What can make angry excavator with a car: video

Passenger car vs an excavator, that’s what can happen (hypothetically) with boors on the road

What can make angry excavator with a car: video

Imagine the situation. Returns worker-digger on his luxurious foreign excavator on the way home and suddenly to it on the way there are aggressive, arrogant and unscrupulous guys, who do not wish to give way to a working man on the road. I think it is not difficult to imagine, because such incidents occur daily, many times and every motorist at least once in my life I experienced on the road with inadequate this kind.


What usually happens in the next few minutes, if escalating the situation failed to extinguish in the beginning? Usually the bad guys (it is very important that these guys had at least a few people, so the effect is best for them) morally and physically “crushed” his opponent (it is desirable that he was alone) and at the end proudly go back home, considering themselves as “winners”. Phew! How disgusting and low! Sure, many would like some way to get even with boors on the roads.


Here’s one statement that implements all the dreams caught in a bad situation on the road law-abiding citizens who are unable to repel Hamam car of all stripes.


The caption under the video on the YouTube channel reads: “the Boys thought on the way you can behave how you want. The excavator operator had a different opinion…”


Perhaps further explanation is unnecessary. Just enjoy the video:

Video taken from YouTube channel “VsevProduction”