Top 12 most common problems with the car

Here what problems motorists face more often.

Top 12 most common problems with the car  

Regular maintenance of the technical condition is vital to maintain the health of your vehicle, be it pickup, SUV, crossover or truck. Sometimes, however, even with careful maintenance with it having problems. In this case, on each machine there are certain warning signs. So you need to identify the problem as quickly as possible and eliminate it to reduce the probability of more serious damage and costly repairs. We have gathered for you the 12 most common vehicle problems that owners often face.


1) Warning icons on the dashboard: the indicator “Check engine”

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

The icon “Check engine” on the dashboard – the most common problem for car owners of cars and trucks. This indicator is the collection tubes light up when the ECU (electronic engine control unit) detects in the system code errors in the operation of any system. For example, this occurs when the error sensor.

Since there are more than 200 possible error codes which may illuminate the icon of the engine, in order to establish the cause of the warning improper operation of the engine, need to do the electronic diagnostics, which will show the error number. By code you can set that is out in the car. If you ignore this warning, there is a risk that this will lead to more serious engine damage.


2) Problems with supply, injection and ignition of the fuel

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

The engine runs best when the air and fuel properly mixed and burned without residue in the combustion chamber. To effectively complete this process, a number of components of the fuel system and ignition system needs to run like clockwork.

Despite the fact that many moving parts help the engine to run normally, wrong supply and fuel injection, and misfire is one of the main problems in the operation of the vehicle. To reduce the number of misfires or eliminate problems with the fuel injection, check the fuel system and ignition.


3) high fuel consumption

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

When the engine is running efficiently it burns fuel at a rate that helps fuel efficient (fuel economy). However, some fuel system parts such as fuel filters, air filters, sensor mass air flow and oxygen sensors (lambda probe), over time, become dirty and wear out.

If they are not replaced, this leads to the fact that the engine will consume more fuel than usual. Again, a proactive attitude towards regular car maintenance will save you from headaches caused by increased fuel consumption due to improper operation of the engine.


4) the battery is low

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

The service life of automotive batteries is on average 3-4 years or 80,000 to 100,000 km Battery usually age with time, like any battery in your smartphone. The more often the battery undergoes cycles of discharging/charging, the faster it loses the ability to maintain a normal level of charge and a certain amount of amps. That’s why the old batteries in your phone and in the car quickly recharged and quickly discharged.

Including the damaged alternator and other components of the charging can accelerate the problem with the battery. That is why it is important to replace the old battery after about 80 000 km or 3 years after use (whichever comes first). And it’s worth doing, even if there are no signs of battery wear. Agree, it is better not to wait for a situation when, coming home from work or from the Mall in the bitter cold, you will not be able to start the engine.


5) Flat tire

Many drivers think that the wheel can pull the air as a result of a puncture. Yes, it is. But it’s not the most common cause of pressure loss of the tire.

Top 12 most common problems with the car

First and foremost you need to understand what caused the puncture old tires or plain coincidence, which led to the fact that you ran over a screw. The most common cause is a hernia on the wheel, as well as the usual normal wear and tear of the tread. Unfortunately, the older the tire, the more rubber compound in them loses its physical and chemical properties. This is why puncture old tires is more likely than a new one.

So if you don’t want to get headache in the form of frequent punctures, then better in time to change the old tires on new. Extend the life of the tires. To do this, from time to time to change the tires to provide tires with even wear. Some experts suggest doing this every time you change the oil in the engine. That is, every 8000-15 000 km.


6) Squeaking brakes

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

Like any other moving part of the car, brakes are subject to wear over time. Brakes are vital to safe stop. Therefore, when you notice any signs of problems such as screeching, squeaking or if, for example, the brake pedal has become soft, you need to show the car to the mechanic. But most often squeaking or squealing suggests that something needs to be replaced in the brake system. Usually, we are talking about brake pads and brake discs.


7) generator Failure

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

The alternator is the part of your car which supports the operation of all electrical systems when the car is started. He is also responsible for the flow of charge into the battery to maintain it in peak condition. If the generator fails, it can lead to premature wear of the battery and other problems when starting the machine.

Check in the manual to the car or in the service book of recommended service intervals generator and replace it before it breaks, to avoid problems. Also note that many generators you can go through. So you can save some decent money.


8) Broken starter

The starter is responsible for starting of the engine, which is due to the ignition of the fuel. If the starter has failed, you will not start the car. Usually the starter goes down due to wear electric solenoid. Also it may break due to wear and tear of the relay. Including the starter may not work and result in electrical failures. Yes, the starter can also be replaced or repaired in advance.

Top 12 most common problems with the car

But there is one problem. It is impossible to predict when it will fail. The best thing you can do is to identify a problem in the starter during routine diagnostics. Unfortunately, not all the masters in the services, with due attention to the car. That’s why it’s so important to find a decent mechanic. Remember that a good mechanic is the key to long life of your machine.


9) Shake the steering wheel

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

Numerous problems can cause a shake/rattle in the steering wheel while driving. If this happens immediately after starting the engine and start driving, the cause of the shaking steering could be wheel bearings or damaged suspension components. If this happens at higher speeds, this usually indicates a problem with the wheel balancing. In any case, the best way to know where the Shoe pinches, is to show the car to the mechanic who will be able to correctly diagnose the problem and solve it.


10) Wrong WITH the exhaust system

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

In order to pass the inspection as it should be (and not to buy it in the first tent near the traffic police), it is necessary that the exhaust system when the engine is running the exhaust gases satisfied certain environmental standards. Unfortunately, over time each machine may change the level of harmful substances in the exhaust system. Therefore, periodically, each driver is obliged to check the level in the exhaust system of his car. In case of exceeding the values necessary to adjust the exhaust.


11) engine Overheating

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

Many drivers think that engine overheating is rare. But it’s not. This could happen with any car. Yes, of course, modern cars rarely have to simmer on the road. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your modern car does not boil. In most modern vehicles the cooling system is very complex and contains several sensors that monitor the temperature of the coolant level.

The most common cause of overheating is loss of coolant. For example, most of the antifreeze leak is associated with the depressurization of the cooling radiator, a water pump failure or damage of the surge tank. To reduce the risk of overheating the motor, you have to change the radiator and pump. And to increase the service life of the radiator is often necessary to wash it from dirt.


12) failure of the automatic transmission

Top 12 most common problems with the car 

With proper maintenance of automatic transmission can easily have over 300 000 km. the Modern automatic transmission is a hydraulic system consisting of several seals, gaskets and lines which can be damaged, clogged with debris or leaking.

When this happens, the transmission may start to slide, to slip or not shift smoothly (the speed will switch jerks). To avoid this common car problems, follow the recommended scheduled maintenance automatic transmission. For example, timely change oil and filter in the automatic transmission.