Want fast charging phone? Do not use USB ports in the car

Is it faster to charge the phone in the car.

Want fast charging phone? Do not use USB ports in the car 

If you have a relatively new car, it probably has a USB port on the dashboard, on the console between the front seats, inside glove box or inside the armrest. Of course, each of us connects to these USB ports on your smartphone for charging. Right? But have you ever wondered why the phone connected through the port in the car won’t charge as fast as from a house outlet? The thing is that the USB ports in the car are unable to provide you quick charging. They simply are not designed for this.


Unfortunately, the built-in USB ports in your car is pretty anemic when it comes to amperage. As you know, to speed up phone charging amperage is the main thing. The lower the amperage, the greater the time required for charging the device (and the harder it is to maintain the charge if the device is used). The higher the amperage, the faster you can charge the device (and keep it charged while using).


The problem with built-in car USB ports is that they do not provide a sufficient amount of current necessary to modern power-hungry phones, tablets and other devices charged during use. We measured the amperage of the USB connectors located on the center console, a few cars with a meter the voltage and found that the USB connector, which we usually connected smartphones in order to nourish not only your phone but also use it as a storage medium for playback of MP3 music, provides very little power.

Want fast charging phone? Do not use USB ports in the car 

We found that the USB ports many cars have very weak output power of 0.5 A. But it’s enough to feed, for example, your USB stick where you store your MP3 music. But, for example, to charge the iPhone by this current strength is barely enough. And if you don’t use the phone. If you use it to play music or even worse, for navigation, then most likely 0.5 amp will not suffice not only for charging but also for maintaining the charge on a single level. In most cases, when the current your phone will faster lose charge, than to receive.


But not all USB ports are so weak. Many cars have USB connectors, specifically designated as ports for charging devices. These ports are showing themselves to be a much better side. They usually have a current of 1 ampere (some machines near ports is 1 And the symbol or icon of charging). Typically, these USB connectors are located on the center console between the front seats, the inside of the armrests and the rear row of seats.

Want fast charging phone? Do not use USB ports in the car 

But is it 1 amp for a normal charge devices in the car? In ideal conditions, the 1 amp USB plug to charge your smartphone or tablet. But very slowly. And if you’re not actively using your gadget. If I turn on GPS navigation, it is likely that this current also may not be enough to charge your phone. Nevertheless odnoimennyi connector is in active use, the device will provide a slower discharge of your gadget when you use it.


Solution: eliminate built-in USB connector for charging the phone in favor of a 12-volt port or purchase a universal car charger.

 Want fast charging phone? Do not use USB ports in the car

12-volt automotive ports in most cars give, as a rule, a current of 10 amperes. This means that this port you can connect the cable and charge it via multiple devices (for example, you can connect your phone, GPS, DVR, radar detector, etc.).

Also on sale today have good special charger, plug in the USB connector. These devices allow you to connect to the mains 3-4 devices that will get 2.1 amps. That is, these devices are more powerful than all your factory built-in USB ports.


For example, can buy interesting charger Remax RCC-302 Black USB 3 – 500 rubles (not advertising – real thing, tested not only by us but also by many owners). This device has 2 ports to connect your gadgets (two 2.4 A and one port 1.5 A). Plugs into the cigarette lighter.

If you need even more power and more connectors to connect devices, we can consider, for example, the device Aukey 4-Port (1990 rubles – the average price in Russia), which, though more expensive, but more powerful (each connector outputs charge 2.4 A). There is enough power to charge four energopolyusa tablet.


If the two previous charger is too cumbersome for you and you don’t need a lot of connectors, purchase wall charger Scosche USBC242M, which has two ports (each connector 2.4 A).


So you really can cheaply upgrade your car, buying a battery charger for connection to 12-volt port or cigarette lighter (unless, of course, it is in your car).

Please note that it is much cheaper to buy for little money a car charger than to suffer with built-in USB connectors that have a small amperage. Buying a supply, you will save your gadgets from the constant discharge in the car.