Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Toyota Camry vs Corolla: which vehicle is right for you?

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

In some cases, the choice between medium-sized and compact sedan can be quite complicated. Though the difference in size and price structure and tangible, at a certain point the interests of buyers can be the same. Then what to do, and why? And how do I know which one is right for you? Let’s run through the main features on the example of two sedans, a famous Japanese manufacturer.


We will try to explain the main differences between the two is relatively popular sedans that you can find on the market: the midsize Toyota Camry and compact Toyota Corolla.


Modern cars from the adjacent classes do have many overlapping features. The manufacturer purposely makes it almost identical appearance, or at least very similar. A similar focus can be seen in the last few years, especially clearly and have completely different auto companies with no history of such “cheating”. The most striking example may be two the latest models of Toyota:

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Toyota Corolla (Auris in some markets) XII-generation Camry at the top, and VIII generation at the bottom of the picture


Or another example, which will be closer to Russian buyer:

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

At the top of the Corolla, Camry below


As you can see, Toyota is finally standardized external data is their most popular sedans any longer. And what prices? Is there a difference in price and how it is significant? After all, it would seem that the Camry is a business-class, the Corolla is a budget model in the lineup. How can they compete on cost? In fact, here when you select specific sets of internal intersection can take place.


A good example:

The cost of Toyota Corolla at the time of publication of the material. Pay attention to the price tag for maximum configuration – 1.4 million rubles:

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

A screenshot taken from the site


But the cost of business class Toyota Camry, here please note the starting price of 1.5 million rubles:

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

A screenshot taken from the site


Still need to take into account that the new Corolla has not yet arrived in our market, and we have, apparently, not soon. At least, when it happens, the official representatives of the manufacturer not saying. And when upgraded, the price inevitably will rise in the region of 1.5 million rubles, equaling the Camry.



Add to this rebus’s another thing – the technical characteristics that for the most part will be similar (acceleration, maximum speed, partially capacity (do not think that a compact car must be very close) and so on and so forth), and get a problem for the inexperienced buyer.


Yes, from this moment can start the real meal of choice. Despite their similar appearance, similar price tags and features many potential buyers, Toyota may wonder: which of these two cars is best suited to their needs?


To answer the question go over the types of body Camry and Corolla, and their power units, dimensions, characteristics, and many other nuances. I hope that you will be armed with knowledge before heading to the dealership to buy a new car.

P. S. Since the same comparison can be made between different models of various brands over the last 3-4 years, look at the most similar in appearance and technical specifications of the cars. These models have been sold in the U.S. market and have all the pitfalls that can easily confuse the buyer.


Body style/Design

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Camry: new Camry sedan has a sporty aggressive front part with a large grille. The side profile of the sedan smoothly into the classical shape “business class” – calm and in a sense, “majestic” form. The rear portion also has a modern shape, mainly due to the narrow rear stop lamps with integrated trunk lid spoiler.


Some of the JDM Camry got an even sportier look by adding an exterior additional air vents and diffusers, and the availability of exhaust pipes with four endings. Toyota really tried to look sportier with a new Camry.

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Corolla: Corolla, unlike the Camry, is offered in two body styles: sedan and hatchback. The sedan and the hatchback followed is similar to the Camry design, with large front air intake grilles diffusers and tapered headlights. The Corolla hatchback has sporty features such as the large alloy wheels and a rear spoiler. Corolla is also available as a hybrid (in the Russian market after the start of sales of hybrid novelty is unlikely to be presented) that complements the front of its own unique touches.


The result: both models, the Camry and Corolla have a similar design, the aggressive front end with large radiator fullrelease and unusual, expressive headlamps. If you need a hatchback, you should look at the Corolla. If you prefer a sedan, more suited Camry is larger, although the sedan Corolla is also an excellent choice for a small family.


Plus the Camry is its design. Especially in comparison to sedans it is particularly advantageous, providing the purchaser a modern and stylish appearance.



Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Camry: the Camry is a larger vehicle of the two in question. It has comfortable Seating for five adult passengers and a maximum total capacity 493 liters of Luggage compartment. You can also fold the rear seats 60/40 to make room for long items in the trunk.

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Corolla: the Corolla hatchback also accommodates five passengers, but the seats, like the front and rear passengers is much less. The hatchback is pretty practical, it even accommodates the trunk of 520 liters. The sedan Corolla XI generation trunk volume corresponds to 452 liters.


Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Therefore, depending on the body type of Corolla may be more practical in terms of transported Luggage than the Camry, but the facilities for passengers at the first few less.


Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Summary: if you are looking for more space and regularly carry passengers in the rear seats or you have a large family of four or five people, the Camry is what you need because it will be more comfortable. If you don’t need too much space in the back seat, and instead you appreciate the load capacity (snowboards, Bicycle, sport equipment), the Corolla hatchback is a good choice, which is practical thanks to the convenient access to the trunk due to the massive rear door and lots of storage space.


Powertrain/fuel Economy

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Camry: the engine that will drive most Camry buyers, is a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. This power unit develops 150 HP at 6.500 rpm and 192 Nm of torque at 4.700 rpm. Six-speed automatic transmission is the only available transmission, sending power to the front wheels. Official fuel consumption:


Combined cycle: 7.1 litres/100 km

On the highway: 5.5 liters/100 km

In the city: 9.7 litres/100 km


In reality, Toyota has never had exemplary fuel consumption, consumption in life is to beat on the wallet.


Two other petrol engine correspond to the 2.5 and 3.5 liters. Their higher power as the dynamics of the sedan. The maximum acceleration corresponds to 7.7 seconds.


