Unusual test of the strength of the roof of GAZ 21029

Concrete block vs Volga.

Unusual test of the strength of the roof of GAZ 21029

It turns out, dropping the heavy giant concrete block on the car, everything ends exactly as expected: the car is completely destroyed and broken in pieces. Want to see the most incredibly pointless crash test car? Please.

This test was filmed by high speed camera in slow mode. In the end, you will be able in slow motion to see all details like destroyed old Russian Volga. Everything is predictable concrete block is easy to cope with metal struts of the car. In the end, the shards of glass scattered everywhere.

Video from the Crash Zone

Seriously, of course, the test result was predictable and logical. And despite the nonsense taking place, after all, to watch these videos in slow motion is extremely interesting.

Also, the creators of the unusual crash test after the destruction of the GAS-21029 concrete block raised the car a crane and dropped it from a height, completely after disposal of the machine.