In the United States discovered a levitating machine, rare footage video

Video: Hurricane moved the car to another place

In the United States discovered a levitating machine, rare footage video

Hurricanes – it’s always very, very bad. Once again Muscovites and residents of suburbs have experienced its destructive force in may and July of this year. Sorry, but destruction is the strongest wind caused much more trouble taking human lives.

But if the Central part of Russia destructive wind – a rarity, in some parts of the world is the norm. And hurricane it is perceived as everyday reality is much worse when falls the power of a tornado.

One of these natural disasters recently experienced in the suburbs of new York, located in the same state. In one of the courtyards of private houses, where were the surveillance cameras installed, there was a strange, literally a mystical event, the car without a serious reason (though the wind was squally and strong, but clearly his power was not enough to lift the car in the air) were carefully understood and as if the invisible hand is moved to another place. For Subaru Forester followed by a trailer and a dumpster. The rest of garden utensils had been carried away in a sharp, powerful gust of wind.

Apparently, the permutation of the station wagon was triggered by a mini tornado, which disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared, leaving not destruction, and surreal the picture.

Well, I hope this time has done without human victims, and the owners of the house to remember, it’s not every day I see how a 2 ton car with ease up and also easily falls a few meters from their Parking lot.