Trail braiking (braking in the turn) is a racing maneuver that saves lives

Why is braking in a turn can be one of the most important driving skills?

Trail braiking (braking in the turn) is a racing maneuver that saves lives

The following is not a guide to action, but only describes the theory of cornering in racing. Don’t try this on public roads. It is dangerous to life!


There is a term riders “trail braiking” (Trail-braking) or braking system in the rotation, which is used by professional auto and motor sportsmen in different racing disciplines. Rally school “Team O’neil Rally School” has released a video telling about how and when to apply this technique. The story is instructive, eye-opening for a lot of driving:

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Briefly describe the essence of the video. So, why do the riders need to brake in the turn? The reasons, in fact, may be many. First and foremost, a system of actions aimed at reducing speed by activating the braking system is designed for safe speed control during the passage of turns. Secondly, the application of the braking before, and in turn helps to reduce the time required to brake and take a turn faster. Third, the inhibition in turn allows you to expand the possibilities of maneuvering and correction of the vehicle (or motorcycle) in the case of an emergency (wrong speed is selected, transmission, a sudden obstacle on the road and so on).


The technique seems quite simple – strong, was on the verge of braking just before the corner, gradually release the brake pedal during a turn. Alas, we learn this maneuver correctly is possible only in special sports schools and only in practice. In theory this is not taught.


By the way, for those who have already watched the video, please note that the braking is left foot. About this technique of braking the “Team O’neil Rally School” has been Olic and we looked in detail at:

How left foot braking can be useful in everyday driving?


So if all sounds so simple, why is it so hard? Well, except that first I have to master at least simple element – left foot braking during trail braiking there are still a number of nuances to consider:

1. Easy pretermit in turn, locking the drive wheels. Dosing the pedal force needed filigree, otherwise you can slip into a ditch in a straight line, and not understanding what I did wrong.


2. Intensive braking transfers the car’s weight on the nose that gives a good grip on the front wheels. On the one hand, this improves handling, but on the other the weight go away from the stern. The rear wheels are losing normal contact with the surface. Weight transfer leads to instability, the car can easily be recorded, it can pass through a wide arc or it will deploy.


Trail braiking (braking in the turn) is a racing maneuver that saves lives

It would seem that only two points of difficulties… but to really solve these problems can only experience and practice, practice under the guidance of a professional.