Video: the Most bloodthirsty fighting robots from Japan

Fights robots in the Japanese style. Yes, the strongest will survive!

Video: the Most bloodthirsty fighting robots from Japan

I guarantee you, you watch this video from beginning to end and want to review it again more than once! From such a spectacle is very hard to put down, war, Japanese robots hard as life itself iron men, tatami!

Sumo Wrestling. I know no more than you. Two major athlete come into the ring and their task is to push the opponent outside the circle. Sounds boring, and it looks weird. Is it possible to modernize old Japanese sports? Of course! It takes a little to create a fighting robot, to organize a meeting of enthusiasts to establish a platform on which will be carried out entertaining, quick, but very interesting fights. Ready!

Honestly, after seeing the first few fights, I thought that the video acceleration, well, not so fast these robots to move. However, as it turned out it was not, if you look at the feet of the observers of the fight will become obvious that the video wasn’t specifically accelerated. Robots really are so agile.

We don’t know exactly whether they are someone or they are programmed for Autonomous fight (to be honest, we incline to the second version), but the battles look extremely spectacular. Sometimes those little evil machines cannot make such pirouettes, these MMA fighters would envy!

Also note the feet of the referee, it uses special protection, covering all of the legs. Bloody it is a sport, does not exclude injuries of people.

P. S. would you like to learn about these robots more information? As I look at the fact that we searched the Internet data in these battles, the designs of robots and the rules of the competition and made it an article? Write in the comments if you want to see on the pages of our online edition 1GAI.RU such material.