Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

Lada has introduced a sports version of the sedan Vesta: Here’s what you need to know about it

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

What the weary waiting for the first sports series Lada is built based on well as a real people’s car model Vesta? We have good news. Today, the domestic automakers introduced a new product on their official website lada.EN. The flagship model, so call her at the office. website – Lada Vesta Sport should be palatable to young people and motorists in search of “charged” but not a very expensive alternatives to foreign hatchbacks and sedans.

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

We, as usual, picked up on the novelty of the Top 5 most interesting facts, diluting the story about the history of a unique for Lada flagship the quality and variety of photos taken from the source, from the site of the automaker from Tolyatti.

How it all began. How Lada Vesta Sport differs from the prototype Vesta Sport Concept?

2016. The Moscow international motor show. At stand Lada, noticeably standing out against his classmates, flaunts the unusual concept of the future sports car Sport Vesta:


Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport


In future novelty can be seen the Nordic school of motoring. No wonder who was at that time in the CEO’s chair Bo Inge Andersson was born in Sweden, as chief designer – Englishman Stephen Mattin, five years in the Volvo, creating a series of crowned conceptcars: Volvo S60, V60 and XC60 crossover.

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

Design sports body kit, Vesta is not flashy, but carefully-energetic, compelling, and without a word talking about the great possibilities of the prototype in comparison with its closest relatives in the model lineup. Even against Vesta Cross, concept all-wheel drive crossover Lada XCODE and several other prototypes from Lada: Sport Xray and Xray Cross, “Sport” version no shade.

Opening 2016 MIAS, the main novelties showroom


Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

But many sincere fans of the Volga automobile plant reacted to the update more than skeptical. Cold. After all, the dealership can come up with any sort of concept, as long as it eventually became the production model. And that hope almost was not.

How prepared Lada Vesta Sport

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

But as it turned out, the skeptics this time was absolutely wrong! Engineers, designers and testers really took the job seriously. First spy photos from the test sites began to appear in the middle of winter 2017. They are absolutely blatant camouflage Vesta. Seems no different, but the experienced eye of “Vastavad” could easily allocate external changes:


Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport


In appearance, the model had a new body kit elements:

Уникальными17-inch alloy wheels (specially designed for new). Disks was not just another picture, and five bolt steel (ordinary Vesta four mounting bolts), making them more durable and able to handle increased load;


Between the beefy spokes, was seen rear disc brakes (on original Vesta installed drum brakes);


Alloy wheels “shod” in the foreign Continental rubber for better grip;


Wheel drive was visible sports kit: new front and rear bumper, side skirts on the sills and boot spoiler, side mirror;


The appearance was finalized “sport” pasting, and the roof is painted in black color;

The first pictures of the Lada Vesta with 150 l under the hood


In August last year there were photos of “Yellow” news.


Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport


Version of the prototype scored an unusual color, other sports stickers and discs;


In addition to appearance, the sedan has been modified in full with the technical side. “Spies” found out that the sports model will be installed springs and shock absorbers with progressive characteristics of the sport, and the suspension itself was dodeljena with the increased speeds and loads. Then there was sport;


Clearance is of course reduced;


“The sports saloon “Vesta” in contrast to the serial sedan will be equipped with new seats with improved lateral support, bright stitching and stripes “Vesta Sport””;


Promised the installation of two engine options: a 1.6-liter 140 HP and 1.8-liter engine VAZ-21179 in 149 horses.

Sports Lada Vesta will go on the road in 2018


Here, the training was conducted. But what happened in the end?

Ordinary miracle by the name of Lada Vesta, or Lada Sport why sports past?

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

Ignorant people do not know that the domestic producer rich sporting past. Automark took part in the Russian competition and foreign level. To heights not yet reached, but some success of the team, the WHA was. For example, in the WTCC.


In our opinion, to produce the serial sports model is a great opportunity to remind you of past victories and to assert claims on titles in the future. Moreover, native AVTOVAZ enjoyed great popularity among the young and not so “tuners” and athletes. Why not use it? More strange, why the automaker didn’t pay attention to so much potential before?

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

In our opinion it is thus a miracle, never previously implemented by the company. Vesta Sport was the firstborn. A unique case of the transformation happening before our eyes and historic event for the plant.

What was the Lada Vesta Sport?

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

Kit Lada not only for beauty

“Original front bumper LADA Vesta Sport gives a sporty and dynamic appearance,” according to the official website of the brand. The design developed organically inscribed lower spoiler that increases downforce on the front axle:

downforce on the front axle increased from 7.8 to 33 kg

downforce on the rear axle increased from 11.6 to 22.2 kg, due to the installation of the spoiler on the trunk lid, the size and shape of which were carefully selected during aerodynamic testing of the car in our own laboratory in Togliatti.


Elements of the bumper, which are located inside the front fog lights were intentionally increased in size. A “sport” version, they protrude slightly in its dimensions than “…emphasize the dynamic appearance of the LADA Vesta Sport, visually extending its dimensions”. The front wings, moreover, that the changed appearance, they were also plastic. Flared wheel arches – a self-evident element for powerful and dynamic cars with big wheels.

Chassis and brakes, what changed?

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

To provide a more sporty demeanor of the car on the road is its ground clearance has been reduced by 16 mm and now amounts to 162 mm, which visually added to the silhouette of speed.


17-inch wheels got the dimension 205/50 R17 as extra option will be to go 18-inch wheels with tires continental 205/45 R18.


The kinematics of the steering mechanism. Disc brakes have been improved not only on the rear axle (they are pads of “increased efficiency”) front were set, the discs are of larger diameter with more grippy calipers.

The engine and transmission

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

Lada Vesta Sport got seriously reworked 1.8-litre powertrain. Now his return is 145 HP, almost 190 Nm of torque. With it the model will be accelerated for 9.6 seconds to 100 km/h (the dynamics original Vesta is 10.2 seconds) and to reach 198 km/h, instead of the usual 186 km/h.


If the figures are not impressive, note that the future promises the ability to upgrade the motor right up to 180 horses.


Transmission – five-speed mechanics. Most likely we are talking about the foreign counterpart.


All this became possible thanks to the camshafts with a modified profile, in a converted fuel system in the trunk which had increased the pressure, reset the system variable valve timing and upgraded fuel injection systems and exhaust system. The dual exhaust made and perfectly integrated into the diffuser part of the bumper. The system should produce a more intense roar due to the larger diameter pipes.

How much will it cost Vesta Sport and when will be available?

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport

Alas, so far in the future AVTOVAZ haven’t seen. Prices unknown even approximately. But in August, at the Moscow motor show, when it will be formally submitted to the novelty, we will find out. Then it will be clear when the model can feel in dealerships. Most likely it will be in the fall or early winter.

Top 5 facts about the new Lada Vesta Sport