Visual comparison sedans Mercedes C, E and S-class

What is the difference Mercedes-Benz S-Class, E-Class and C-Class?


Three of the casket, the same face.


There was a lot of talk about how  Mercedes-Benz dealt with the latest generation of the S-Class and C-Class, creating one clearly looks like cars and, behold, there was another premiere, this time the Business Class sedan E-. Looking for a novelty, re-creep bad guesses and assumptions, again made ​​clone, but what I am! However, the fact that cars are somewhat similar still about what does not speak, leave fortunetellers sixth sense and take into service a little more scientific approach, carry out a visual comparison and technical innovations. Side by side, as they say.

Not everything that seems to be the same at first glance, in reality is not. Three Mercedes-Benz models have a number of obvious or hidden differences. We verify this.

The new design of the S-Class was the fresh solution of Mercedes, which was so necessary for the German brand, making it even more luxurious and stylish than ever before. In fact, the proportions of the model, elegant lines and luxurious appearance were so well received by the public that Mercedes has decided to implement the same visual philosophy of the S-Class in other embodiments, a budget line.


In other words, the German automaker has decided that everyone wants to  S class and began to offer the same recipe of his success in the more modest classes. Take, for example, a front part of the three machines. Basically they clearly visible the same design, the same general construction, the car lights and similar increased central grille.Is that the technological features are different, so different little things.Each of them has its own subtle signals in style, and the lower part of the front bumper is individual depending on the segment.

Mercedes- Benz S-Class, E-Class and C-Class, front view

1453824060_merc1 1453824083_merc2 1453824090_merc3

Central air intake in the front bumper are the only functional design element points directly to a vehicle belonging to one or another model.Around this “core” cool design and front of the car.


C-Class At the central part of the air intake is divided with potent side portions. You can not say about the E-Class, which is integrated into the bumper single large gap without any divisions. Bumper grandparent, S-Class was closer to the style of the “Baby-Benz”, but here you can easily find out which of them belongs to whom. Lateral “nostrils” from the S-Class is made smaller and more elegant.

The form of the whole range is nearly identical to S class. Again, this is only at first glance. The first is to draw attention to the “picture” within range. At each of its pattern arrangement of LEDs, which in turn creates a completely different perception. Form headlights just different. The most original of the three was the E-Class. The line of the front of the range it has a sprawling and flat. While for the C-Class actually copied head optics have premium model. You can distinguish them only on the top line of lights.

Slightly different hood, the proportions of the windshield and front roof line.

Mercedes- Benz S-Class, E-Class and C-Class, side view

1453824023_merc9 1453824108_merc8 1453824054_merc7

The proportions of all three cars again follow the same design philosophy. But each of them presents his interpretation of the design.C-Class got sports profile, with a short trunk emphasized, making the model more advantageous for a wide range of buyers, pushing his business style into the background.

However, most of the budget still remains faithful to the design of the S-Class, proudly flaunts two dynamic lines on the doors. In this sense the large difference can be seen from the E-class that extends laterally only one solid line near the door handles and a chrome strip at the bottom doors (only model Exclusive).

1453824058_merc12 1453824028_merc11 1453824059_merc10

Line arrow passes across the board E-Class, from the edge of the front headlights to the rear bumper, hiding its general proportions and making it look more elegant. And the rest, the cars look like … like three drops of water of different sizes.

Behind the picture becomes even more complicated. Sure, you’ve seen the new S Class and C on the way back, probably lost in conjectures, and what kind of model of the Mercedes ahead. And no wonder. After all, the main differences, which can quickly determine that goes for the Mercedes vperedi- it lights, or rather their size and in their last domestic LED pattern.


Of course, the difference is much more, but you will not see them right away. Subtle differences between the S, E and C-class, can be seen at the bottom of the bumpers, various chrome surround (on the S-Class it is, by the way, is not), various integrated exhaust pipes (they all have different including the form), line lid in contact with the rear bumper and some other less significant details.

1453824094_merc13 1453824080_merc15 1453824105_merc14

However, E-Class is the only model that can stand out even more from the trio, mainly due to its more compact rear lights.


The interior three Mercedes
1453824032_mercedes-1 1453824103_mercedes-2 1453824042_mercedes-3

1453824037_mercedes-41453824017_mercedes-5  1453824040_mercedes-6

The interior is  everything as you might expect, C and E- Class adhere to the style of the premium S-Class. Nevertheless, it is here that the C-Class is losing “ground” and shows its not very high positioning in the market compared with their counterparts. Saloon car C-Class seems more rough interpretation shown on the flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

While sedans S and E-Class use two large monitor as an electronic dashboard display and entertainment, have no options class C will be common tidy with analog devices and the plate in the center console, as a display.

E-Class, on the other hand, adopts the style of the interior similar to the flagship S- Class, the central console is divided into two parts, and a dotted line consisting of four central vents. (On E-Class dual screen dashboard will be installed only on the expensive version. In all other cases will be installed tidy conventional analog block).

Keep in mind, fancy, two-spoke steering wheel «S-ki” is solely for the flagship. The other two models used a three-spoke steering wheel racing classic.

In conclusion, we say that the Mercedes was able to adopt your own style designed with luxury S-Class and move it to a less expensive model line. Good or bad, judging by our readers, this will be located at the top of the vote. In it you will be able to express their opinions.


We can add that the MB with the task failed, the cars look decent and good. What of their creators, and congratulations!