What if you left the car Windows open in the rain

What should you do if the open window of the car hit the water due to the rain.

What if you left the car Windows open in the rain 

Forgot to raise the window of your car in the rain? Follow these steps to dry your car.


The sound of rain in the early morning can be really soothing effect when you just woke up and are lying on the bed. At this point, you hardly remember that night leaving the car forgot to close the window. But even if you are at this moment remembered that I forgot to close the window in the car, it’s too late to do something and shout “Help!”.


In any case, if it rained all night in your car through an open window exposed to water. In this case, run quickly to the car to start a complex of measures to protect the electrics of the car.


Do you think that if water got through the window, there is nothing wrong? After all, the automaker had to include in this account any protective measures, in the form of sealing gaps and moisture resistance of the buttons opening the Windows.


But you should not hope for it. Your car is not designed to get into the salon not even a large amount of water. First, if you forgot to close the window in the car, water can damage the control buttons for the power Windows. Secondly, due to the ingress of excessive moisture in the cabin you risk the formation in the mold.

But don’t worry. This is not a reason for stress. Everything in life happens and you do not need to not tear his hair, cursing himself for not remembering. This way you will not help.

What if you left the car Windows open in the rain 

First, your task is to remove all the water trapped in the cabin through the open window during the rain. To do this, use moisture-absorbing cloth, sponge, or towel. If you have a car mini vacuum cleaner, then this is the best tool for removing water from the salon.

Especially convenient to dry the floor mats, seats and interior trim.


Once you have made the first set of measures to remove the water from the cabin (especially with doors) with a towel or vacuum the car vacuum cleaner, it’s time to open all the doors and carefully inspect them for the presence of moisture, which must also be removed.


If your machine is heavily soaked by heavy rain, during which water got into the cabin through the open window, then in any case do not insert the key in the ignition, even if you take away all visible water. The fact is that, most likely, moisture is already well-soaked into the trim materials. Perhaps the moisture seeped into the gaps between the buttons in the cabin (e.g. door).


In this case, switch on the ignition for at least 48 hours to allow the vehicle to dry out. Otherwise you risk that any electronic components of the car will fail.

If you see in the salon, large wet spots, you can speed up the process of drying using an ordinary hair dryer.


Once the surface is dry, it’s time to make the main step is to remove any moisture from the interior, to avoid the subsequent appearance of an unpleasant smell. To do this, purchase a special cushion absorbent. Put them in different areas of the cabin for at least 12 hours. Also you can put in the cabin a few open packs of baking soda, which is also perfectly able to absorb moisture.


If the result of your actions failed to get rid of the moisture, resulting in the cabin there was mold, it’s time for more drastic measures. For starters, open all doors car window at least 15 minutes to release from the salon all the mold spores.


Then check the vehicle for the presence of mold in all possible places in the cabin. To remove mold use a toothbrush, which will help you to break disputes. Also the brush is easy to remove mold from hard to reach places in the cabin. Next, use a mobile cleaner to pick up all remnants of mold.


Then prepare the solution to disinfect the cabin. Mix eight parts of white vinegar with two parts water and pour it in the spray bottle. Next, spray the solution on the surfaces where you found mold. Finally after 15 minutes, dry the surface with a cleaner.

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