Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

How to cool down the cabin

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

Even in server Russian cities in the summer can be unbearably hot. The sun is not always where he chooses to Shine in full force. So, today’s useful tips on how motorists can survive the hot summer season will be useful to all the residents: from Vladivostok to Murmansk, from Sochi to Vorkuta.

Seat a recent study showed that the temperature inside the car above 35°C may impair your reactions and ability to drive safely at the secondary level of intoxication. The study of the problem of overheating driving shows that in the hot summer day, the motorist under the scorching sun becomes less focused. His reaction to this situation will deteriorate by 20%, if the temperature inside the car will rise by only 5 degrees, from 25°C to 30°C.


By the way, if you paid attention to the fact that sometimes accidents happen on the summer the track is literally out of the blue? All fault just a wrong perception overheated motorists of the traffic situation.


All of this means that keeping cool in the car in hot weather is not only comfort for you and your passengers, but the guarantee of safety during the trip. So be sure to check out our ten tips for options to keep cool in the car even in the hot and Sunny days.

1. Start your day off right

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

Summer morning in Central Russia often do not treat us with heat. Morning coolness invigorates and gives energy for the day ahead. But relax still not worth it, especially if you need to go on a long journey.


There is a small hack, which will help to minimize sudden increases in temperature in the passenger compartment at the time when the sun reaches its Zenith. You just need to turn up the air conditioning at a time when the morning coolness had not subsided.


Turn on the cooling of the cabin at the minimum value, the air must first go barely cool because the outside temperature the car is not very high. With increasing temperatures, gradually lowering the temperature of the air conditioner.


In the long road of gradual lowering of the temperature would be a better option than turning on the A/C at the last moment, hoping to bring down the temperature the already heated car.

2. To recycle or not to recycle

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

Sitting in the car, we advise you to resort to yet another tricky method. You can use the function of air circulation for more efficient cooling of the cabin.


This trick will allow the system to more quickly cool the air inside a closed vehicle cabin, without taking the preheated air from the street. Thus, you will quickly feel cool, you don’t have to turn the air conditioning on low, to quickly lower the temperature, and it will save the fuel and do not unnecessarily overload the air conditioning system.


After the temperature inside the car will drop, don’t forget to disable recirculation, or start sweating glass.


But if in the back of the car are passengers, recirculation can also be a bad idea, as many systems produce air intake from the front of the car and continue to cool it, the air in the rear of the car can quickly become stale and warm. The best option is to use the “auto” mode, which is now in most cars. It is perfectly samoreguliruetsja and works perfectly to keep everyone in the car cool.

3. Find shadow

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

The old-fashioned way. If there is a possibility to Park the car in the shade, use it! Direct sunlight heats the car the hardest, so don’t neglect this method. However, we should not forget that the sun passing through the sky to illuminate the objects from different directions. So, if you’re parked in the shade of a tree, it is possible that in a few hours, the shadow from it will be a very different place, not on your car.


PS Choose a location that will protect the car from the sun in the middle of the day. You should also try to position your car so that the sun was behind the car. Front seats and steering wheel will heat up much less.

4. Solar screen – a great tool from excessive heat

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

If there is no shade – use reflective screens. When it gets Sunny, the body should apply sunscreen, and your car is no exception. A very good tool for this steel sun shields. They cost a penny – 100 – 300 rubles, but use in a million!


Reflective screen on the windshield will help to redirect the sun’s rays and keep cool in the cabin.

5. Cover your skin in the salon

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

If your car has leather seats, a hot day can be especially uncomfortable for you. The skin is heated to the temperature of the pan and sit on it becomes a challenge not for the faint hearted.


An easy way to save the seats not so hot to use a blanket or anything you can find to cover them during car Parking. Leather seats will not heat up unless they are under direct sunlight.


A option would be wiping hot surfaces with a damp cloth (seat, steering wheel, armrests). Water to evaporate quickly, taking the excess heat.

6. Let hot air out

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

At the end of a Sunny day you come to the car, knowing that inside you are in for a real oven. All you want to do is turn the air conditioner on high and go home to cool soul and a cool soda pop. Do not rush! Open the two doors, and wait by the car a minute. The wind will disperse the hot air and the car would be cool.


Also good tool is the movement of two diagonally ajar (front and rear) Windows and no air conditioning. So to ventilate the car will be even faster.

7. Do not let the air immediately

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

Your car’s AC is not as effective when the engine is idling, because the air compressor can not reach the operating capacity. Hence we conclude that the conditioning is better to turn immediately, but as soon as you move out. Even in slow traffic the air conditioner will work much effektivnee than the vehicle stationary.

8. Turn off the Start/Stop system

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

The same applies to the system Start/Stop. Turn it off when it is very hot and the air conditioning running at full speed. Once the engine capped, air also stops working.

The same applies to ECO-driving mode that you find on modern cars. Along with the adjustment modes of the automatic transmission and throttle, many of these systems reduce the efficiency of air conditioning to reduce fuel consumption.

9. To set the correct angle

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

After a long, hot day, you may want to feel the chilled wind in your hair. Perhaps the idea to send all available vents can be tempting. But in fact this approach will not effectively cool the car because it will evenly distribute the air flow in the cabin.


Instead, it is best to tilt the vents upwards, as this will allow air evenly distributed throughout the interior of your vehicle, cooling it more efficiently.

10. Care

Top 10 tips to ensure that your car cool this summer

Like any other part of your car, air conditioning system requires maintenance. How to monitor the conditioning, see air conditioning in a car: Disinfection and cleaning

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