What if windshield washer fluid to not fill the tank

Here’s what you need to do if you accidentally poured stekloomyvateli in the cooling system, brake system, steering hydraulic booster or in the engine

What if windshield washer fluid to not fill the tank

Fill fluid for the windshield washer is one of those types of car maintenance, which makes own almost every car owner. Because this process is very simple and does not bring any problems. But what to do when you’re distracted or you did everything in a hurry and made a mistake, Bay is the washer in a different automotive system that uses a special fluid?


Let’s look at each case separately. For starters learn what to do if by mistake or inadvertently, you poured the liquid for windscreen washer in the tank designed for the Gulf of brake fluid.


What if the windscreen washer by mistake got into the brake system?

What if windshield washer fluid to not fill the tank

Car brake system is the main key to safe driving. You need to remember that optimum brake performance is determined not only brake pads, brake cylinders, calipers or brake discs/drums, but also largely depends on the quality of brake fluid.

The fact that brake fluid must meet specific parameters set by the manufacturers. Also brake fluid should be checked every time. Of course, mixing brake fluid with any other fluids is absolutely unacceptable!


Brake fluid is based on glycol, a very hygroscopic substance. This means that the fluid absorbs water. So if by mistake you filled windshield washer fluid in the brake fluid reservoir, then the water, which is diluted with a liquid for windscreen washer, immediately contact with brake fluid, causing brake fluid will immediately become unusable.


What if windshield washer fluid to not fill the tank

The fact that the boiling point of the brake fluid is at least 180 °C. If water in the brake fluid its boiling point is significantly reduced. As a result, the liquid will lose its properties, which will certainly affect the efficiency of the braking system. Eventually the brake system will not be transmitted to the hydraulic pressure, which can lead to complete loss of brakes.


If this situation happens to you and you accidentally poured brake system windscreen washer system, it will be the brake system as soon as you press the brake pedal before starting the engine.

In this case you have to replace the brake fluid in the entire system. Also note that if you have accidentally added quite a bit of fluids, windshield washing fluid in the brake system and there are no signs of loss of efficacy of the brakes, it does not mean that the properties of brake fluid is not lost. The fact that liquid may lose its chemical properties are dramatically over time. The worst thing that can happen while driving at speed. So we recommend you in any case, regardless of the number of accidentally trapped in the brake system windscreen washer system, to completely change the brake fluid for new.


What if the windscreen washer by mistake hit the power?

What if windshield washer fluid to not fill the tank

Why not just read on the Internet. For example, on different forums in the Network often come across stories of how drivers mistakenly pour windshield washer winter (antifreeze) storage tank transmission fluid for power steering of the car. What do you think, what to do in this case? Whether to change steering fluid? The answer is Yes. In this case, leave everything as it is impossible. The fact that in non-freezing windscreen washer fluid contains alcohol. He is in contact with the power steering system will greatly reduce the lubricating properties of the liquid intended for normal operation of the steering wheel.

Thus, the lubricant power steering will not work properly due to enter the system of alcohol, it can lead to failure of the power steering components. Primarily in this case may suffer a power steering pump.


That is why in this situation you have no other option but to completely drain the steering fluid, flush the entire system to dry it and pour in new fluid amplifier of the steering wheel. Please note that the drying system is required, because the system can remain water which can cause corrosion to the power steering.


What if the windscreen washer by mistake got into the cooling system?

What if windshield washer fluid to not fill the tank

Also if you filled the washer into the surge tank of the cooling system, it too can’t stay without your attention. The fact that the washer trapped in the cooling system, can destroy all the chemical properties of antifreeze (coolant). First getting into the antifreeze windscreen washer fluid will reduce the boiling point of the coolant. In the end, the antifreeze can not effectively through heat exchange to take away from excessive engine heat to maintain the operating temperature of the power unit, with the result that you risk overheating the motor.

So that’s the mixture of coolant and washer need to be replaced as soon as possible. Including getting into the cooling system of extraneous fluids may lead to the deposition of sediment in the system. This is fraught with clogging of the cooling system.


What if the windscreen washer by mistake got into the engine?

What if windshield washer fluid to not fill the tank

Despite the rapid development of motorization and avtotekhnologiy used in the automotive industry, the world is still not invented the internal combustion engine, which can operate properly without engine oil, which is necessary primarily to reduce friction between the metal components of the power unit.


Besides lubricating the mechanical parts of the engine, the engine oil has several other important functions. Not everyone knows that motor oil is also needed for cooling the internal combustion engine. It dissipates the waste heat from a thermally loaded elements of the engine. Including motor oil provides sealing of the combustion chamber between the pistons and the cylinders of the engine. Also the engine oil protects metal parts from corrosion.


Additionally engine oil provides clean engine by passing the combustion products and other small contaminants inside the motor oil filter and holds all the dirt.

See how important in addition to lubrication of the mechanical parts of the engine plays engine oil? That is why it is important to use only quality oil and change it along with the oil filter as often as possible.

If you accidentally flood the engine the fluid used to clean the windshield, the engine oil will immediately lose their chemical properties and cease to fulfil their task of protecting the motor from overheating and damage. Therefore, immediately after the contact washer to the engine in any case do not run the motor. Otherwise, you may encounter requiring costly repairs defects related to overheating or mechanical damage of internal engine components due to excessive friction.


So the best solution in this situation would be to call a tow truck and take the car in service. Next you need to drain the tainted engine oil, flush engine, replace oil filter and re-fill with new oil recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.


Prevention is better than repair

What if windshield washer fluid to not fill the tank

It is known that caring for your vehicle prolongs its life. Especially if you periodically perform diagnostics of all systems and carry out scheduled maintenance, as recommended by the factory. So you really can avoid serious and costly repairs.

Special attention should be paid to the pouring of liquids into various systems. Each fluid has its life. That’s why all fluids in the car have the planning to change. When pouring liquids need to be careful that they were not included in the system is not designed to work with a particular liquid. Also during the pouring of any liquid it is advisable to be careful and not to spill them in the engine compartment, to avoid damage to the equipment that is under the hood. For example, the Strait of fluid under the hood, you can damage the electrical wires or electrical equipment. In the end, this may lead to a short circuit and, consequently, to global problems, to resolve which would be very expensive.


Few people know, but washer system windshield also needs regular grooming. For example, the glass washer nozzle clogged. Therefore, you should periodically clean the nozzles of the injectors from deposits. To do this, use an ordinary sewing needle, which can be used to clean the injectors.

Be careful and do carefully. Otherwise the needle may break. If you are not sure, contact the experts.

Also note that it is desirable to use only a good quality windshield washer fluid. Otherwise, when using low-quality fluids for windshield you compromise the service life of the windshield washer reservoir and pump, pumping fluid.