Corolla: offer on the Russian market sedan Corolla stacks up against the Camry quite pale. The engines had a volume of 1.33, 1.6 and 1.8 liters. The latter two are available as a “handle” and the CVT. Dynamics in any case will not reach the performance of the business sedan.


However, it is worth considering that the comparison of generation models is different, so after the new Corolla will arrive in Russia, the situation on the dynamics smoothed out. The main plus of the Corolla – efficiency. Even the 1.8-liter motor consumes 6.4, 5.3, and 8.3 liters in the combined cycle, on the highway and in the city.


Summary: of this car has a good fuel economy for their respective segments. If you need power and torque, choose Camry. The larger the engine size, the faster will be the machine. If you prefer to save, the choice is clear – Corolla.


Dynamics and driving

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Camry: the slowest model with a 2.0-liter engine, introduced on the market reaches 100 km/h in 11 seconds. The average is 9.9 seconds, maximum, with the most powerful 3.5-liter engine corresponds to 7.7 seconds. The latter two options also have price tags far exceeding the cost of the younger brother even in its maximum configuration, – from 1.7 to 2.4 million rubles.


Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Corolla: if you compare comparably priced equipment Corolla (1.4 million rubles), it appears that its engine 140 HP enough for a more dynamic acceleration, in comparison with the 2.0-liter powertrain of the Camry, with the advantage of almost a second. The consumption of gasoline will be less.


Waiting for the update, the novelty should bring together the results of overclocking.


The result:a Camry is not saves, but is coming. Corolla much slower, but more economical. That suits you, to choose you.



Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Camry: the Camry in the “Standard” comes:



Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake distribution efforts (EBD)

The amplifier of emergency braking (BAS)

Traction control system (TRC)

Vehicle stability control (VSC+)

Help system when climbing slope (HAC)

Led headlamps

Led daytime running lights

Led front fog lights

Side mirrors with repeaters


Central locking with remote control

Alarm system with sensors to open doors and bonnet

The system emergency call services “Era-GLONASS”


Sound system c support for CD/MP3/WMA

6 speaker audio system

Audio Jack (AUX)

USB port for media playback and charging mobile devices on the center console

2 USB connectors for charging mobile devices of passengers of the second row



Multi-function steering wheel

Leather upholstery selector transmission control

Upholstery fabric



Start engine button Push Start

Steering column adjustment for height and tilt

Electric power steering (EPS)

Heated front seats

Defroster windshield in the area of the wiper rest

Additional air ducts for the second row of seats

Indicator low washer fluid level

Dual-zone climate control

Mechanical adjustable driver seat 6 directions

Mechanical adjustment of the passenger seat in 4 directions

The second-row seats, folding in the ratio of 60:40

Front and rear electric Windows with Auto

Set of rubber mats for the first and second rows of seats

The Electromechanical Parking brake with auto activation

A 4.2″color multifunction display on the instrument panel



Front and side airbags

Curtain airbags

The design of the front seats, reducing the likelihood of neck injury (technology WIL)

Fastening ISOFIX for children’s car seats


Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

Corolla: new hatchback Corolla offers Toyota’s Safety Sense P as standard. In addition, it is a large 8.0-inch touch screen with Toyota Entune 3.0, which is the standard for versions of the Corolla hatchback. For the new Corolla sedan will be the standard 4.2-inch display with Entune 3.0 or an optional 7.0-inch screen. The top models will stand the same 8.0-inch screen, and a hatchback.


The result: both of these car offer what all consumers should demand from automakers as standard or at least available equipment: decent infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay, and a set of active safety technologies. If you need technology, the Camry definitely offers more in this respect, because the Corolla needs to be more available.



Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

As we mentioned above, despite the serious difference in price, top of the range Corolla the same pricing with minimal cost Camry on the market that can be confusing. It should be noted that over 1.5 million roubles, given for the Corolla, you will receive a set of multiple technologies for a comfortable ride and all safety systems. These additional capabilities will technically be identical to those you can find in the Camry.


On the other hand, in the “minimal” midsize sedan of some of the modern systems you will not see, although “naked” even this complete set cannot be called such electronic systems as ABS, EBD (brake force distribution), EBA (emergency braking), ESP (electronic stability control), TCS (traction control system) and NNN (help system at start on lifting), as well as a number of other options going at it in the runoff, are present.


The bottom line: if affordability is your main goal, you can’t go wrong with a Corolla. Cars Toyota gained a reputation as ultra-reliable, so you can count on saving time and money without visiting a mechanic all my free time.


The verdict: Toyota Camry vs Corolla

Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which car to choose

A reason Camry is the best selling sedan in the world. It is reliable, spacious, comfortable, quiet and affordable for most motorists of the middle class.


Meanwhile, the Corolla a little more efficient and “fun” to manage, if we consider the option with the maximum power of the engine. There is also a disadvantage – the car is smaller, less roomy.


However, the American version of the hatchback is another undeniable advantage – his gorgeous appearance. Agree, it is more modern than the full-size sedan, and we think that is a great addition to the lineup.


Our advice to buyers is: if you need more space in the back row, big trunk and you still prefer three-box sedan – your way is a Camry, Corolla skirting. The minimum equipment for a million and a half is perfectly adequate.


If you appreciate a little more economical driving in an urban crowd or don’t mind saving a few hundred thousand rubles at the expense of the seats in the second row – go to the dealer for Corolla. Besides the size, it’s the same reliable, convenient and technologically advanced Camry. But this would be better after Toyota brought to us your updated model.


In short, it turned out such a comparison. I hope this will be useful when buying.