TOP 10 reasons why a car won’t start

If the car won’t start, first look for the cause here: Top 10 breakdowns

TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

Today vehicles are equipped with various sensors that reflect the state of the internal “organs” of the car and promptly signal the fault. Because of this, many motorists are spared from having a daily routine: checking the oil level manually “picking” and check the status of other vehicle systems. But despite such positive changes in technology, there are a number of factors that need to control the watchful eye due to the fact that oversight can lead to damage, including serious, where the car at one point did not want to wind up alone.


Despite the fact that the electronic control and display advanced considerably, the key components of the car remained the same, so regardless of the brand of car the first step is to check its main system.


Battery is dead

TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

This is probably the main reason why the machine has suddenly ceased to start, especially in cold season. If the battery is fully discharged, the engine will not start although the starter still may be sluggish to rotate on the remaining small current, but there will not be.


Discharged battery can for a number of reasons:

  • have left the lights on all night;
  • the severe frost, and your old battery could not stand;
  • poor fit of the contacts;
  • battery is old and can not withstand loads.


To identify the cause, it is enough to visually inspect the battery. If there is an oxidized connection, they need to be cleaned. After the procedure leads again put in place. Often this simple action will again allow you to easily start the car. If not – time to go to the store for a new battery.



TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

If the failed generator, the vehicle battery will not be able to fully recharge, so they will not be able to give rated current. First of all, check condition of drive belt. If it is worn or slack, it will be enough to replace the item to recover the system.


Usually, if the alternator has any damage or broken drive belt, on the dashboard indicator lights. However, if there is a break of the drive belt, you can feel yourself on disabling power steering and the pump of the pump of system of cooling (the temperature instantly rise up. In this case, immediately stop in a safe place and stop the engine).


But if the system is still functioning, though poorly, the light may not illuminate. In this case, you need to pay attention to how the car is slow running the starter and dim the lights indicate that the generator is not all right. But it is easy to see if you’re okay with the alternator on a modern car (if it has the appropriate sensors) – view on the dashboard on the data voltages. Should be 14 volts.



TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

60-50 years ago, the car starter was run manually (“curve” of the starter) after a thorough check of all vehicle systems. The development of technology helped to create an electric starter, which over time has become more reliable and easy to operate. But in spite of this, this mechanism can fail, especially if used for a long time. A car with a broken starter won’t start. Under the bonnet while trying to start you can hear the distinctive click.


Causes of breakdown of the starter ranging from factory defect or incorrect operation of the vehicle. In the second case, one of the reasons for failure – water ingress into the device during cleaning of the machine. Starter failure can also occur if too long to hold the key in position “Start”, expecting that the engine will start.


Spark plugs

TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

Spark plugs are an important part of ensuring stable running of the vehicle. The improved mechanism allows extending the service life of candles which are able to work well without replacing even on a high mileage car.


Unfortunately, many car owners forget about replacing the spark plugs on technical regulations (around 100.000-160.000 km). What do they think? It is not clear. Perhaps hoping that the candle will last until the disposal of the car?


Because of this “maybe” periodically there are situations where the owner cannot start the car only because the time has not checked the condition of the candles and corny they are out of order.


Another option why the engine suddenly won’t start, is flooded with candles. That happens sometimes. To remedy the situation, you need the spark plug, twist and blow dry. After such actions, usually the car startanet.


Air filter

TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

Clean air is necessary for the stable operation of the vehicle. On any car to be installed air filter that cleans the incoming air from dust and other road debris that flies forward while driving. If not time to change the filter, the air flow at the entrance is difficult. As a result, in the combustion chamber of a gasoline’s ability to ignite, which means that the launch vehicle will be challenging. To solve you need to buy a new filter and replace. About how to do it, you can read here:

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Simultaneously, be sure to check air intakes and ducts. They, too, could be clogged with dust and dirt. If these systems are in excellent condition, check the nozzles. If they are damaged, the engine will also have problems with the launch.


Fuel filter

TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

Fuel is a necessary element that allows the car to move. Unfortunately, the quality of fuel today is no different! So the engine is not clogged prematurely from entering the inside of the impurities is installed at the input of the fuel filter which effectively cleans the gas from all the “extra” elements, in a simple way from the mud.


Over time, impurities accumulate on the walls of the fuel filter and allow the gasoline to the engine in the right amount. The fuel filter should be changed every 30-65 thousand kilometers. If you don’t make it in time, less fuel will get into the combustion chamber, and therefore, engine starting will become difficult. At some point you may encounter a situation where the car simply won’t start.


Fuel pump

TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

The fuel pump is a system that supplies fuel to the combustion chamber, providing a stable starting of the vehicle. If the pump is faulty or just has a weak power to start the vehicle will be difficult or even impossible. To judge that a malfunction has occurred in the pump, when the engine is started. If the first few seconds from under the hood you hear an unusual noise, and the car runs hard enough – it’s time to go to the master and to inspect the condition of the fuel pump.


To understand that it is faulty fuel pump is possible, if you take it off the hose and try to pump fuel. If gasoline is not, therefore, the problem is really in the pump.


Lack of fuel

TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

The car owner should always monitor the level of gasoline in the fuel tank and to refill gasoline or diesel. But too fast pace of life, constant stress can lead to the fact that the car will not start due to banal reasons – in the tank there is no fuel. The reason this is one of the most anecdotal, but it’s actually not as rare. Be sure to check the fuel level on the indicator, before you go to the track. If your fuel gauge is lying, replace it. This is an important sensor.


Steering wheel lock

TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

Modern vehicles can be equipped with various auxiliary systems. These include anti-theft system, locking wheel after disconnecting the power, which is installed on the steering wheel from the factory. Because failures can occur such situation when the owner of the car inserts the key into the ignition, but cannot turn.


The point is that when removing the key from the ignition lock anti-theft system locks the steering wheel. If, during Parking the steering wheel was turned to the right, that is, the probability that the system is activated the blocking mode. To solve the problem, you can try to twist the steering wheel right and left simultaneously try to start the engine. When such simultaneous action anti-theft system usually rasplachivaetsya, allows you to easily start the car.


Security system or other electronic systems of the car

TOP 10 reasons why a car won't start

Modern electronic systems make life easier for car owners. The AutoPlay system, remote engine start allows you to save time, especially in the morning. But there are such elements and negative sides. In the event of a failure of the electronics the car may not start.


This is one of the most difficult challenges that owners, as myself, to solve the problem or replace the defective components simply will not work (we are talking about a member of the motorist, not the mechanic). So, before you hang on the iron horse additional systems, consider whether they sufficiently reliable? The same applies to the options from the factory.