What has changed in the Volkswagen Polo in the 2019 model year: Report

Volkswagen Polo has changed by 2019. Will we see differences?

What has changed in the Volkswagen Polo in the 2019 model year: Report

No doubt, the compact sedan Volkswagen Polo is very popular in Russia. In the month of July, the model, according to the statistics non-profit Association “the Association of European businesses”, has taken a high fourth place, beating last year’s monthly sales performance by more than 1.500 units. Total in July 2018 were sold 5.6 thousand vehicles, for the period from the beginning of the year has sold more than 32 thousand German sedans. At the moment, Polo takes sixth place. That is ranked in the Top 10 most popular brands.


What is the secret to the popularity of the sedan? The answer to this question is known to any owner of this sedan. German quality. The localization of Assembly in Russia (full production cycle), clever marketing and the accompanying thought-out pricing policy. “Naked” package can be purchased for 599.900 rubles (certainly not 399.000 rubles for starter edition eight years ago, but also quite acceptable price tag), the maximum option in the configuration of a GT with a 1.4-liter supercharged TSI engine with 125 HP and 200 Nm of torque will cost 919.900 rubles.


In General, acceptable, and affordable for all parameters of the model. Volkswagen held the Russian buyer and make big bets on future sales. No wonder in 2010, Russia hosted the world premiere of the Polo. Speaks volumes. But what can offer the manufacturer in the new model year? Let’s see.


What has changed in the Volkswagen Polo in the 2019 model year: Report

Updates to the model on the official website of Volkswagen in General, grouped in the following hierarchy:

An expanded and updated set of functional equipment for all trim models

New led lights

New limited edition Volkswagen Polo JOY


The new version of the 2019 Volkswagen Polo JOY for Russia market

Thus, the most obvious upgrade model for 2019 will be a version of Polo JOY. Results will be released 500 of these cars.


“JOY” is based on the Comfortline. At the same time, you can choose from the wide range of powertrains available in the range Polo:

90 HP (1.6-liter motor) with 5-MCP;

Engine 110 HP (1.6 liter) which can be enjoyed a 5-or 6-manual gearbox-automatic gearbox;

125 PS (1.4 liter turbo) in combination with 6-step “mechanics” or 7-speed machine.


To distinguish the model by its external factors can be due to the playful, two-tone paint finishes. A choice of several options for combination:

Copper orange in combination with black Deep Black;

Reflex silver in combination with black Deep Black;

Tungsten gray with red Ruby.


Additionally, a series of JOY will include such additions as 15-inch alloy wheels, Woodstock, darkened rear lights and led headlights with daytime running lights.


On it external differences from the current model over. No additional parts or changes to the body in the sedan 2019 model year will not be applied.


However, this does not mean that the model will not receive additional technical equipment. “JOY is equipped with Volkswagen Polo R 340 audio system with 6.5-inch colour touchscreen with radio/MP3/SD/USB/Bluetooth/App Connect (App Connect allows you to connect your mobile phone and browse some apps directly from the screen of the multimedia system of the car), four speakers, and a rearview camera,” according to the official site VW.


What has changed in the Volkswagen Polo in the 2019 model year: Report

In addition, the package includes such systems as:

Heated windshield;

Climate control Climatronic with re-circulating;

Heated front seats with separate adjustment;

Heated nozzles windshield;

4 Arbela;

Exterior mirrors electrically adjustable, heated and electric. Repeaters turn signals in the side mirrors are also present.


The limited-edition version will cost 804.900 rubles. This is the starting price. In this case, the VW website States that the benefits when buying Polo JOY will amount to 120 thousand rubles, if to compare a variant of the reorder options in a variety of packages.


Polo will expand the configuration, but will not change the appearance

What has changed in the Volkswagen Polo in the 2019 model year: Report

To call its range of restyling, in this case, the language does not turn. VW focused on expanding their configurations. For example, a standard set of equipment Trendline is extended by adding the radio R 140, with Bluetooth. In the configuration of the Drive will be “galogenki” of the new design.


Equipment Comfortline received decorative inserts “Deep Inox” in the Central part of the console, a multifunction steering wheel in leather, exterior mirrors electrically adjustable seats, electric electric, and also in JOY – mirrors with indicator lamps and halogen headlights of the new design.

Equipment Highline received in the basic equipment: a more advanced audio system R 340, multifunction steering wheel with leather trim, mirrors, electrically repeaters turn signals. There is an option – wheels Statford.


Version GT updated with a sporty steering wheel with control buttons.


In addition, the basic equipment of the car versions of the Polo Highline and GT now will include led headlamps with daytime running lights. For a more basic Comforline this equipment is available optionally.


For models with the DSG transmission became available sport steering wheel with paddles. In addition, the car in Drive and Highline will be an updated halogen headlights.


Do I need to take?

What has changed in the Volkswagen Polo in the 2019 model year: Report

The answer, I think is obvious to many. If you have never owned a Volkswagen Polo or your Polzu years 5-7 and you want to replace it with a similar new car – a pleasant change initiated by VW for the 2019 model year, you will be thrilled. For owners of more recent versions of the V-th generation restyled, nothing special the manufacturer did not. Not worth taking – the difference you see.