Video: Never do it, if you want to avoid accidents

The worst example of emergency maneuver in the rain

Video: Never do it, if you want to avoid accidents

When we receive a driver’s license, we have a false sense that we know how to drive. Actually it is not so, because the driving school covers only a part of basic knowledge.

Sadly to admit it, but it’s a fact. Moreover, the motorists around us also suffer from the same ailments, imperfect theoretical knowledge and limited practical knowledge. Eventually of course the experience comes, someone quicker to become intimate with the machine, someone slower, someone that will never be possible, even though they will travel a million miles in my entire life.

Especially the situation is aggravated when the weather turns bad, even a simple rain can lead to bad consequences for those people who in a normal conditions to cope with driving a stretch, but here is the bad weather! Sometimes it is simply terrible, when it pours the first snow, in such cases, the “day of the tinman” is guaranteed! And the main culprits will almost always be those inept drivers.

An example of inappropriate behavior behind the wheel can serve as the following video:

The video clip captures the moment of departure on an oncoming car, the driver lost control on the wet pavement. A few oncoming cars moving at this point in the oncoming lane was in a difficult situation. The driver of the crossover made the right decision and made a fast and clear maneuver detour around the obstacles encountered.

But the second driver, He simply ignored the white car in front of him on the road and not even slowing down flew at him from around the turn. What was it? People are distracted and not notice an obstacle in the form of a car? The driver was frightened and fell from what he saw in a stupor? Maybe his brakes failed? Don’t know and the judge is not going to.

Finally we can only say one thing, in the rain, snow, hail, and other signs of bad weather to follow a few basic rules:

Do not exceed the speed

Do not approach the vehicle ahead too closely

Do not drive on worn tires

Be careful on the road!