What generation of the BMW 3-series is better?

What do you like the BMW 3-series?

In the body of the E21 (1975) body type E30 (1984) body E36 (1993) In the back of E46 (1998) In the back of E90 (2005) In the back of F30 (2012) In the back of the G20 (2018)


New BMW a three-pointer against past generations.

What generation of the BMW 3-series is better? 

Well, congratulations to all fans with a new 3-series BMW. This happens every day! So in any case, the premiere of the new generation of the legendary three-pointers, probably the most entertaining events in the auto world for today.


The new model, which received a code of the G20, has a lot of improvements over the outgoing car. The only thing that overshadows the debut of the new car is the fact that 3-series will be no more manual transmission.

For many fans this model is a great loss.


Let’s talk about what needs to fit the new BMW 3-series to remain successful in the class of luxury sport sedans (or coupes, or wagons).


So, debyutirovala officially a new generation “treshki” represents the seventh generation of the 3 series. But who among all generations was the best to date? Let’s discuss.

What generation of the BMW 3-series is better? 

The first BMW 3 series came in 1975 under the designation E21. This car replaced the legendary sports model of the BMW 2002. The first model of “treshki” was a compact coupe.

What generation of the BMW 3-series is better? 

After the light appeared the next generation appeared on the market under the symbol E30. This machine has made more impressions. Especially the E30 was better handling compared to the 3-series in the body E21. Also unlike the first generation, the second generation car came in two versions: sedan and coupe. Also under this body the world first saw the M3 model, which is considered the most successful car in BMW’s history.

What generation of the BMW 3-series is better? 

Later in the 90s we waited for 3 series body E36, which, unfortunately, has become the most underrated model of the brand. From the point of view of size, weight, equipment and options, this car can be considered the grandfather of all sports sedans these days, because of the level of equipment of BMW E36 at the time did not look inferior to modern cars in this class.

What generation of the BMW 3-series is better? 

In the late 90s, BMW has created a “three-ruble note” under the index E46. This is probably the best design a small car by BMW for the past 18 years. You look at this generation of cars a sober look these days. You may have noticed that, despite the fact that the E46 BMW entered the market 18 years ago, her style is still relevant.


It clearly says that if the designers of the BMW was really ahead of its time.

Additionally, this “three” is famous for its combination of comfort and sportiness, as well as informative steering. We’re pretty sure this car in the future is destined to become a collector’s item.


Also, according to many fans of BMW, as well as some experts, BMW E46 3-series is the last really good BMW. Of course we personally believe that this view is too tight behind the ears, as the modern generation of BMW also deserve equal attention and respect.

However, we know that it is impossible to obtain a good reputation in the market, if indeed not be a good car. So some truth in this opinion of course may be there.

What generation of the BMW 3-series is better? 

On a trip back in time, we certainly have to think about 3 series body E90. In the years of production of this model was equipped with BMW this impeccable car powerful six-cylinder turbo engine that has proven itself in the best way. So it’s a good “treshka”. Just in the history of this generation BMW 3-series was not something special.

What generation of the BMW 3-series is better? 

So what’s next for BMW start smoothly evolve their legendary three-pointers. It all started with the F30 body. By the way, that body 3 series coupe was renamed the 4-series BMW.


Also at the same time appeared on the market 3-series Gran Turismo and 4-series Gran Coupe.

Unfortunately the BMW not very good motors from the point of view of reliability and quality. The only thing that was not occupy it is the power of motors, which smoothed all the discontent and criticism of the modern BMW. Many fans for the power of the engines were even willing to forgive the engineers for the deterioration of the informativeness of steering control.

What generation of the BMW 3-series is better? 

Finally at the Paris motor show, the BMW introduced the 3 series in the back of the G20. Yes, of course, no one has tested this new car. But it is already clear that the new 3-series received the many revolutionary changes and improvements that can not not like: lighter body, more power, better technology in all areas. But most importantly, the 3-series has received a new face.


As expected, the new model is more than its predecessor. The only thing that saddens is the decision to exclude from the options, the opportunity to purchase a manual transmission (today, most likely, all the fans, admirers and fans of German cars get drunk with grief alone).

So, despite the fact that in the 21st century, BMW is probably overheated, removing from “treshki” manual transmission.


So what is the BMW 3-series is better? Will the new model better or the best already? Mind you, we don’t ask you what the BMW M3 was the best? We specifically decided to ask you all versions of 3-series that was released and will be releasing the BMW. Share hot impressions about the new BMW and leave your opinions in the comments.