Video: What happens to a car if it’s washed under the pressure of 3,000 atmospheres?

Video: washing the car under the pressure of 3,000 atmospheres

Video: What happens to a car if it's washed under the pressure of 3,000 atmospheres?

High pressure washer is a very handy thing. The most famous manufacturer all know is of course the Karcher. However, plenty of other companies engaged in the Assembly of portable sinks that you can safely clean even the dirtiest SUV, or wash the motorcycle, Bicycle, and any other non-electric product varies so the range of pressure produced by a water jet.


Experienced owners of vehicles “Karcher” and you know the Golden rule of their use. Never direct a strong jet on the cuffs, couplings, dust caps and other parts which may accumulate water. Water plus pressure, literally work wonders and can get into such microscopic cracks that simply amazed.


But it looks like a normal high-pressure cleaners is a lot to learn from this unit from the new video:


No, we knew it was special water and cutting stone saw (by the way, this is enough pressure to 1000 atmospheres), but to expect this from manual washing of high pressure… which pressure three times more… I Wonder where it is used? In General, a vivid reminder of how powerful it may be water.


Needless to say that all metal parts instantly posletali all the paint and non-metallic elements, just haven’t had a chance to resist such wild power? Glass literally exploded, the plastic flew apart, and tires… one of them just cut like paper.