What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit

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What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit

Vladimir Putin has for several years raises the issue of transfer of vehicles to gas fuel, while emphasizing that a transition to liquefied gas in Russia is better than than the implementation we have so popular in the West of electric vehicles. And if year in 2017, motorists don’t really understand why they go to dual fuel scheme, if the gasoline is not very expensive, in today’s reality, with price tags creeping towards 50 rubles per liter of AI-95, questions disappear by themselves, even the biggest skeptics.


The advantages of using natural gas as a fuel for motors, indeed, very much. This huge deposits in our country, and cheaper method of extraction in comparison with petrol or diesel. fuel and environmental friendliness… not to mention the fact that the gas, the drivers (in the army or other institutions and structures), does not merge from the tank as gasoline or diesel fuel. And this on a national scale significant figures.



However, discussion of plans for the future – it’s the lyrics. Good words, nothing more. But as things stand with the production of cars equipped to run on gas and petrol direct from the automaker? Are there any models for sale? And if so, how much more expensive they are worth their gasoline counterparts? The question is not idle! After all, if the top people are planning to transfer to LPG if not all, the many civilian vehicles, including Ministerial and other departmental machines, then we have to start the implementation plan for this transition. Should be the model VAZ and other manufacturers working on dual fuel scheme.


In the meantime, those drivers who understand the benefits of using gas are themselves the initiators of the visit, a certified one HUNDRED, in which they establish domestic or foreign equipment.


What cars can officially buy equipment with LPG from the factory in Russia?

What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit

Let’s look at the cars from the factory you can buy equipment for work on gas. The list is not very large, but such models do have.


Before you view our selection of cars, it is worth noting the advantages of buying a car with the gas equipment from the factory: generally it is embedded in the trunk more carefully, with some no zapaska-“stowaway” from the factory usually also placed in the Luggage compartment. Though not always and not everyone, but nonetheless.



Lada quite a long time experimenting with multiple types of fuel, we can say that experiments on the implementation of the factory of the gas equipment at the plant was conducted with the 90-ies. For example, a little more than 10 years ago, Volzhskiy, the automaker revealed the model Lada Priora CNG working including methane. In a series model would go – there was no interest from buyers.


Lada Vesta CNG

What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit


Lada offers four versions of the model Vesta is equipped with a system of storage and supply of gas fuel. All versions have a 1.6-liter engine and equipped with a five-speed manual transmission.


I would like to tell about the official gas flow and dynamic characteristics, but here a problem appears:

What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit


None of the data even on the website Lada. Shy? Strange people…


But the volume of the gas cylinder is known: 90 litres. Also from test drive “Behind the wheel” it is clear that the car has a full spare. Details here: bi-fuel Lada Vesta test drive SP


What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit

Cost: from 654 900 rubles


Lada Largus CNG

What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit

Dual-fuel modification Lada Largus will also soon appear on the market. This became known yesterday from the official page Lada.ru:


“LADA expands the range of dual-fuel vehicles, and CNG is LADA Largus – a practical wagon that can run on both gasoline and natural gas methane. Gas equipment installed on light commercial and 5-seater passenger versions of the LADA Largus: van, 5-seater station wagon version of the LADA Largus Cross. The use of methane allows three times to reduce fuel costs, increases the service life of the motor and the ecological car”.


In order not to reduce the useful volume, the gas cylinder is not quite standard, with the partition separating the cab from the body.


LADA Largus CNG fitted with 16-valve engine LADA 1.6 liters and a manual transmission. Natural gas is pumped into a container with a volume of 90 liters, designed for a 22 cubic meter methane. While maintaining a regular 50-gallon gas tank. At full fuel the LADA Largus CNG has a power reserve of more than 1 000 km.


Cost: from 753 900 rubles (the price including the subsidy under the state program Ecogas)



The second domestic manufacturer, has long befriended the subject of gas. Since we are talking about a small bus/truck, cylinder installation is easier and “less painful” than the cars.



What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit

The model features the possibility of two variants of the gas equipment: LPG (propane) and CNG (natural gas – methane).


LPG option: bi-fuel, four-cylinder, four-stroke engine Evotech (upgraded engine UMZ-4216) with a volume of 2.7 liters, with a capacity of 104 HP when running on gas and 106 HP when burning traditional diesel fuel. Maximum torque when operated on gasoline – 220,5 Nm, when working on gas – 219 Nm.


Balloon capacity 100 litres (filling capacity is 80 litres).


Fuel consumption is moving at a constant speed of 60 km/h – 9.8 l/100 km on gasoline and 11.8 l/100 km on gas when driving with constant speed 80 km/h 12,1 l/100 km on petrol and 14.5 l/100 km on gas.


The cost

What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit

Vehicle side: 1 165 000


What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit

Buses: 1 635 000 rubles


Volkswagen (Caddy)

What cars can you buy in Russia with LPG kit

Once Volkswagen was represented by a line of several models with LPG kit. It included the Passat and Caddy. Now, apparently, there was only a “heel” Caddy. On Board 26 kg CNG for Caddy with a standard base or 37 kg for Caddy MAh, with available 55 liters of gasoline.


Gas cylinders in the new TGI Caddy located under the floor, which is very convenient: cargo compartment remains intact. But will not come off if anything from the bottom on the winter streets? Like did not come off.


On one tank the car can travel up to 1 thousand km outside the city.