Two global changes for the Frets – now and future

What will change for popular models of AVTOVAZ?

Two global changes for the Frets – now and future

Lada cars have shown that they are capable of self-development, it is more no surprise. The number of domestic autonomies this fact is proved: Vesta, Vesta Cross, XRaу and so on. Models at the hearing, the cars have taken the automotive community as a whole is very positive. Consolidating the success of the Volzhsky automobile manufacturer introduces a new configuration complements the model range of sports versions and installs on automobiles with additional electronic systems.


The first global change from the present system of remote control

Two global changes for the Frets – now and future

The technology will allow the driver to use their smartphone to remotely start the engine, open the doors, turn on outside lighting and even track the location of a vehicle. In addition, the smartphone screen to be remotely displayed fuel level, mileage and even charge your car battery. In General, all as at the “adult” brands from the West.


The system also evaluates style of movement on the car and makes recommendations for driving. In the application you can see where the car is and see the history of its routes, learn technical condition, fuel level and battery charge.


The system called “Lada Connect” (development was presented several years ago at MIAS 2016). Now it has already started to be used in model Lada Granta, Vesta and Xray. While optional, in the form of additional options, but in the future it is likely that convenient technology to “settle” in the car on a regular basis.


Two global changes for the Frets – now and future

The price of convenience. Naturally, the development cost and the price tag this is not cheap. On the website Lada Lada Connect price is 29 thousand rubles. This sum includes the subscription fee for three years. Further operation of the system will cost 4 thousand rubles per year. The cost of installation will amount to about 6 thousand rubles.


Second global change for the future – a new platform Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

Two global changes for the Frets – now and future

In 2021, the domestic automobile plant, controlled by Renault-Nissan Alliance, most likely will put their models on the global French-Japanese architecture. Now the novelties of AVTOVAZ produced on the domestic platform.


About it told the Vice-President, procurement company Venkatram Mamillare on the forum “auto industry. Autocomponents”, which was held in Tolyatti from 3 to 5 October: “the models that are now in production by 2021 will change significantly. With the introduction of new industrial platform will change the LADA Vesta, will change the whole modern range”.


Therefore, the Board of vases will solve several strategic objectives, including:

1.Create more secure, lightweight, maneuverable car

2.Groundwork for future upgrades

3.The possibility of fitting a variety of additional systems (security, electronic assistants etc.)

4.The simplification of development of unified inside but different exterior style of the car


Thus, AVTOVAZ will answer all long-troubling question about the possibility of further modernization of its new line. Without fear scribble people on the forums that the WHA may be flushed with success to preserve the West for decades, as before, skimming with the development until recently. Apparently this will not happen. At least it says about today’s news.


Two global changes for the Frets – now and future

Moreover, the elements of platform, produced in Russia, can enter the global market: “it is important to remember that we depend on engineering. And we expect our suppliers to be competent. It is extremely important for the entire Alliance. Those vehicle components that will be produced here in Russia, can be used worldwide by all enterprises of the Alliance”, – summed up at the last forum.


How much will cost this upgrade yet, of course, is unknown even approximately.


Conclusion. What can we do now? The prices for new domestic cars will continue. This, as you may have guessed by our readers, there are a few logical explanations:

1.Sophisticated electronic systems will be more

2.Investments in development and modernization of production will be invested a lot of money that will have to “recapture” the automobile

3.Alas, less imported parts on the models of AVTOVAZ does not become, even in the foreseeable future. Yes, of course, a large part of imported components and assemblies produced in Russia (at least intend to), but it’s still a dependence on foreign suppliers, from the Euro and the dollar.


Why Fret over 1 million in the initial configuration does not seem much of an invention. In principle, nothing surprising in this, as long as the quality was comparably high, and with it the safety and adaptability.