Video: Perhaps the most blatant driver in the world

Shop drive-in in Chinese-Video

Video: Perhaps the most blatant driver in the world

Drive-in cafe is a very handy thing. Drove up to the cafe, ordered that the soul wants, paid, and went about their business further. However, judging by the following video, some drivers too literally perceive the term drive-in or too lazy and don’t want to get out of the car even when visiting regular store.

Such a bummer and was discovered by the security cameras in China. As reported by People’s Daily China, the driver of one of the Chinese provinces did not want to waste time finding a Parking space, so he simply drove his Smart ForTwo straight into the open door of a small shop of Zhenjiang!

Reaching the store room, he honked, probably to notify the seller about the newly arrived client and then began the inexplicable action that could only be seen in the American comedies.

Presumably the owner of the shop saw what was going on in its territory quickly mince to the troublemakers and, apparently, swearing, arguments and the inevitable call to the police. As it is not so! Perhaps the store employee was so shocked that he took the customer’s order, quickly gathered the necessary items, broke and gave buy squirt on Smart ‘ e, exchange them for banknotes. Next helpful seller helps you leave a satisfied customer of the narrow doors of the room. The curtain falls.

What was it? Setting? Local media say that the incident really took place. And according to the seller, the driver drove straight to the store banal in order to avoid the rain. Here such interesting things sometimes happen in the world, take a look: