Video: the complete restoration of the Porsche 911

Restoration of Porsche 911: Before and After

Video: the complete restoration of the Porsche 911

Just yesterday we told you about a very interesting car event held in the United States, not the usual auto show Radwood, where the main exhibits were cars 80 – 90-ies of XX century. Beautiful car in excellent or perfect condition.

During the preparation of the material I have often asked myself the question: “How did they manage to keep these cars in such good condition”? The interest was so great that even in the course of the day the thought kept coming back to these perfectly preserved models. I started looking for different videos of car restoration and of course found them!

However, I will publish today just two videos, in my opinion most accurately reflecting and transmitting the atmosphere of the restoration of old or classic cars and focusing on just one video, the process of restoration of the Porsche 911.

So, perfectionists dedicated…

Recovery 911 Carrera 4, the 964 generation. Car life was used for its intended purpose – parochial races, sporting events and travel to different cities of the United States.

The last few years the owner, who shot the video used, this Porsche is essentially the same purposes – in the summer drove on the tracks, in winter used as a regular car.

As you know, in the States in the North of the USA was snow and there as well as in Russia, roads are treated with different kinds of reagents and salt, the worst enemies of vehicles. Many, perhaps ZIM did this with a Porsche in the snow, because even the upper part of his body was damaged by rust (clearly seen at 41 seconds into the video).

The owner decided to restore the car and drove it to a shop for work, where the magic of car restoration to a state of new (action starts with a 1.55 minutes). Watch the video:

And now I will ask some questions to experts. Can we call this process – a complete restoration of the car? Or the fact that we just saw in the video is just a cosmetic repair, retouch obvious defects in the body? Because, as I understand it, the lower part of the body of this Porsche is not even touched. Scary to think what’s going on with rust on the bottom of the car, if it has managed to rot even in the upper part of the body.

Is this the vehicle for you fully restored car?

Share your opinion in the comments.

And finally attach it video restore old vintage cars. And in my opinion it is such a recovery can be called complete restoration. Video: