Top 7 facts about the new flagship Genesis sedan G90

New Genesis G90 – 7 interesting facts about luxury sedan

Top 7 facts about the new flagship Genesis sedan G90

And so, yesterday was shown the first official photos flagship Genesis sedan G90. You still do not know? Then be sure to see our yesterday’s publication: the Official premiere restyled 2020 Genesis G90 Model, though is the redesigned character, but look G90 as a whole new generation of luxury flagship Genesis*.


*As you know Genesis is a sub – brand of Hyundai Motor, specially bred for positioning itself as a manufacturer of prestigious cars. At the moment it is available in three models in ascending order: G70, G80 and G90, where each of these sedans can be correlated with the German classification on the example of Mercedes-Benz: G70 = C-Class, G80 = E-Class and flagship G90, respectively, this is definitely the S-Class from Mercedes-Benz.


And so, the top sedan of the three was fully updated, that it changed? Let’s look at the Top 7 hottest facts


Fact # 1. Perhaps the first and most striking change is the appearance of a luxury sedan

Top 7 facts about the new flagship Genesis sedan G90


And indeed, the appearance 2020 Genesis G90 has been redesigned slightly less than full. If you visually compare the new product with the current model, you may find what you are looking at two completely different cars. Headlights, filesresearch radiator, hood, front bumper, all these parts the front has been changed radically.


Filesresearch was dressed in a large stack (up to this at the front adorned with chrome-plated blinds), and its shape is stretched in height and converged on the end face in an inverted triangle. Form both simple, but totally new, is now in Vogue hexagonal filesresearch such “pattipola” as in Genesis until there was none.


The second most interesting transformation regarding exterior lights. Note the two interesting thing:

1. In comparison with the current generation, the style of the headlights, the new model was maximally simplified. But designers, particularly the chief designer from Belgium – Luc Donckerwolke, was not ispohabit flagship, making it looks tacky. On the contrary, only simple lines give the car status.


2. In the center of the headlight is an led strip, we have previously suggested that it could be daytime running lights or turn signals, which boldly comes on to the front fenders of the sedan. Very interesting solution, which we cannot fail to welcome. Skillfully implemented a bold idea – it’s great! Led headlamps use a technology called G-Matrix.


Top 7 facts about the new flagship Genesis sedan G90

Changes were made in the back of a large sedan. Here is the revised G90 also has practically nothing in common with the model model. To quote yourself: “Take the fashionable led brake lights. They stretched a single flat line across the entire width of the trunk and far to the rear fenders, estancias in sharp wedge-shaped peak. The top brake lights are duplicated short patches between which there is an inscription in large letters “G E N E S I S””.


But side no major improvements you will see. In fact, they don’t even take from where, the model is built on the same platform as the current version of the G90. Therefore, it is possible to settle for new ornate wheels of 19 inches, right clicked on a wing strip indicator.


Fact # 2. What kind of motors you will see under the hood 2020 G90?

Top 7 facts about the new flagship Genesis sedan G90

Unfortunately, or fortunately, but under the big hood is unchanged: 3.8-liter V6 and 5.0-liter V8 with a supercharger and a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 as before the buyers. By the way, the heavy limousine with the most powerful 413-horsepower engine accelerates to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds, what not last role is played standard on all Genesis G90 four-wheel drive.


Fact # 3. Perhaps the biggest disappointment – the interior remains the same

Top 7 facts about the new flagship Genesis sedan G90


Large changes in the interior of the restyled model was clearly not planned for 2020. You need to be really very careful to determine what changes were made in the cabin, so they are invisible.


Note is that set around a Central analog clock vents were thinner…. infotainment system with 12.3-inch touch screen can now be updated with the wireless network “over the air”… copper-colored accents have been embedded in elements of the interior in order to spice up the cabin.


Noise reduction technology will be used to reduce distractions in an already serene space, and climate control now automatically switches to the recirculation mode when entering a car in the tunnel.


Also expect new upholstery options and finishes as well as an updated set of latest security technologies, assistance and entertainment.


Fact # 4. The exterior architecture was borrowed from a concept-Essentia

Top 7 facts about the new flagship Genesis sedan G90


Who would have thought that such futurism can be the basis of the appearance of such a conservative sedan!


Fact # 5. Premiere Genesis G90 will be held…

Top 7 facts about the new flagship Genesis sedan G90

28 November 2018 at the motor show in Los Angeles.


Fact # 6. When on sale, Genesis?

It is expected that the model will be at dealers in 2020.


Fact # 7. The price of the Suite?

Top 7 facts about the new flagship Genesis sedan G90

It is unlikely that the restyling will seriously move the current price up. Therefore, in the area of 4.8 rubles in the minimum configuration and up to 6.3 million rubles in the “maximum speed” will be quite fair. But we’ll see how to fit the Hyundai. They know better.