Video: is it possible to accelerate to 300 km/h on a bike? You can!

Denise Mueller-Koren’ok clocked on the bike almost up to 300 km/h

Video: is it possible to accelerate to 300 km/h on a bike? You can!


In September 2018 American Denise Mueller-Koren’ok sat on the bike with one goal in mind: to set a world speed record. What kind of speed are we talking about 50, 80, 100 km/h? No, 300 km/h! It seems that the record is so shocked journalists that the official YouTube-channel Wall Street Journal there was a full short film about how it was prepared and established record. If you think to accelerate to 300 km/h with pedaling muscle pull is a simple task, think again because you are wrong. Here is a video that describes all the experiences and challenges achievements record (the immediate setting of the record starts with 15 minutes, 46 seconds):

Video taken from YouTube channel the Wall Street Journal


The surprising fact is that the athlete is not a professional cyclist. 45-year-old Mueller-Korenica works Director General, she is also a mother of three children and only then – champion cyclist.


For the record-in was designed your bike with stretch and unusual transmission, allowing to maintain huge speed. At the start of the bike attached to a specially curtained rear of the dragster, which discharge the air, allowing the athlete to gain and maintain speed after uncoupling from the vehicle. Maximum speed on the salt marsh amounted to 183.93 miles per hour, which translated to kilometers corresponds to 296 km/h. Passenger jets fly at a slower speed!


At that speed, any wrong move the wheel of the Bicycle could result in a fall, because “bag” of the discharged air was small, and behind him stretched a wall of dense air space, which could easily throw a cyclist from the road. You know that the bones then the athlete is not exactly collected. Plus vibration and excessive physical and psychological stress… it was very difficult, but nothing happened, and the record was read. Next, you will is a great deal of training to overcome the barrier of 300 km/h But that’s a different, as yet unwritten history…