Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

Mazda3 – quick evolution without a revolution

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

And as soon as the Japanese automaker Mazda it? We mean to create such beautiful, in some way, even stunning and technologically advanced cars for relatively little money? One example is the Mazda3.


Particularly advantageous difference between the two generation models of the third series: the first, which became legendary not only in Russia but also in several other countries, as well as the third generation, both the original and restyled version of 2016, which made a qualitative technological leap forward.

But it seems all of them will be able to outshine coming from 2019, the latest model of the “Troika”. As usual, it will be presented in two body styles: sedan and hatchback. Today we will look at some interesting facts about the new product that distinguish it from its predecessors.


No. 1 Mazda3 – almost serial a copy of the conceptual version of Kai

Kai – concept that was shown at last year’s Tokyo motor show. This prototype became the very important milestone of development of modern design Mazda, because this clearly showed the world what stylistic developments can we expect from the Japanese automaker in the next decade or so.

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

The Concept Of Kai


But what from Mazda for sure no one could have expected, so it’s transfer “a blueprint” of the design concept-the serial version of hatchback and sedan! The comparison of the photos very accurately show you how both versions are similar to each other.

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

New Mazda3


No. 2 Mazda started preparations for the introduction of new design well before yesterday’s debut

If contattarmi everything is clear – it is quite normal to create models predicting the future development of the car, then visual analysis, the redesigned third generation brings new and unexpected surprises. Here is a picture of the restyling of the third generation of 2016:

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

Photo Mazda3 postquestionnaire third-generation 2016


Is there any similarity with the new product? There’s definitely! Even it seems that the new generation of the “Troika” to a certain extent, repeating an early version of 2013 only brings it to mind. The lines were crisper, more modern lighting, style otoczenie.


No. 3 the Difference between generations is not just about looks

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

Under its metal skin the model uses the architecture of the new generation “Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture” that was designed “with a focus on the design philosophy human-centered, to maximize the human body’s ability to balanced operation.” At least in the beautiful allegories of the marketing Department of Mazda described the main advantages of the new platform.


Translated into ordinary language this means that the team of engineers Mazda has considered every aspect of their developed automobile platform from the point of view of comprehensive optimization of their models of vehicles.


Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

In addition to weight loss and a slight enlargement of the internal space, the structural innovations “Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture” includes the body, built around a “multi-directional ring structure” for instant processing of all settings to be modified during the movement, allowing each individual element of the chassis to interoperate and seamlessly manage the transfer of energy on the sprung mass of the body.

No. 4 Revolution under the hood is a Skyactiv engine-X

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

Under the hood, installed a new gasoline engine “Skyactiv-X”. There is a lot remarkable. For example, the motor is equipped with the ignition system of a Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition (SCCI).


Starting system spark control (SCCI) is a new method of combustion, which allows diesel engines to operate on compression ignition. In other words, the methodology here applied combustion diesel engine using the timing gasoline engine.


Technology will continue to evolve, making new “Three” a leader in the development of a unique and revolutionary technology which will allow in the future to make an almost perfect ice, which will provide an instant combustion with the effective heat removal and friction close to zero.


The whole point of the new engine SkyActiv-X from Mazda


No. 5 Chairs – not the last part in the car

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

From a medical point of view, the revised chair. They are designed to keep the pelvis upright to maintain the natural “S”curve of the spine. Last time, scrupulously so, the automaker approached the problem a few years ago, but it was not Mazda, and Opel.


No. 6 a Few words about the interior

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

Inside the production model differs from the concept of only details. The basic layout of controls is similar between the prototype and the first version of the model. The cabin was more upscale, though the quality and refinement of the predecessor also do not suffer.


As we already wrote earlier: “the Key elements of the new interior are the steering wheel with three spokes, independently rising above the torpedo 8.8-inch infotainment system and made an unusual overlap the top of the trim on the lower contrasting element of the front panel. The Mazda also florid again noted that the elements of the interior got its own unique grain, which “is designed to Express the richness and warmth of genuine leather””.

To increase the “degree of luxury” trim of the centre tunnel is now a transparent layer on the other in black, laser engraved bottom layer, which is said creates a “deep transparency” and the same effect, which you can find on the new BMW X5 and X7 . Cup holders now stand in front of the switches and the armrest is longer.

No. 7 Digital instrument panel will not?

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

Pay attention to the fact that the dashboard remained analog. At least in the photos was not seen electronic tidy. Does this mean that it will not do, even in high-end versions of the model? It is hardly likely digital dashboard to be the leak about her was earlier this year.

No. 8 easy does it – easy going

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

As a result of research conducted by Mazda in the field of research, development focused on three sound characteristics that directly affect the inhabitants of the cabin. This volume of the sound changes in pitch and tone over time and the direction from which the sounds occur. Suppression of noise generation and the reduction of its volume, and control of vibrations and sound is not only aimed at achieving a quiet cabin environment. Rather, the aim was to provide a “high silence”, which satisfies all the inhabitants of the cabin.

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

To improve the basic insulation properties, important to reduce annoying high frequency noise in Mazda for the first time used the technology of “double-walled” structure, which leaves space between the body and the carpeted floor. Thereby creating in the carpet and body panels two walls, and attached to the carpet of a special fibrous material, Mazda engineers have improved noise insulation without increasing weight. The number of holes in the carpet also decreased, for the same purpose.

No. 9 And again in i-Activ AWD

Top facts about the new model Mazda3 2019

Newly redesigned all-wheel drive Mazda “i-Activ AWD” adds a very important assistive technology: G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC) Plus, which is designed to control the distribution of torque between front and rear wheels. As a result, the system of pornohomemade able to more confidently respond to the intention of the driver, regardless of the style and place of driving. Applied technology also reduces mechanical loss by approximately 60% compared to the previous model and improves fuel economy.


G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC Plus) adds direct control of torque through the brakes. This allows the car to cope better with maneuvers to prevent accidents and provides more confident handling in a variety of situations, including lane changes at high speeds and driving on slippery road surface.