equip cars with floor pedals. Unfortunately, often these pedals were not convenient because they were located crooked.


What is the difference between the floor and hanging gas pedal?


But why today most often floor the gas pedal installed in premium cars? So, it is more convenient and safer? Not quite. First, for many luxury brands floor the gas pedal in modern cars is a tradition that was started many years ago. Of course, many brands can’t afford to change the location of the pedals and their type. So you can disappoint millions of fans.


In fact manufacturers today is, in fact, no matter how to place the gas pedal: pendant, or set the pedal to the floor. The thing is that all of today’s cars the gas pedal is electronic, whereas recently all the gas pedal was mechanical.

In principle, all the cars could potentially have a hanging gas pedal.

But it just so happened years what floor the gas pedal became a symbol of comfort and prestige. Why? Yes, because usually before the floor construction of the accelerator was installed in large vehicles, having a front linkage that allows you to establish a floor mechanism for the gas pedal. In compact and small cars were often suspended gas pedal.


Before large cars, as a rule, was a bonus. But with the time and happened that flooring the gas pedal better and more comfortable because they are installed in expensive cars.

By the way, in recent years, floor the gas pedal also began to appear in cars of the luxury segment. But it does not mean that the brand decided to be like the cars of a premium class.

For example, Mazda on some of their cars have also been set in place of the suspended gas pedal outdoor. But not in order to emphasize the attempt to make the car closer to the luxury segment.


Here is how the company Mazda explain the advantage of outdoor gas pedal:


In the design process of new vehicles our engineers for the perfect position of the driver in the seat, the gas pedal is placed in such a position that the left leg stood on the gas pedal in a natural way, without the need for displacement or twisting of the body shell.

To do this, designers not only made the new block pedals, and shifted the steering column to the side. Developed a new adjustable chairs to more drivers with different weight and height can achieve the ideal position when driving.
For example, the Mazda CX-5 has been optimized each device in harmony with the characteristics of the human body. One of these characteristics is the gas pedal. So, unlike many of the old models, the new car was decided to equip outdoor gas pedal, the driver’s heel to support the position of the left leg for an extended period of time. At the outdoor location of the gas pedal, the ankle is the fulcrum, and the control of the accelerator pedal is carried out by turning the foot up and down.
What is the difference between the floor and hanging gas pedal? 
Another advantage of outdoor gas pedal is that this type of pedals is less tiring to the feet of the driver. It’s all about the muscles of the legs of the driver, which, when suspended gas pedals are loaded faster than using floor the gas pedal.
This difference is especially visible during long-term presence at the wheel. The thing is that when you stop the weight of the calf muscles and thighs get a big load. As a result, many drivers after a long trip periodically experienced pain in the lower leg. At the outdoor location of the accelerator pedal such problems, as a rule, is not observed, since in this case the leg is unloaded due to the fixed heel on the floor.


In addition, according to the company Mazda, floor the gas pedal helps to improve vehicle safety. For example, moving the feet with hanging gas pedal to the brake pedal, according to studies, is from 01 to 0.2 seconds longer than the same steps in the car and floor the accelerator pedal. In some situations, even a few tenths of a second often play important roles.

Including floor the gas pedal improves the feeling of control over the car. It’s a special feeling of communication between driver and car. According to the research company Mazda, floor the gas pedal gives the driver more feeling of unity with the vehicle. All your actions behind the wheel become more intuitive, and the movement of the gas pedal easier.


As you can see, the company Mazda has attended not only the comfort and safety of drivers, but decided to concentrate on the feelings of those who sit behind the wheel of their cars. Apparently, the Japanese decided to improve the feeling of oneness the driver with a new Mazda.


However, the company Mazda says in its press release about the disadvantages floor the gas pedal. Yes, there are downsides. Where without them. We all know that nothing is perfect.

So what are the main disadvantages of outdoor gas pedal?


Cons of outdoor gas pedal


  • – Rubber floor Mat does not close all the space in the end near the gas pedal is always dirty.
  • Not clearing the floor beside the gas pedal
  • – There is a risk that the rubber Mat to hit the gas pedal
  • – Place floor the gas pedal frequently accumulates water, which can soak through the carpet and insulation. Eventually the water can get to the bottom of the car, causing him eventually to corrosion.

What is the difference between the floor and hanging gas pedal? 

So, as we found out, floor the gas pedal more comfortable to use by drivers, but nevertheless has some significant disadvantages. But it is worth noting that due to the nature of the location floor the gas pedal for many drivers it is more preferable. Especially if you spend a long time behind the wheel. Also, floor the gas pedal the easy girls of small stature with small size feet.


And what the gas pedal is in your car, and what type of accelerator prefer you? Share with us your opinion and vote at the top. Good luck on the road!

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