Volkswagen showed the headlights of the new Amarok: they will become “smart”

Volkswagen showed in the teaser the smart technology of the matrix headlights of the new Amarok pickup

Volkswagen continues to share details about the new Amarok. This time, the head optics of the pickup truck turned out to be in the spotlight, which in the top versions will become matrix and will have a “smart” IQ.Light light control system.

Volkswagen showed the headlights of the new Amarok: they will become "smart"

Volkswagen Amarok Teaser. Volkswagen Photos

How many LEDs will be in such headlights, the manufacturer did not specify, but judging by the fact that the IQ.Light technology mentioned above is declared for them, they will be able to automatically switch high and low beams, highlight turns and selectively adjust the level of luminous flux, preventing “glare” oncoming drivers.

By default, the new Amarok will be equipped with conventional LED optics. In addition, the list of equipment will include an ADAS package of active safety systems and driver assistance (assumed to be more than anyone else in the class), 10-way adjustable seats, a digital instrument panel and atypically rich leather trim for pickups. salon.

Technically, the second generation Amarok will completely repeat the Ford Ranger. The engine range will include a gasoline engine and four turbodiesels (all from Ford) with a volume of 2.0 to 3.0 liters. In addition, buyers will be able to choose one of three types of drive: rear, plug-in all-wheel drive or permanent all-wheel drive with a center differential, the latter two having a downshift that was not available on the previous Amarok by default.

The premiere of the new Volkswagen Amarok will take place before the end of 2022. It will be produced together with the platform Ford Ranger at Ford’s African plant in Silverton, and then delivered from there to the US, Europe and other markets.