Video: “Slip” car on a banana peel?

Here’s what actually happens with the car on a banana peel


In the Internet every day there are more and more videos with the most ridiculous, stupid and strange experiences. The appearance of a strange video has reached epidemic proportions. Recently we published an experiment in which team Hoonigan Ford rally started on the surface abundantly lubricated with dishwashing detergent. Video and description of the process can see here:

FAE vs 600-horsepower rally-cross race car


Today we offer to your attention not less than “useful” and “highly important” experiment that will once and for all dot the “i” in the question of the impact of the banana peel on the car’s handling. This, together with a team Hoonigan, figured out racer Andreas bakkerud.


If you played in the series “Mario Kart”, then you should know that travel on a banana peel instantly leads to a rapid rotation of the car. But what happens in real life, say if the car will travel several hundreds of banana peelings? The guys from Hoonigan answer this extremely important question, with the Audi RS5 and the rider world-level rally-cross. Video:


Hmm, the result was not so impressive as in the game. However, as seen in the comparison of test and control measurements, certain things still happen. How do I find “destroyers of avtomatov” – riding on a banana peel leads to more understeer, causing the car to be round at the wider trajectory, increasing the time of his passing. A brief moment that the bus came into contact with slippery bananas in the end was given a second boost to the overall lap time.


As told by the pilot, the thrill of driving on the banana peel in turn comparable to aquaplaning. And it makes sense. Possible banana skin is not so slippery as e want to present in video games and cartoons, but to slide on it and possibly make it easier not only than on the dry, but wet asphalt. Thus, passing through the banana abundance tyres lost grip just as in a deep puddle.